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The Specialty Compact Appliance and Small Refrigerators Brand

A Danby refrigerator is the perfect choice for you should you need either a compact refrigerator or a mid-size refrigerator. Danby specializes in compact, mid size and apartment size refrigerators that can come with or without a freezer.

The thing that caught our eye about this brand is that they have chosen to specialize in the compact appliance market. This makes their products much better quality than most other full size refrigerator makers as it is their leading product not just an addition to their line.

Types of Danby Refrigerator

While Danby may have a smaller selection in each type of refrigerator we still love the models they make as they tend to be very sturdy and last a long time. You'll also see that they offer many different types of refrigerators to fill any compact or midsize refrigerator need.

Compact Refrigerators:

  • If you are truly looking for a cube refrigerator, Danby makes 2 small refrigerator models around 1.7 cu. ft. in both black and white that is also Energy Star rated. Both of these mini refrigerators (aka mini fridges) can easily be place up on a countertop or beneath a desk
  • If you are looking for slightly more storage space then they also make a 2.5 cu. ft. Danby compact refrigerator that comes in black and white that is also Energy Star rated. One nice benefit of this Danby refrigerator is that the door is reversible allowing you make it open either from the right or the left.

Mid-size compact refrigerators:

  • These refrigerators are perfect if you need enough storage space to be able to cook for one but you don’t have enough space for even a small full size refrigerator.
  • The three different sizes that Danby refrigerator makes are all just over 3 cu. ft. storage space though one of them actually has a separate door for the freezer making it look like a top freezer refrigerator. We really happen to like this as a feature due to the fact that you won’t have to deal with the frost issues that so commonly affect those with a freezer inside the refrigerator.

Large Compact Refrigerators:

  • Just like the mid-size version, there are also 3 different models that have around 4.4 cu. ft. of storage space. Two of the three models are Energy Star rated which is definitely worth considering. They come in black, white and stainless with black accents.

Apartment Refrigerators:

  • Should you have enough room for a bigger refrigerator, but not enough for a full size, then a more traditional refrigerator Danby compact refrigerator really is the way to go. They have 6 models that range from 7.8 to 11.0 cu. ft. in storage space. The only negatives we found were the fact that the only one that is Energy Star rated doesn’t come with a freezer (fridge only) and only one of the models comes in black and stainless, the other 5 only come in white.
  • Wine Cellars We were pleasantly surprised when we took a look at their wine refrigerators as to the amazing range they offered. The 20 different models ranged from something as small as 8 bottle storage and went up to an executive wine cellar that held 166 bottles. Honestly, we’d be surprised if they didn’t have one that worked right for you.
  • Beverage Center First you’re probably asking what in the world is a beverage center. Well actually it can store cans and bottles. You’ve probably seen one in a hotel room with a minibar though the difference is that these tend to have clear glass doors. Their selection really does allow for most needs even though they only have 5 different models.
  • Beverage dispenser This is something rather recently developed that allow you to have a beverage dispenser to allow your guests to serve themselves and can be filled with anything thing you wish and stay cool at the same time. Think of it as a miniature kegerator.

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