Samsung Freezer on Bottom Refrigerator (model RB215LABP)

I have a Samsung freezer on the bottom refrigerator that I purchased 1-5-09.

I loved the look and was happy with it until it was almost 2 years old when it completely quit working. I called samsung they sent someone out that week just to tell me it was not working.

The next week they came an determined the compressor was bad. It took two weeks for the part to arrive and one week to install it. Just two days later it stopped working again.

The repair man tells me it will most likely be scrapped because most of the time they can't ever get them working again.

So its been six long weeks since I have had a refrigerator. Waiting and thinking it would be fixed only to find out it will not.

I could understand if it were an older fridge but I this frige is less than two years old and should still be fixable.

This would have been nice to know six weeks ago and before I left work four times to have repairs done.

So I would not recommend this frige to anyone!. I also know two other people who have had this same frige and have had problems with it.

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Comments for Samsung Freezer on Bottom Refrigerator (model RB215LABP)

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Jul 06, 2022
Sony Model RB215LABP NEW
by: Anonymous

I had the same water problem under the bins. It took a few calls, and they finally found out that one small part had to be replaced. I have never had any further problems with it, and I have it a very LONG time.

Dec 15, 2018
Don't buy NEW
by: Angie

I am having most of these issues myself. Tech support is not helpful, but now I realize why after reading these comments. I will never buy a Samsung appliance again.

Jul 29, 2018
Worst of best NEW
by: Anonymous

I got 13 years in mine an freezer is now failing. Think I got my money

Apr 23, 2018
Black Bottom Freezer Samsung RB215LABP NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been battling the ice forming in and under the produce bins for about a month now and today I just happened to look behind the door gaskets and noticed the plastic is all cracked! No reason for that kind of damage other than defective design and/or materials. I tried to glue it, to no avail. I used electrical tape on it, and it doesn't show under the gaskets, but I wonder what good that will do for the problems its having. I hate to lose this refrigerator (bought 7-12-2006) but this is clearly a result of poor manufacturing. And yes, I do remember when appliances lasted a lifetime. For this and other reasons, Samsung will not be the brand of our next refrigerator.

Jun 11, 2017
change the on board computer
by: Anonymous

ive had all these problems myseld after 7 years best thing to do is change the on board computer, cost abot 50-80 bucks very easy job to do takes about 20 minutes

Jun 09, 2017
by: Anonymous


Jul 28, 2016
same bullshit
by: Anonymous

all manufacturers hire people to make everything cheap as hell. and to last a very short time. put a few bells on it they think the bought something great. the mass of stupid people should get there head out of there but and kick ass . stop over paying for cheap import crape stop buying everything from over see.

Dec 26, 2015
Not a good buy
by: Anonymous

The freezer is not freezing enough the liner of the entire fridge cracked

Oct 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

Rb215labp is a piece of S...!! Freezer does not work after 3years old. Remember the day when they lasted for years?

May 28, 2015
same problem never buy Samsung
by: Anonymous

Water running down back puddles in vegetable bins and below, ice maker doesn,t,s a disaster. No more do I turn the water off? How do I find out about the lawsuit?

Jul 17, 2014
DON'T buy a Samsung reffrigerator!!!!!! Ever!!!!
by: Judi

I have been trying to find a fix for my Samsung RB215LABP refrigerator with no results. There is a lawsuit against Samsung for certain models, including this one.
Ours is a freezer on the bottom model that I love, other than the fact that it doesn't work. Ice builds up inside the back plastic panel inside the fridge and then water leaks into and under the crisper drawers. Even on the coldest setting the food spoils in the fridge and the freezer. The ice inside causes the fan to freeze up and eventually break. We have thawed out this mess several times and taken the whole fridge apart, replaced the fan, flushed out the water tubes, etc. etc. Nothing works. It just immediately starts the icing over process again. We have lost hundreds of dollars worth of food. Samsung will do absolutely nothing about this. I refuse to buy any of their products ever again. Terrible customer service on a HORRIBLE nightmare of a product.

Jun 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

Nothing but trouble with RB215LABP by Samsung. I can't believe they continued to sell this product knowing how defective it is. The problems began when the ice maker wouldn't work properly. Then water began to accumulate under the vegetable bins, and then in the vegetable bins. Then this water would freeze, but the air inside the refrigerator would not stay below 40 degrees. Strange. I know. Then we noticed items in the freezer were beginning to thaw, in spite of the fact that the temp indicator on the door thought everything was fine. Refrigerator freezes, freezer thaws. Go figure.

We investigated online and learned that you could remove all the food and "thaw out" the refrigerator. The accumulated water and freezing is caused by some sort of blockage (design flaw they won't admit to). This worked for us, and we have done this several times. But it works for increasingly short amounts of time. Now the whole unit is useless and we are shopping for a new refrigerator, even though we certainly can't afford one right now.

Stay away from this refrigerator.

Aug 20, 2012
Stay away from Samsung Products
by: Renae

We bought this model fridge and have had NOTHING but problems!!! Ice maker went out twice and now, after only having for 4 years, it needs to be replaced because the freezer just quit. I will NEVER buy another Samsumg product again, not would I recommend one to a friend.

Jul 25, 2011
Samsung Refrigerator (model rb215labp) is a Huge Piece of Junk
by: Tom Ispan

Don't buy Samsung refrigerator model rb215labp! It stopped working after only a year and a half. My last refrigator lasted 22 years with no problems.

$1200=1.5 years...come on Samsung!

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Mar 23, 2011
water under vegetable bins
by: Anonymous

Did it start out with water standing under the produce bins? Mine does that and then the water freezes!

I was on the tech support with them for 40 minutes and their best advice, clean it up and watch it. So far I've already clean it up twice in the last two days.

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