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Truly an Establishment for Innovation

We think it is safe to say that Gaggenau has a history unlike any other refrigerator manufacturer on the market. Their factory first opened in 1683 to produce iron head hammers to create metal goods. Though with the arrival of the industrial revolution in 1873 things changed, allowing the this iron manufacturer to start producing agricultural machines as well as tools and other metal goods.

It was around this time that they began calling themselves the “establishment for innovation”. But it wasn’t until 1908 that they began creating new product lines like bicycles and ovens for coal and gas.

With the arrival of the 20th century this brand became internationally known as a premium brand for kitchen appliances. In part because of the robust oven enamel which allowed their ovens to stand the test of time better than similar models on the market.

It wasn't until the 60's when they added refrigerators to their line of products. They reshaped their brand by using an understated aesthetic and have since added restaurant grade functionality and have been doing so ever since.

In 1995, they were purchased by the Bosch Company. But even so this little known manufacturer is still considered to be the world’s best manufacturers of luxury kitchen appliances.

Gaggenau Line of Products

It's easy to see why this brand has so many loyal customers. They make every type of appliance you could possibly need, such as:

  • Combi-steam ovens
  • Microwaves
  • Cooktops
  • Dishwashers
  • Venting Appliances

    and of course

  • Refrigerators and Freezers

Gaggenau Refrigerators

Their refrigerators have a modular design which allows you to create exactly what you need for your very own kitchen. These units can be integrated into existing cabinetry or they can stand out on their own as aluminum or stainless masterpieces which create a very striking visual effect.

There are 3 styles of refrigerators:

  1. Side by Side Separated Units (also known as a Freezerless fridge): The reasoning behind the name of this category comes from the fact that the refrigerator and the freezer units are completely separate from one another. This allows you to mix and match any freezer and refrigerator model rather than having one typical ‘side by side’ unit. this gives you a wide variety of design and placement choices.

  2. Bottom Freezer: The beauty of this refrigerator is not just on the outside. They have placed two separate compressors in this unit: one for the refrigerator and a separate one for the freezer to keep temperatures constant in each unit. And because there is no air exchange between the two units, you get optimum food storage conditions.

  3. Wine Storage: Their wine refrigerators come in both column and under counter versions and both allow for professional wine storage quality at home. The dual temperature zones are perfect for storing both white and red wines. Though should you be looking for long term wine storage as well as optimum drinking temperature, you can accurately adjust the temperature to fit your needs. Due to its precise functionality and attractive outer appearance, this is the perfect unit for a true connoisseur of wines.

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Gaggenau Stainless Steel Refrigerators: There's nothing quite like a Gaggenau refrigerator. Many people choose to add custom paneling, but because of the beauty and durability of this fridge, you may choose to leave it alone!

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