Don't Even Think About Buying a Samsung Refrigerator!!!!

Don't even THINK about buying a Samsung refrigerator! My fridge is only 7 mos old, the freezer broke last week!

A service person came out & diagnosed it as a "sealed system failure" (freon leak).

I called Samsung Customer Service (which is a JOKE) for a replacement. They are very nice & polite, but do NOTHING, not even call you back in an hour as THEY promise.

Oh, and their Executive Customer Relations person who emailed me last week doesn't even have their own title spelled correctly on their email signature, they have it as "Excecutive"! Shows what quality Samsung has all around.

(Click Here for List of Current Samsung Refrigerator Recalls)

I bought a NEW fridge and don't see why I should be given a repaired refurbished one at only 7 mos!!!!

To repair it they will need to:

  • Cut into the line with a blowtorch
  • Attempt to find the leak
  • Recharge the system
  • Put a valve in
  • Replace the filter dryer

It that wasn't enough, they might have to possibly replace the compressor as well!


Yeah, it's still under warranty but to cut it apart to pieces and leave me with a fridge that's been torn apart and put back together.

Everyone, RUN AWAY from Samsung, there is no Quality or Support!

(**The fridge model I owned was Samsung French Door Refrigerator RF267AERS w/ indoor ice maker)

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Jan 06, 2024
samsung RF28R7201SR NEW
by: Anonymous

installed december 2022, and failed today jan 6th 2024. the main fridge smells like a smoking fan belt, and the compressor is making strange sounds.
Samsung support is terrible.. english seems to not be their primary language. the service rep was telling me its out of warranty... and some B.S. about the compressor inverter warranty. I have to wait up to 3 days for a response from a service rep. that is not local.
I went to the Home Depot site and it seems the unit is "Discontinued"... isnt that special! I should have kelp the old fridge.. so we are having a Shi$$Y weekend. I would like the world to know that South Korea Mfg. sucks.. and never ever will buy a Single Samsung appliance... EVER.

Dec 26, 2023
$3k refrigerator worthless NEW
by: Anonymous

Top tier Family Hub refrigerator dead after 5 years and two repairs. Had it repaired last yr under warranty for coolant leak, and that was a 2 week mission with customer service. Now the freezer goes out, tech is sent out, sealed system failed. Ticket gets cancelled and now another company is assigned but have to pay $140 for them to come out. The minute I paid the tech says parts will be ordered. He didn’t even look at it. I asked how do you know what’s wrong, he says he has notes from Samsung. Then 1 week later they call and say parts are in but $1200 to repair, out of warranty. I called Samsung and they say it was an error on their part, I’m 3 months out of warranty. I will never again buy another Samsung product. This was a joke. 4 weeks and $140 to tell me I’m out of warranty. Looking for class action lawsuit.

Aug 02, 2023
They are Liars NEW
by: Josh

Fridge is 1 year old. Water dispenser started rattling and not dispensing water well. Sent repairman out who saw a Lowe's brand filter instead of Samsung filter. (we've been using that filter for 4 months with no problems.) Repair man told warranty department that we didn't have an OEM filter so they completely voided our warranty and said we had to prove it was in perfect running order with an affidavit from a certified repairman before they would reinstate the warranty. What A-holes.

Aug 01, 2023
Less than 3 years old Samsung Refrigerator Broke and Nonrepariable NEW
by: Anonymous

The fridge fan started to make noise and food started to spoil too soon in March 2023. Service team came for repair and deemed the unit non-repairable because one screw on the fridge panel cannot be taken out due to rust damage. $155 was charged for the 5 minutes quick check. This $3000+ refrigerator broke down and was not repairable soon after the manufacturer’s two year warranty expired. CALLED SAMSUNG MANY TIMES FOR HELP AND THEY DECIDED TO DO NOTHING – NO REFUND, NO EXCHANGE, AND NO REPAIR. I see so many complaints. Need a class action to join.

