Samsung RB217ACRS Refrigerator Reviews

20 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer with Automatic Ice Maker – Stainless Finish

Overall: The Samsung RB217ACRS refrigerator is a wonderful bottom freezer refrigerator as it has more features than you would expect for a two door bottom freezer refrigerator.

Besides all of the bells and whistles it offers, it also has a very sleek and high end appearance to add a beautiful upgrade to any kitchen.

Capacity: 20 cu. ft.

Notable Features:

  1. Twin Cooling System®: This means it has independent cooling systems for the fridge and the freezer. This way you’ll never have to be concerned about frost in the freezer from too much moisture coming from the fridge (or ice tasting like the liver and onions leftovers from last night -- alright, no one really makes that for dinner anymore but you get the point).

    Samsung RB217ACRS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

  2. Gallon Door Storage: In most other styles of refrigerators such as French door or side by side this feature is a standard extra but in all actuality it is fairly rare to find this in a bottom freezer refrigerator and ends up being a huge help for easy organization.

  3. EZ-Open Handle™: While the idea of opening a refrigerator may seem like a simple one, it isn't if you’re a child. The suction created to keep the temperature constant inside your fridge can make opening a door for a little one very difficult. While on the one hand that’s not entirely a bad thing. Just to be sure they properly closed it the built-in 2 minute door timer comes in very handy.

  4. Good Visibility: Having the refrigerator portion on top and the freezer in a drawer makes finding everything very easy. Add in the LED lights in both fridge and freezer and you shouldn't have trouble finding a thing.

  5. External Digital Display: This may not seem like such a big deal until you remember the last time you had to stick your head inside of your fridge to see what “number” the dial was set on. It didn’t tell you what temperature that meant, just a number on a dial. With this display all you have to do is look at it, read the actual temperature and decide if you want it to go up or down and change it by the number of degrees you would like. Best of all it also lets you know where the water filter is in its life cycle.

Colors: The Samsung RB217ACRS is a Stainless Steel refrigerator, but this model also comes in black, white and stainless platinum.

Efficiency: Is Energy Star rated and is expected to only cost $48 to run annually with a 450 kWh energy usage.

MSRP: $1499.00 is the cost for the stainless steel refrigerator. Just remember that the black, white and stainless platinum versions can run $200-$300 less.

NOTE: Remember the price listed above is only a suggested price. Typically, these models are DRASTICALLY discounted the longer they're out on the market. Especially from Samsung as they move a lot of inventory and will slash prices to keep the inventory flowing.

Similar Models to Samsung RB217ACRS Refrigerator

Samsung makes some really interesting bottom freezer refrigerators, if this model doesn’t seem like it fits your needs, take a look at the three models below to see if one fits your needs better:

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