Is it safe to set a full size refrigerator on carpet?

by Don
(North Carolina)

I have a full size refrigerator with top freezer. Is it safe to run it setting on a carpeted floor, if not what can I put under it? The unit is brand new by the way, I don't know if that helps any.

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Jan 18, 2024
Not The Best Idea, But...
by: Phil

Hi Don,

Thanks for you question...

Placing a refrigerator directly on a carpet is generally not recommended. Refrigerators generate heat, and placing them on a carpet can restrict airflow, leading to inadequate ventilation and potential overheating.

Additionally, the carpet may become damaged due to the weight of the refrigerator and the condensation that can occur.

It's advisable to place refrigerators on a hard, level surface to ensure proper ventilation and stability. If you need to place a refrigerator on carpet, consider using a sturdy platform or placing a piece of plywood or a protective mat underneath to distribute the weight more evenly and provide better support.

This helps prevent damage to both the carpet and the refrigerator while maintaining proper ventilation for the appliance.

Here are some other options to consider as well:

Plywood or Hardboard:

As mentioned above, place a piece of plywood or hardboard under the refrigerator. Make sure it extends beyond the footprint of the appliance to distribute the weight evenly. This provides a stable and flat surface.

Appliance Mat:

Purchase a specialized appliance mat designed for use on carpet. These mats are typically made of durable materials and provide a stable base while protecting the carpet.

Caster Cups:

Consider using caster cups, which are designed to distribute the weight of heavy appliances evenly. These cups can be placed under the refrigerator's wheels or legs to prevent them from sinking into the carpet.

Heavy-Duty Furniture Sliders:

Use furniture sliders or gliders designed for heavy items. These can be placed under the refrigerator's feet or wheels to make it easier to move and prevent damage to the carpet.

Rubber or Plastic Mats:

Place rubber or plastic mats under the refrigerator to create a stable and moisture-resistant surface. These materials help protect the carpet from potential condensation and spills.

When choosing a solution, ensure that it provides adequate support, stability, and protection for both the refrigerator and the carpet.

Additionally, check the manufacturer's recommendations for your specific refrigerator model, as some appliances may have specific requirements for placement and ventilation.

Hope this helps!

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