May 30, 2023
Scrap the samsung NEW
by: Tatum

6 month old Samsung not cioling or freezing. Made loud noises since beginning. Appears compressor out. Sure wish I had read these reviews b4 I bought

Mar 22, 2023
1-1/2 year old $2k Samsung French door fridge going out again! NEW
by: Screwed Over

The thing died ruining a full fridge and freezers worth of food after about a year. The tech came out and replaced the compressor and it was working well for 5-6 months but now it’s doing the same noises and temperature fluctuations that happened before it died on us. Called the repair place that fixed it and they informed us they could fix it again but Samsung won’t cover it and it’s likely to happen over and over again. The parts that may permanently fix it were discontinued by Samsung and they said it’s probably not worth fixing. $2000 for less than 2 years of regular use? Never buying another Samsung product of any kind ever again. These companies put out nice looking but trash quality stuff these days. Time to bite the bullet and shell out for a Bosch.

Dec 08, 2022
Totally agree!!!!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

My new Samsung fridge !,,, after 4 months I woke up one morning to the fridge not cooling anything, ice totally melted and food soggy - threw out. Repair guy from Samsung came out 2 days later and for whatever reason, the fridge suddenly started cooling. The repair guy said he couldn’t fix it since nothing seemed broken. I was horrified. He would not replace what he thought might be the motor. He said if it happened again, THEN they would replace the motor. 4 months later it happened again! Called Samsung and they said "oh, we’re so sorry but we no longer have the part for that model because we now have a new model and we don’t fix OLD models once they’re replaced with a newer model……there’s a repair man here now and it will cost me $450! Never buy Samsung.

Dec 03, 2022
6 year old Flex Door
by: Alan

My Six year old $3000.00 Samsung quit freezing and then the refrigerator stopped…. Summing Tech was rude to the core, and said …, You Need To Buy A New Refrigerator….. and it can’t be fixed…. Was so pissed …. Now we purchased a GE Refrigerator. I’m can’t believe this garbage only lasted 6 years.

Stay clear of Samsung

Nov 01, 2022
New Samsung Refrigerator has no door seals NEW
by: Anonymous

My new Samsung refrigerator came without door seal. All my food rotted before we realized the missing parts. After a couple of stressful weeks trying to communicate with there customer service they booked a technician. The technician called and said we had to pay for his visit!!! We declined and called the president’s office. Alfonso said he was the most senior person l could speak to. Refused to pay for new seals and hung up on me. Alfonso wouldn’t even give me another contact at Samsung. It really doesn’t get much worse than this…sell a refrigerator missing parts and doesn’t work then refuse to pay for the parts. Why do they even have a customer service department ?? Samsung does not care about the customer. Do not buy from Samsung!!!

Oct 15, 2022
Add me to the list NEW
by: L

Bought an RB194ACRS when I renovated my house. I have regretted it ever since. The unit is so noisy it can be heard anywhere in the home. The shelf in the door is broken (no, I don’t put too much weight on it). Every 2 weeks, I have to remove the bottom freezer drawer to scrape the sheet of ice that forms— otherwise, I can’t close the freezer. And now the freezer has stopped working all together. The temperature registers -23C, but ice cubes stay as water, and sorbet as soup. Everything in my freezer was in danger of spoiling, so I had to haul everything to my mother’s house. I had a handyman come & he diagnosed the freezer as having a gas leak & a broken fan. I’m so disappointed in Samsung. I should’ve bought a Kitchen Aid.

Oct 15, 2022
Add me to the list NEW
by: L

Bought an RB194ACRS when I renovated my house. I have regretted it ever since. The unit is so noisy it can be heard anywhere in the home. The shelf in the door is broken (no, I don’t put too much weight on it). Every 2 weeks, I have to remove the bottom freezer drawer to scrape the sheet of ice that forms— otherwise, I can’t close the freezer. And now the freezer has stopped working all together. The temperature registers -23C, but ice cubes stay as water, and sorbet as soup. Everything in my freezer was in danger of spoiling, so I had to haul everything to my mother’s house. I had a handyman come & he diagnosed the freezer as having a gas leak & a broken fan. I’m so disappointed in Samsung. I should’ve bought a Kitchen Aid.

Jul 28, 2022
Don't buy samsung NEW
by: Anonymous

Delivered from home depot today, never turned on to start cooling. Samsung cust ser said tech will schedule home visit by next Wednesday, today is Thursday

Jul 24, 2022
Fan failure and leaking oil and coolant NEW
by: Anonymous

The fridge is 6 1/2 yr old . The tech here today said a fan needs to be replaced(. I will wait for his price on the fan, which he didn’t have in his truck.

