Magic Chef Refrigerator

From Dorm Fridges to Compacts and Apartment Size, Your Search Stops Here

A Magic Chef Refrigerator is the perfect fit if you are looking for a smaller, compact refrigerator to an apartment size refrigerator.

The most recent refrigerators by the Magic Chef Appliance brand range in size from 1.7 – 11.5 cubic feet. Magic Chef stopped making full size refrigerators after being bought out by Whirlpool. But if a smaller size refrigerator is what you’re looking for, then a Magic Chef might be right for you.

Each Magic Chef refrigerator is known for a line of frost free and auto defrost compact size refrigerators which are ideal for dormitories, home, office, and apartments.

The brand Magic Chef is one that is quite prominent in the smaller refrigerator and even specialized smaller refrigerator space.

Magic Chef Products

Even though Magic Chef may not specialize in the full size refrigerator market, there are a number of other great Magic Chef refrigeration products to consider, such as:

  • Magic Chef Mini Refrigerator
    The 29 different Magic Chef mini refrigerator models range in size from 1.7 to 10 cubic feet and are great for dorm rooms, apartments, offices as well as entertainment rooms. They come in black, white and stainless.

  • One thing that caught our eye is they make a few smaller sized top freezer refrigerators. These choices help give you more options if the limited freezer space that most compact refrigerators have is too confining.

  • (If you haven't seen a top freezer small refrigerator you need to. Having the freezer separate from the refrigerator eliminates the common issue of extra frost build up in the freezer section which then requires a complete defrost of the entire fridge. Trust us, the top freezer is a game changer!)

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  • Magic Chef Freezer
    If you already have a Magic Chef refrigerator there are 2 Magic Chef freezers ranging in size from 5.5 to 7.2 cu. ft. of storage space.
    They also offer a line of compact freezers starting from the compact 3.0 cu. ft. freezer up to a spacious 10.0 cu.ft. freezer.

  • Their Stand Up Stand Alone freezer units are perfect for those who need additional freezer space but don't have the room for a chest freezer or refrigerator-freezer unit. They're both functional and inexpensive.

  • (Definitely worth considering if you like to make and freeze meals ahead of time. Sometimes having just a bit more freezer space can make all of the difference.)
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  • Magic Chef Wine Cooler & Beverage Coolers

    Magic Chef Beverage Coolers consist of one model that comes in a number of different finishes. They all hold up to 178 cans (but good luck figuring out how to get them in there).

    However there are 14 different models of the Magic Chef Wine Cooler that hold anywhere from 8 – 52 bottles. There are two models that have dual temperature zones -- which is perfect if you want to store both red and white wine in the same refrigerator.

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  • Magic Chef Ice Maker
    The Magic Chef ice makers are perfect for any occasion. They are compact and small enough to fit on your kitchen counter and two are even portable.

    They make three different models which hold 4lbs of ice each. They make ice very quickly (30lbs in 24hours) and are great alternatives to built in ice machines.

  • Commercial Refrigerators Norpole
    Magic Chef also has a line of commercial refrigerators that they make under a brand called NorPole. These higher end units are efficient and durable and perfect if your needs are more for business than personal.
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    About Magic Chef Refrigerator Inc.

    The Magic Chef corporation and brand name has gone through a number of changes recently. The company was bought by Maytag some years back, but Maytag has since been bought out by Whirlpool. Thus, Magic Chef is now a subsidiary of the Whirlpool brand.

    Now here’s where it gets a little confusing. The Magic Chef brand is now controlled by the MC Appliance Corporation (who is developing a standing as one of the leaders in the appliance industry). They market Magic Chef brand products as well as the EWAVE and private label brand appliances. (These private label clients are anyone from mass merchants, other major appliance retailers, lodging, healthcare, institutions and RV industries).

    Since the acquisition of Magic Chef, Whirlpool has done away with Ewave and blended the private label brand and Ewave into the new Estate Appliances. So, the Estate Appliances division is where you can still find the old Magic Chef refrigerators that range from 16-25 cubic feet that have similar features and value as the old Magic Chef brand.

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