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Where Style and Advanced Cooling Technology Meet

We've focused some special attention to our Samsung Refrigerator Reviews because Samsung has become a dominant player in the refrigerator space over the past ten years.

They have a wide variety of unique models, each of which prioritize styling along with technological advances that are unheard of in other brands.

Where other companies focus developing the latest in spill proof shelving, Samsung seamlessly blends together durable technology with a feature set that you never realized you needed.

In fact, in all of our Samsung Refrigerator Reviews, we've never had a more consistent showing than the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.

Which is why it recently reached NUMBER ONE on our Top 10 Refrigerators list.

From touch pad control technology, to integrated computer systems right on the face of many of their refrigerator models, Samsung Refrigerators are changing the way you look at (and in) your refrigerator.

Notable Features People Rave About in Samsung Refrigerator Reviews

FOOD SHOWCASE:   The Food Showcase feature allows you Quick Access to some of your more common food items.  These double doors are available on both their French Door models as well as a couple of their Side by Side models.  Without fail, consumers in Samsung Refrigerator Reviews absolutely adore this feature.

FLEX ZONE TECHNOLOGY: In some Samsung Refrigerator models, they allow you to switch the zone from Freezer to Refrigerator with the flip of a switch.  Need more refrigerator space?  Not an issue with Flex Zone!

FAMILY HUB:  Admittedly, when we first saw this feature we thought it was too much.  But once you start using it, you can't stop.  It has so many unique features that it makes life that much easier.   It's compatible with your smart phone and home wifi.

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Popular Samsung Refrigerator Models

Here are a few Samsung refrigerator reviews of some of the more popular refrigerator models:

We've also included the words of others who had actually experienced owning a Samsung refrigerator.

While reviews can be helpful, quite often they are written by those that aren't happy with their purchase.

The good news is that you will hear all about the problems but less often about the really good stuff.

Let's be honest, who really takes the time to tell you how much they love their refrigerator?

Instead you are more than willing to tell someone how unhappy you are. Just remember to take that into account when reading the Samsung reviews below.

If you love or hate your refrigerator, please give us your refrigerator review below even if it isn't a Samsung refrigerator review - we'll even take appliance reviews.

Don't worry, we'll make sure it ends up in the right place. Your review could very well help someone find the perfect refrigerator for their needs.

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What Others Have Said About Their Samsung Refrigerators...

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Bought my Samsung RF267AERS/XAA refrigerator about 16 months ago it started leaking without my knowledge (as the leak was actually inside internal compartments …

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Do not buy Samsung, period. We purchased this refrigerator less than 5 years ago and the top ice maker stopped working. Contacted Samsung after …

I hate this fridge but I don't know that any are any better ones on the market. It was the same reason I about cried when my old fashioned washer …

Samsung 3 Door Fridge That Turned into a Kenmnore 
I purchased a Samsung 3 door fridge through Sears (french style doors with freezer drawer in the bottom). I loved it. But, 2 weeks prior to the warranty …

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We purchased our Samsung French door bottom freezer refrigerator only 2 yrs ago and the sealed Evaporator/Defroster unit has failed twice. This fridge …

Samsung RM255 LASH 4 Door Refrigerator 
Refrigerator Review of Product: Samsung 4-door refrigerator (model RM 255 LASH) We moved into a new upscale home in 2006 and the general recommendation …

Samsung Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator RF266ABPN 
My Samsung bottom freezer French door refrigerator is HORRIBLE!!!! DO NOT BUY a Samsung fridge unless you want something that doesn't work and the worst …

Steer Clear of Samsung!!!: Samsung French Doors Freezer on Bottom (model#rf265abwp/xaa) 
We bought our Samsung French doors freezer on bottom refrigerator in Dec.2009. By Aug. of 2010 (less than 8 months after purchase) the ice maker quit …

Samsung Refrigerator Review of Model rf217acbp 
I received my Samsung refrigerator this past Monday . It is now only Friday and I have had to call Samsung twice !! I've also called Best Buy's Geek …

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We paid $1600 for this Samsung French door refrigerator and it worked fine for 2.5 months . Trying to get any satisfaction or action from Samsung's …

Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (model #RB195AC) 
I bought our Samsung bottom freezer refrigerator at the end of Oct 2010. It wasn't maintaining the temperature so our 1st service call was Nov 8. …

Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Problems 
My Samsung side by side refrigerator doesn't restart when there is a problem with electricity . If you are gone and the power goes off and it will …

Samsung Freezer on Bottom Refrigerator (model RB215LABP) 
I have a Samsung freezer on the bottom refrigerator that I purchased 1-5-09. I loved the look and was happy with it until it was almost 2 years …

Samsung French Door Refrigerator (Model number RFG297) 
January 15, 2011 The following is a copy of an email sent to the Warranty Department for my Samsung French Door Refrigerator Model RFG297 purchased …

Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review (model #RB193KASW ) 
Here's our Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator review (model RB193KASW) that we purchased new just 2 years ago. To nicely sum our Samsung refrigerator …

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Cracking shelves Samsung refrigerator review : We purchased our Samsung stainless steel bottom freezer refrigerator in March Of 09. IT still works …

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I've read a lot of Samsung refrigerator reviews but none of them are truly accurate about thsi product. Building quick obsolescence into products …

Samsung SR519PD Refrigerator Review 
Here's my Samsung SR519PD refrigerator review : Just over 3 years old the food inside the fridge started freezing . We had to throw out all the fruits …

Samsung French Door Refrigerator Reviews (model # RF267ABRS) 
Here's my Samsung french door refrigerator review : I do like the looks of this Samsung refrigerator, as well as the amount of space in both the …

Samsung Side/Side Refrigerator Reviews (model #RS2630SH) 

Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Review SR2630SH 
To add the word hate to my Samsung refrigerator reviews would be putting it mildly. I purchased a Samsung Side/Side refrigerator freezer from Best …

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Samsung 4 Door Refrigerator Reviews (Model #SRS752QDUS) 
My 4 door Samsung refrigerator review sound more like a eulogy as it had a mere short life of 14 months. I noticed a puddle of water on the floor …

Samsung 4-Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review 
My Samsung 4 door refrigerator review begins when we purchased it in July 2008 for our new home in GA. We've had problems with: Ice maker …

Samsung French Door Refrigerator Review model #RF267AERS 
The main problem in my Samsung refrigerator review has really been noise. I bought my Samsung fridge as well as a Samsung stove & microwave …

Samsung RS263 Side by Side Refrigerator Review 
To start my Samsung refrigerator review, we got our Samsung fridge delivered on 10/21/10 from Sears outlet. We gave it a few days to 'settle in' …

Samsung French Door Refrigerator Reviews (model #RF238AARS/XAA) 
Samsung French door refrigerator review for my dual ice maker top of the line refrigerator doesn't start off -- or end off -- pretty. Started leaking …

Samsung Stainless Side by Side Counter-Depth Refrigerator Review 
If you're looking for a stainless steel Samsung that's side by side and counter depth, here's my refrigerator review : I've owned my Samsung fridge …

Samsung Refrigerator Review: Horrible Bottom Freezer Refrigerator and Horrible Customer Service - ( Don't buy a Best Buy Refrigerator ) 
We bought a Samsung bottom freezer refrigerator RF266 model several months ago. We liked the features until one night we started hearing a very …

Samsung French Door Refrigerator Review (Model # RF263AE)  
Here's my Samsung french door refrigerator review of model #RF263AE. My Samsung fridge was delivered on May 8,2010 -- so I have had it about 4-5 …

Samsung Side by Side RS265LBWP 
We have had nothing but problems with our Samsung side by side refrigerator (model RS265LBWP) After 1 year the refrigerator froze up - got no …

Just 2 Weeks Old and We're Already Having Problems With Our Samsung!! 
Can't say that I am very impressed with our Samsung French Door Refrigerator (model RF263AEBP)-- it's only two weeks old and already having problems . …

Problems with My 4 Day Old Samsung Stainless Side by Side, #RS267TD 
We purchased our stainless Samsung side by side refrigerator from Sears and we've had it 4 days. Since the first day, it's been leaking water …

Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Model# rs267lbbp 
My Samsung side by side refrigerator is less than 3 years old and the fridge doesn't cool below 55 degrees . The freezer section is fine. I called …

Lowe's Won't Stand by The Samsung Four Door Refrigerator They Sold Me! 
Lowe's won't stand by the four door Samsung refrigerator I bought from them only two years ago. Up until now it has worked perfectly for the past two …

Don't Even Think About Buying a Samsung Refrigerator!!!! 
Don't even THINK about buying a Samsung refrigerator ! My fridge is only 7 mos old, the freezer broke last week! A service person came out & diagnosed …

Coils Freeze Up in Our Samsung Refrigerator - Model RS263BBWP Side by Side w/ Dual Cooling  
There is definitely a design flaw in Samsung refrigerators that cause the coils to freeze up. The last time this happened the Samsung repairman did …

Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator RSG257AARS  
This Samsung side by side refrigerator is the worst product that I have ever bought. Door handles will not stay on and ice-maker works on and off. …

Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator RF266AB Stopped Working 
I've owned my Samsung refrigerator RF266AB (it's a three door bottom freezer refrigerator) for 16 months and the refrigerator unit would not cool below …

Samsung RFG297AARS French door 
I purchased my Samsung French Door Frig in May 2008 and it worked very well until June of 2010. I started to notice considerable amounts of water …

Just Purchased My Samsung (model RF217ACBP) and Already Has a Problem 
I just purchased my Samsung refrigerator (model RF217ACBP) ONLY 2 DAYS AGO!! After opening the freezer the plastic connector that holds the handle …

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