Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator

Understanding Samsung Appliances and the Best Samsung Side by Side for Your Needs

To start your search for a Samsung side by side refrigerator, the first thing you should know is that Samsung USA currently only makes 5 different models of side by side refrigerators. Each of these models comes in 4 different finishes which gives you a grand total of 20 side by side fridges.

The good news is if you can choose between the four different finishes (stainless steel, stainless platinum, black and white) you really only have to review 5 different models. Not to confuse you, as you do your research you may find that there are more models on the market. This typically is older models that Samsung no longer makes that are still in stock at different stores.

Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Reviews

In catering to all types of people we cover just about everything you need to know about a brand and style of refrigerator. If you want to know everything about the Samsung side by side style, then please continue reading down the page. Though if you are ready to start reading reviews, then click on the link below:

Samsung Side by Side Reviews

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Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Features

If one of these features really sparks to your needs, then you need to make sure that the model you purchase has that feature specifically as not all Samsung side by side refrigerators are the same. What you see is just a highlight of all of the features offered in the Samsung refrigerator side by side line. Go on the the Samsung side by side refrigerator reviews to get a more in depth look.

  1. Energy Star Compliant: We are pleased to tell you that all of the current Samsung refrigerators in this line fall into this category. Best of all they should save you money over the life of your refrigerator.

  2. External Digital Display: No longer do you have to stick your head into the back of your refrigerator to see what “setting” the fridge is on. Now you can just read the blue lights on this little panel to find out the exact temperature in the fridge and freezer, how soon you’ll need to replace your water filter and control your ice and water as well.

  3. Quick Cool: In both the fridge and freezer you can make certain sections cool down even more to quickly cool or freeze something in particular. Great for things that got warm on the ride home or getting ready for a dinner party.

  4. Samsung's Twin Cooling System®: This keeps the air in the freezer separate from the fridge and vice versa. By having separate systems you’ll never have to worry about the transference of odors or tastes from one side to the other. Also it helps keep down the frost in the freezer and extends produce freshness in the fridge. (Only one Samsung side by side refrigerator does not have this as a feature.)

  5. LED Lighting: This may not seem like a huge deal but it really is. Not only does it light the inside of your fridge really well, it also doesn’t give off heat. What this means to you is less energy to cool your fridge after the light has been on.

  6. MultiFlow: Quite often one or two cooling vents are all a fridge has, but this isn’t true here. Those Samsung refrigerators with this feature have several vents at every shelf to keep a consistent temperature all over the fridge as well as a quick return to the temperature after is has been opened.

  7. Door Alarm: This feature may not seem like a huge one but if you’ve ever lost an entire fridge’s worth of food you know that this can save you hundred’s if not thousands of dollars. It’s also a ‘must have’ if your house contains children – young or old.

  8. Great Organizational Features: Considering the side by side style you’ll need as much organization as possible and these features are really helpful: Wine rack, Egg holders, Gallon door bins, Dairy compartment, Crisper Drawers.

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