But, he took a picture at the back of the fridge showing a slimy oil leak. He said that the oil is mixed with the coolant, so there is a leak. He said an HVAC team would need to assess the leak and that probably the fridge isn’t with fixing.

So - a fridge not seven yr old and used by a single person is scrap??? I realize that appliances today aren’t built to last, but 6 1:2 years seems to be an unacceptable lifespan.

Is there any doubt that I will never consider a Samsung appliance again???

Jul 15, 2022
I will not bother repairing my Samsung Refrigerator NEW
by: Eddie

I purchased a beautifully renovated house in Florida with a huge kitchen and 2 year old Samsung appliances. The refrigerator is a upscale French door Samsung model with a freezer on the bottom and a middle "cooling:" tray. When I purchased the house in April, the owners warning me that "the ice maker does not work, and that Samsung had problems". Today, the filter red light came on (the water and ice maker appear to have been shut off when I moved in in April", and I was considering repairing it. A repair would be $300 or so based on estimates. However, after reading comments here and other places on the web, I will not bother. I do not need all the "bells and whistles" that Samsung products come with, and will just purchase a simpler Whirlpool, Maytag, GE, or Frigidaire model when the time comes. Samsung is for tv's and phones, not for daily use appliances.

Jun 17, 2022
Repair guy jus told me the same thing today, not expecting good news from Samsung... NEW
by: Anonymous

Waiting for samsung to call me and let me know what they are going to do about it

Jun 15, 2022
Never buy Samsung products
by: Swati

We purchased the top range of Samsung fridge in 2020 January (mode no. RF50K5910SL/TL). In less than 1 1/2 years, it stopped working. First person who came said compressor has stopped working. Second and third person said there is gas leakage.

Now they are saying it is unrepairable and we will have to buy a new fridge. Samsung will compensate.. though I m not sure how much.

Getting a person to come on time or to even have them to update my details was a chore till I started posting on their twitter handle. We faced similar issue with our Samsung AC.. but made the same mistake again of buying a Samsung product.

Never doing that again.

Jun 08, 2022
Compressor died after 6 years NEW
by: Anonymous

Refrigerator/Freezer compressor is leaking oil on the floor and dead after 6 years, labor warranty is 5. Had a problematic Samsung dishwasher too that is dead. I do not buy Samsung anymore.

May 10, 2022
Samsung 4 door with soda maker and Ice maker NEW
by: Anonymous

My wife and I purchased fridge model RF34H9960S4 admittedly because they sold us on the built in soda machine. After 3.5 years the bottom right door was losing its freezing capability. We spent 1200 on a new mother board and labor to fix it. This fridge was 4k new! Samsung said is was out of warranty. One year later the ice machine stopped dispensing ice. I took the mechanism apart and realized a small plastic tab broke off that toggles the switch to activate the dispenser. I did a bang up job supper gluing and using baking soda to get the tab strong and back in place but c'mon man, worst engineering I've ever seen. Everyone is pushing on the paddle with their cup calling for ice and its up to this small dinky plastic tab to press the contact?! The final straw is now both bottom doors have completely lost cooling and the repair guys are telling me the fridge is 6 years old and that's about the life span of Samsung fridges. 8 years max! He said its not worth repairing! So I rented a Samsung fridge for 700 bucks a year for 6 years. I'll spare you the rant over our Samsung drier that lasted 4 years before the drum wheels needed replacement twice! drier eventually died a year later. Seriously Samsung is CRAP! THIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!

May 09, 2022
compressor NEW
by: Vali

I paid over 3000 $ for a samsung 4 doors frig. The Digital Inverter Compressor went bad after paying 140 $ for diagnosis. The part is under warranty and it is around 250. They are asking near a 1000 to replace it. I asked Samsung you send me the part and I can get a local repair for cheaper. They said no.

Samsung is a piece of junk. Unfortunately I have two of them. The 2nd one is icing inside and water under the drawer.
I am getting rid of the 4 doors with perfect freezer and broken frig part.
No more Samsung

Apr 25, 2022
Gas leak in a 7 month old Samsung Fridge NEW
by: Anonymous

Samsung appliances are worst, no customer service. Facing issues within 1 year of purchase.

