Sanyo Refrigerator

The Small Refrigerator Brand

The idea of a Sanyo Refrigerator may not make sense at first because Sanyo is known for so many other different types of products from cameras to televisions to phones, radios and even projectors. So, how in the world can they be good at all of these other items and make refrigerators, too?

Well, they do make refrigerators and well.

The reason why you’ve probably never heard of a Sanyo Refrigerator or a Sanyo Freezer probably has more to do with the size of refrigerator you might be looking for.

Sanyo specializes in SMALL refrigerators. Contemporary and stylish compact refrigerators and freezers that work perfectly in any home, office or dorm room.

Different types of Sanyo Refrigerators

Sanyo doesn't make standard, or full size refrigerators. They specialize in making great small refrigerators for the US market. They focus their attention on compact refrigerators, under counter refrigerators, apartment size refrigerators and beverage coolers.

  1. Sanyo Compact Refrigerator

    The range of Compact Refrigerators from Sanyo goes from Cube to Midsize, which in capacity terms means 1.7 - 2.5 cubic feet of storage. Just be aware that this size refrigerator has very little storage space in the freezer as they are not intended to be refrigerator/freezers.

    If a small or compact refrigerator model sounds like what you've been looking for, check out those made by Sanyo.

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  2. Sanyo Under Counter Refrigerator

    These models fit into a few different categories as they can be used as a dorm refrigerator or as a primary refrigerator in a studio or they can be used as an accessory refrigerator in an entertainment room.

    The storage capacity for the eight Sanyo counter high refrigerators range from 3.6 – 4.9 cu. ft. which allows for a decent amount of storage. All of them have an interior freezer door with a small amount of freezer storage space.

    What was most impressive is how Sanyo makes very simple counter high refrigerators with wire racks all of the way up to top of the line counter high versions with glass shelves, crispers and stainless steel finishes.

  3. Sanyo Apartment Size Refrigerators

    If you only have a limited amount of space for your refrigerator but the amount of storage space in a compact or counter high refrigerator just isn’t enough then you should seriously consider an apartment refrigerator.

    The four models made by Sanyo range from a jumbo counter high model (5.6 cu. ft) to an apartment size top freezer refrigerator (10.3 cu. ft) which comes in white and stainless steel and we are pleased to say is Energy Star rated.

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  4. Sanyo Beverage Coolers

    Sanyo also specializes in a line of beer and wine coolers. There are only four (4) available models, (2 wine coolers and 2 beer coolers); but all of these have unique features and made with high quality.

    These models seem like the cornerstone to any bar area or kitchen.

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