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Electrolux Makes Luxury Affordable!

The Electrolux refrigerator brand is synonymous with quality workmanship and sleek, modern styling. Electrolux appliances are generally known for their durability and are popular choices for professionals.

These refrigerators come in a wide range of styles and prices depending on your needs. Electrolux is the world's 2nd largest appliance manufacturer behind Whirlpool.

Known mainly for their vacuum cleaners, Electrolux refrigerators have quietly taken a huge chunk of the marketplace.

With unique and innovative features mixed with high end styling at an affordable price, Electrolux is a brand you should definitely be considering.

To help you find the right model for you, we break down the various model types that Electrolux offers. Select from the list below, or keep scrolling down to find out more information on these unique refrigerators:

  • Electrolux French Door Refrigerators: Electrolux French Door models come in both Standard Depth and Cabinet Depth. With the most usable interior capacity, you get all the storage you need in a sleek, modern package.

  • Electrolux Side by Side Refrigerators: The side by side refrigerator models offered by Electrolux USA come in either 23 or 26 cubic foot versions.

  • Electrolux Freezerless Models: Electrolux offers a handful of Freezerless Refrigerator models with the Sure to Fit Capacity allowing you huge flexibility in how much you can store at any given time.

  • Electrolux Refrigeration Drawers: When you don't need a stand alone refrigerator, you might consider the Refrigeration Drawers. Click on the above link to see more.

  • Electrolux Freezer Only Models: If you're in the market for BUILT IN units only, the Electrolux freezerless refrigerator and large freezer are definitely the best models to consider.

  • Electrolux Beverage Center: For specialty wine or beverage storage, consider these models. Perfect for interior or even exterior use.

Electrolux Refrigerator Unique Features

The Electrolux Fridge Models have a number of unique features that make these models stand out amongst a crowded marketplace.

  1. IQ Touch Controls: An exterior, easy to operate control panel that keeps your options always in the open. Need to quickly adjust your temperature, ice maker settings, or child door lock? The IQ Touch Controls make this easy.

  2. Cool Zone Drawers: Hoping to give your juice boxes, beer, sodas or other snack items a bit of a lasting chill? The Cool Zone drawers keeps items cooler than the interior of the rest of the fridge giving beer it's frosty feel, juice boxes a summer chill or adds an enjoyable chill to your white wine.

  3. Luxury Design Lighting: Electrolux went the extra yard with the lighting in their refrigerator models. Giving the interior a unique design look that gives all of the these models an upscale, high end look you're sure to love.

  4. Luxury Glide: The Luxury Glide system makes all of the interior drawers of these models feel high end. With a smooth open and closing motion, these drawer systems are a true joy.

  5. Most Usable Capacity: In its class, the Electrolux line of refrigerators has some of the most Usable Capacity available. Meaning, when you see 25, 27 or even 32 cubic feet of interior storage space, most likely it's ALL usable space. With slimline design of interior ice makers and water dispensers, sleek lighting and well placed shelving, almost all of the interior space in Electrolux models remains usable.

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