Apr 23, 2022
Do Not Buy!!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT PURCHASE A SAMSUNG APPLIANCE. They are total junk and customer service is terrible.
For those who say "buy American", unfortunately there is no such thing. Some may be designed and assembled in the United States but the majority of the parts are from China or Mexico.
Not sure about high end stuff but if you are shopping at the big home centers or appliance outlets, you are buying Chinese made goods. I’m sure others, including myself would gladly pay more to get a quality appliance made in the USA but that’s just not possible anymore. Sad, isn’t it?

Apr 14, 2022
Samsung Refrigerator total gRbage NEW
by: SallyAnonymous

We have had Samsung repair people out to repair our fridge from freezing food at the back of the fridge section 7 times now.. they have replaced the main board and have replaced the panels… so how are these geniuses going to fix it on the 8th attempt.. easy… the brainstorms at Samsung said to replace the main board and the panels.. wait.. WHAT??? They just did that.. and it’s STILL FREEZING FOOD ALONG THE BACK Wall of the fridge… and the dam repairman keeps replacing the SAME PARTS… wow!!! This Samsung fridge is total garbage!!
Hopefully they realize they just can’t fix it and either reimbursement or replace the dam thing..
Next fridge is an LG.. top rated appliances!!

Feb 19, 2022
by: John

Samsung doesn't know how to make refridgerators! Buy American brand.

Jan 21, 2022
My 13 month old Samsung dbl door with bottom freezer broke down.
by: Anonymous

My 13 month old Samsung dbl door with bottom freezer broke down. I have a home appliance protection plan, they came out and replaced 2 electronics boards in the fridge with no luck, they said its the compressor and possibly the sealed system, they also said it would cost around $1,500 to fix (the fridge only cost $1,300)

Samsung by phone agreed it will be covered under the 5 year warranty and they also agreed to cover any inspection fee that there repair company tries to charge (still waiting on Samsung's repair company to come look at it).

So after reading all of these posts my question is after Samsung's repair company comes out and says its the compressor and possibly the sealed system, is Samsung going to pay them to fix it? Or will Samsung replace it? or will they refund me if full?

Jan 20, 2022
Stay away NEW
by: Rick

Stay far, far away from Samsung junk. I had 3 Samsung French Door Refrigerators in a 2 year period before Samsung finally gave me my money back. Then they told ME to dispose of it! It took me over a year to even find anyone who would come haul it off for parts. Every tech that came out said all Samsung's were junk, and they were right. I bought a Frigidaire with my refund and have had 1 minor repair in 5 years.

Jan 19, 2022
Not even a day old NEW
by: Judy

Many of the comments say the refrigerator was 2-3 years old. We had a 4 door french refrigerator installed on Jan. 3, 2022 and it heated up instead of cooling. We started calling Samsung Jan. 4th, 2022. After the service man came out on Jan. 10th and said it was a sealed coolant unit problem (we told him about the horrible smell) Samsung called us and said the options were to refund our money.
The first customer service person was polite and we thought helpful. But there is no follow-up. Each time they say we have to wait 24-48 hours.
Here it is the 19th of Jan and they say it could be up to 14 days. The two ticket numbers that have been assigned are both closed. Supposedly this means it has gone to refund. And we can't get the extended warrenty money back either. I will never buy Samsung.

Jan 14, 2022
Don’t buy Samsung NEW
by: Anonymous

Our refrigerator died in 8 months. Trying to work with customer service is a joke. Months of nothing happening they finally sent out someone who ordered 10 parts. The main part the condenser they were out of. Since the refrigerator was less than a year old and they didn’t have the parts it should have been replaced. Even the store that we purchased it will not recommend Samsung. Even trying to talk to a supervisor is horrible! One of the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Samsung doesn’t care about their customer. I think they want you to forget about it and purchase another one. I will never buy anything Samsung

Dec 10, 2021
Run away NEW
by: Shayne

Have a french door fridge that leaks they tried to fix it 4 times now and is worse than when they started fridge makes a loud bang when it starts up run as fast as you can from samsung i heard there was a class action law suit against them . Fridge has been deemed unrepairable by samsung . Lets see what happens next

Dec 07, 2021
3 year life span
by: Anonymous

I really loved my Samsung RF220NCTASR. It was fantastic... for 3 years almost to the day. It stopped cooling on and off. Then completely dies. Had repair man over and the first thing he said was "oh no, Samsung, that's bad news". He checked it and everything was dead. Parts to fix it would take at least 2 weeks and even then he couldn't guarantee it would work. I can't go 2 weeks without a refrigerator. He said if it was him, he would get a new one which is what I had to do. He said Samsung and LG are trash refrigerators. I had to throw out a lot of food. To top it off, this is the last appliance my father got me before I lost him to cancer so there is tons of sentimental value down the drain. "Thanks", Samsung. Having GE fridge delivered today. Should have done that in the first place.

