Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

An Easy Way to Add Style and Organization at a Decreased Cost

When it comes to Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerators, there are more than two dozen different models to choose from. From 2-door versions and the ever popular 3-door and 4-door French door bottom freezer models.

Of these some 29 different models, they really distill down to about 9 refrigerators that come with different options or in different colors. Considering Samsung bottom freezer refrigerators are loaded with the latest and greatest feature set, you're bound to find the refrigerator that's perfect for you.

Samsung Refrigerator Reviews

We've tried to be thorough with regard to the Samsung information provided here, but if you want to dive into the individual Samsung Refrigerator Reviews, see the list below:

Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
Special Features

All 14 of these Samsung bottom freezer refrigerators range in capacity between 18 and 20 cubic feet and while none of them come with an external ice and water dispenser they still contain many very interesting features, such as:

  1. Door Alarm: If the refrigerator or freezer door remains open for longer than 2 minutes, this alarm will sound and keep you from losing all of your food.

  2. 2. Twin Cooling System Plus: Separate cooling systems cool the fridge and freezer allowing for each space to get exactly the amount of moisture that it needs. This allows for fresher produce and a much decreased amount of frost in your freezer.
  3. 3. External Display Panel: No more having to look inside your refrigerator for a dial to guess what the temperature is. Now all you’ll have to do is look on the outside and know exactly what it is.
  4. 4. E-Z Open Handles: This allows for easy opening and closing of your refrigerator. No more pulling at the handle with all of your body weight to get it open. While we would love to say that this feature is on all of the Samsung bottom freezer refrigerators, we can’t as it is only on half of them.
  5. 5. Water Filter: While this seems like a given, just check to make sure that the one you purchase has one as a few models do not come with it.
  6. 6. Power Freeze and Power Cool: These great options allow you to quickly cool or freeze something such as soft ice cream that you just brought home from the store or a bottle of wine as your guests will be there soon and you forgot to chill it earlier.
  7. 7. Built-In Automatic Ice Maker: No more ice cube trays here. While there may be no ice/water dispensers in this model, you will still be able to have your drinks properly chilled with all of the ice these refrigerators make.
  8. 8. Refrigerator LED Lighting: Alright we did mock this kind of lighting when it first came out because it looked so different but honestly it is an amazing light source that really does it’s job well. Best part of all is that this light should never heat up. This may seem like no big deal but we’ve heard many a story about how regular bulbs remained on and almost caught fire or actually did. This isn't even a concern with LED lighting. (Around half of the models have it also in the freezer while the other half have a 40 watt bulb for freezer lighting.)
    These amazing features really are the tip of the iceberg when talking about Samsung appliance reviews. Samsung tries to add many amazing features to every appliance it makes. As you can see above there are definitely certain ones to cause you to choose Samsung bottom freezer refrigerators.
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  9. Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
    Which Finish is Right for You?

    Breaking down the 4 different models you’ll see that they all come in black, white and stainless platinum but two of them also come in a stainless steel version. While stainless steel seems like the “best” refrigerator, there are extra benefits to purchasing a platinum finish.

    1. It doesn’t finger print and is easy to clean. This can be a real issue with stainless

    2. Stainless Platinum is magnetic allowing you to put up pictures, menus or even notes on your fridge. Stainless steel fridges don’t have this as an option.

    3. Best of all stainless platinum matches other stainless appliances.

    Here’s a quick key to be able to know what type of Samsung Refrigerator you are looking at and what's the finish on it just by reading the style number:

    • If it begins with RB that means the model you are looking at is a two door bottom freezer refrigerator. If it begins with RF that means it is a 3-door or 4-door bottom freezer refrigerator.

    • After the numbers there are typically 4 letters but the last two letters refer to the finish. Here’s a key for you:

      • BP – Black
      • RS – Real stainless steel
      • PN – Platinum stainless
      • WP – White

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