by Babette

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I hate this fridge, but I don't know any better ones on the market.

Here are my biggest gripes about this terrible Samsung Fridge!:

1) Crappy water pressure from the water dispenser...and it's not our sink because this is a common problem too.

I always like to say something positive, so if you want to put your cup there and have to take a shower or something, it will not overflow.

(Most phone apps that track how many glasses of water you drink daily self-adjust if you have this fridge; they only ask that you get 3-4 in.)

2) Fridge Temperature Sensors Off: But the worst thing, it is so common and so frequent that I think some class action lawsuit was filed in 2010...then they came out with new models that do the same thing. We bought ours in 2014. Just look at how many youtube videos there are with people telling you how to fix the 'fridge doesn't cool' problem.

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So, in a nutshell: The design is such that ice builds up, stopping a little fan from moving. Not so bad of a home fix, can't rush it.

I unplugged my fridge at 5 am, had a warm home, and ran my hair dryer, and at 6 pm, I got the friggin' screws out of the ice block.

Now, another 12 hours to stabilize the temp. Thanks to the snowstorm, I could save my food on the porch this time, but this is the third time in 3 years this has happened.

My parents had their fridge so long that they got tired of it, so they put it in the basement as an extra one and then got a new one somewhere in the '70s, which is still running. The freezer in their basement is still running. Let's see, I'm 55, and I don't remember when they got it, but it's never, ever broken.

(Wondering if your Samsung is part of a recall?
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Mar 29, 2017
Prideless manufacturers
by: Anonymous

I have had 3 different refrigerators in the past 10 years........all failed for different reasons.
Before that I had one that lasted 20 years.....cannot recommend any brand......they are obsolete and unreliable as soon as you have them installed. GE had to replace same part 4 times after which I gave up......Frigidaire the handles on both top freezer and bottom frig broke 4 times and ice maker failed......can't even remember the one before.....I believe they have all given up on PRIDE in what they sad a comment on the American product manufacturers!

Jan 13, 2017
Oldie but goodie...
by: Phil


You aren't the first person who has commented on how the older appliances were built to last longer. It certainly feels that way but they also don't have any of the bells and whistles, which is what tends to make it feel more worth our while to buy.

It really feels like the way to think about a new fridge is it should last you 7-10 years no problem. Though one recommendation we always suggest is getting a home warranty plan on your home covering all of the appliances. It is a true life saver because, as you said above, these appliances weren't built to last like the ones we grew up with.

Sorry to hear you are so disappointed by your new fridge but the current fridges aren't built to last like they used to be.

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