Nov 17, 2021
Same here. NEW
by: Anonymous

Our 2021 French Door Samsung fridge has failed (total compressor fail) after just 4 months. The unit will be taken away to be repaired. I would have expected a new change over, as it is a new fridge unit. I dont feel I can trust it to be reliable now.
The initial three phone calls were full of loaded questions in attempt to consider me at fault. Yes, I am also very unhappy with the customer service.
Ironically, we had to move all the fridge items that were OK, to our 25 year old GE side by side fridge freezer that sits in the garage. The GE has never had a service call.

Sep 22, 2021
Defrost fail, error 24 and 25 NEW
by: Aaron

Our fridge, now 6 years old out of warranty is having defrost issues. Appears to be unrepairable. Replaced all components including the control board. Fails in both the fridge and freezer.

I'm hating on Samsung so much I won't buy another Samsung phone. Or TV. This is a fancy 6 year old fridge that's failed and samsung support just wasted a bunch of my time.

Such a POS. Don't buy a samsung

Sep 18, 2021
samsung NEW
by: Danny

samsung less than 3 years old, ice buildup on panel in refrigertor compartment, replaced heater clip, ice maker quit working, 95 dollar tech visit, freezer thermistor i will replace. water now under crisper tray. compressor fan sound like crap on start up, no call back from samsung at all. this peace of crap will be thrown out in the street. don't know what's good to buy anymore. tech said they only design this stuff to last 7 years.

Aug 24, 2021
by: Michael J. Butler

I have a Samsung refrigerator less than 2 years old. It has a leak in the sealed system which is warrantied for 5 years but Samsung will not respond. Here's what happens:

(1) I call samsung service, give them lots of info including the diagnosis by an appliance repairman.

(2) They give me a "service ticket" number. Later they cancel the service ticket and call to tell me to contact Samsung Service.

(3) Rinse, repeat. Go back to step 1.

There is NO Samsung service depot willing to service the refrigerator in my area but they keep telling me to contact my "local" service depot even after I tell them this.

Every person from Samsung I have spoken with barely speaks English. Maybe I should learn Hindustani. They certainly refuse to address the problem.

At this point I am going to join the class action lawsuit against Samsung even if all the money will go to crooked lawyers. Samsung owners will probably just get a MacDonald's Gift Certificate.


Aug 24, 2021
A terrible product NEW
by: Appliance Salesman

I sold appliances for a major retailer for almost three years. In order to provide the best customer service possible, I did my research on all the appliances we sold. Samsung is by far the worst appliance you can buy. Design is beautiful but quality is substandard. I can’t count the number of folks who came in and said their current refrigerator is less than two years old and needed to be replaced. Nine times out of ten it was a Samsung.
I also had to deal with Samsung Customer Service. They will do their best to stall your claim. Don’t be fooled by their beauty and features. Look at Whirlpool, GE Profile or KitchenAid.

Aug 22, 2021
by: Anonymous

hi. We are having the same problem. After the icemaker stopped working after six months we’ve had the fridge for about five years and there is now a Freon leak and we spent $500 trying to fix it but in the end it cannot be fixed. The freezer works but the fridge does not. The fridge still looks brand new and yet it is crap! I will never ever buy another Samsung product. Do yourself a favour people … and buy something else !

Jul 23, 2021
Echo, echo, echo... NEW
by: Evan

I'm jumping on this thread probably just in case the volume of complaints helps someone decide not to go down the same road as I did. Bought a new twin cool fridge in 2018, model RF28K9380, by 2021 it had a sealed system failure.

It's not just the lousy quality I've come to now learn is common among their fridges, but the complete lack of care for customers by Samsung. Wait times for their authorized techs are insanely long (in my case it was nearly a month to get someone out), and the ticketing process seems made to cause you not to finish a claim.

