Samsung Refrigerator

A Variety of Models to Fill a Variety of Needs

Having a Samsung Refrigerator may seem a bit odd considering the company is best known for its electronics. From LCD monitors to cell phones, printers and cameras, Samsung is a name that is synonymous with innovation.

But Samsung has brought that innovation to the world of appliances and has developed some of the most inventive and intriguing refrigerator models available anywhere.

In addition to creating a number of elegant and unique designs, they went to great effort to find ways to maximize the interior storage space as much as possible.

But of course being one of the largest electronics manufacturers has its benefits and has allowed Samsung to have one of the most advanced line of kitchen appliances available on the market today.

In this section you'll find links to a number of refrigerator reviews on specific Samsung models as well as links to those models we highly recommend.

Or, you can cut to the chase and see our Top Five Samsung Models. Otherwise, scroll below to find the style and model you're looking for.

Four Types of Samsung Refrigerators

There are essentially four different styles of Samsung Refrigerator models to choose from. Which model is right for you will depend on your budget and storage needs. Samsung Refrigerators tend to range in price from as little as $900 to about $3,500.00.

  1. Samsung French Door Refrigerators:

    If a French door refrigerator is what you are looking for you’ll be able to find it with the 50-plus different models of French Door Refrigerators (3-door refrigerators) made by Samsung.

    All of these models have the Twin Cooling System ™. This is a dual compressor system that cools the refrigerator and freezer separately causing the food to stay fresher longer.

    Some even come with a power freeze and a power cool system that helps you to either chill or freeze food in a short period of time. This is a great thing for cooks or even if you’ve just gotten home from the market and your ice cream is softer than you’d like it to be. One thing to note, all of them are now actually Energy Star Compliant.

    Show The TOP FIVE Samsung French Door Refrigerators


    Show Me Some Samsung French Door Refrigerator Reviews.

  2. Samsung Four Door Refrigerators:

    One of the more unique French door refrigerators in the Samsung line is the four door refrigerator. If you’ve never seen one of these four door refrigerators they are worth taking a look at.

    While at first glance it looks like a side by side refrigerator, the bottom two doors are actually drawers (for easier access) and can be individually adjusted for humidity and temperature to be used as either a freezer or a refrigerator compartment.

    There are limitations on the color choices as they only come in Black, Stainless Steel and Stainless Platinum. All 4 models are Energy Star Compliant.

  3. Samsung Side by Side Refrigerators:

    At last count, there are 20 different models in all and come in sizes ranging from 24 to 26 cu.ft. all of which have an external ice and water dispenser and are Energy Star Compliant.

    Click here to see the top 3 Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Reviews

  4. Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerators:

    All 14 of these models have the one large door on the top with the freezer on the bottom. You also have an option of an Auto Ice Maker and an External Display.

    Many people prefer the convenience of this model although these refrigerators tend to have a smaller internal storage capacity ranging from 18 cu.ft. to 20 cu.ft. They come in four colors-stainless, black, white or platinum. (The platinum is special as it looks like stainless without all of the issues.) Most importantly all 14 models are Energy Star Compliant.

    Click here for the top 4 Best Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Reviews

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  7. Samsung Side by Side Refrigerators: Side by side refrigerators are a beautiful addition to any kitchen especially those made by Samsung. If you prefer to skip the info on this style of Samsung fridge and go directly to the Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Reviews, then click here.

  8. Samsung Fridge Reviews: Want to hear what others have had to say about their Samsung refrigerators? This page has the good, the bad and the ugly all there for you.

  9. Samsung Appliances: Looking for a complete set of appliances or at least a refrigerator and dishwasher with matching stainless steel? Take a look at all of the appliances Samsung makes to see if they work for you.

  10. Samsung SpaceMax Refrigerators: European customers have access to a number of unique models that aren't available in the U.S. The SpaceMax line is a perfect example of why sometimes it pays to be from Europe!

  11. Samsung Lawsuit: Due to some of the recurring problems in older Samsung refrigerators there is currently a class action lawsuit going on against Samsung. Take a look at this article to see if you have a fridge that is part of this case.

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