Steer Clear of Samsung!!!: Samsung French Doors Freezer on Bottom (model#rf265abwp/xaa)

by Joe
(FT. Scott , Kansas)

We bought our Samsung French doors freezer on bottom refrigerator in Dec.2009.

By Aug. of 2010 (less than 8 months after purchase) the ice maker quit. Repairs were made promptly and we had to constantly hit the reset button in the freezer. It was like we had to wrangle the ice out of this beast.

Well,you guessed it, 9 months after the original ice maker was replaced, the second ice maker has quit.

All the store where we bought it says is "Yeah,we have alot of trouble with them." So I called Samsung and all they do is apologize. I don,t need an apology, I need them to replace their CRAPPY icemaker!!!

Samsung definitely has some design problems and until they address those problems , I cannot recommend their product.


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