If I could go back in time and tell my three year old self not to buy this stupid four door samsung fridge, it would be one of the greatest favors I ever did for myself.

May 08, 2021
Freeze up NEW
by: Anonymous

Got the fridge 2007 shortly after the fridge side froze. Repair man came melted the ice and told me if it happens again leave the door open for awhile.
It happened all the time !
Right now the top of the fridge is warm the bottom is frozen and the freezer is cool nothing will freeze. So after me cleaning it all up and trying to plug it in again. So, that's it for me no more ill purchase something else.

May 02, 2021
by: Anonymous

I bought a fridge 3 years ago, now it has a major gas leak as I understood despite the 2-year warranty has passed that gas leaks were under a 5-year warranty. They do not call back when they say they do, just spent 100 for a 10 min diagnosis from an electrician. The customer service is disgusting, no help! Never buy Samsung again!

Apr 01, 2021
Samsung sucks
by: Anonymous

I'm going through the same thing right now
Have been trying to get it fixed for two weeks now still no end in sight

Mar 19, 2021
Samsung side by side door - Gas leakage NEW
by: Gopinath

I bought samsung side by side door refrigerator. It is not cooling enough. when i called samsung technican, he mentioned that there was a Gas leakage in Fridge.I don't understand there is a Gas leakage in short duration. I don't recommend people buying samsung refrigerator... Worst product.

Mar 12, 2021
Home Owner NEW
by: Anonymous

Samsung RF18HFENBSG-2, 77 days old, developed a freon leak. Contact Home Depot (90 day return policy) for a replacement, they told me I needed to contact Samsung, even did a direct connection while I was on the phone. Samsung told me that we were NOT eligible for a replacement even with Home Depot 90 day replacement. What the heck, does NO one stand behind their word? I have a Samsung repair scheduled in 5 days! This has left me without a fridge for two weeks and a loss of over $300 in food. Samsung said I can ask for food reimbursement. I will keep you all updated but I will never own another Samsung product of any kind.

Feb 21, 2021
Totally agree stay away from samsung
by: Anonymous

I have the family hub and nothing but problems from Day 1. They repaired the ice maker three times. The compressor broke, they replaced the memory boards, the evaporator broke and then the Best Buy repairmen kept cancelling my service order to fix it. I lost $500+ of food, with a recent letter that Best Buy will reimburse me $200. I just learned that it is a Freon issue and refrigerator repairmen aren’t authorized to do that work, you need a refrigeration expert. But instead of telling me this, they left my hanging. I have been with a refrigerator for a month. The refrigerator is three years old and a complete piece of trash now. I am so disappointed and of course Best Buy and Samsung have both left me with no concern for me or my family.

Jan 22, 2021
User owner NEW
by: Anonymous

We have a two year old samsung French door fridge and water pools in bottom. Their techs have been here 5 times and. I thing they do works. We have now spent $500 fixing a $999 unit that was one month past warranty when problem started. There is water I. The crisper doors and the bottom.

Their customer service is obnoxious and they do not call back. The WORST company.

Jan 18, 2021
I fell in Samson Hole also NEW
by: Anonymous

I also bought Samson from HD. problems from the beginning....they wanted to "walk me through" the first TWO calls......never worked I took the ice maker Out it was draining TONS of water on my floor lifting that!...then 4th time I insisted on a at home visit they said booked up set me two weeks out.... then repair man came to door demanding money up front I argued I was on my warranty!... He showed me right in his hand that it had expired $ DAYS EARLIER!!!!! I got NO WHERE ARGUING!... Now its sound like a jack hammer every once in awhile. NEVER WILL I BUY APPLIANCES FROM HOME DEPOT!, NEVER A SAMSON AGAIN mine was on sale for 2100.00 regular 2900.00? anyway not worth cow patties!.

Nov 17, 2020
Samsung sorrow NEW
by: gilda

Yes we bought a Samsung fridge at home depot on sale about seven years ago ,first month the freeze ice cube light froze over,then two years ago ice built up so bad we couldn’t close the bottom freezer without putting large dishwashing soap containers to keep it closed.We ended up so frustrated with ice build up removal we took out the doors for the freezer bought dollar store bins and now it closes but water still freezes.Buyer beware for sure it’s a huge investment buy local !

Oct 17, 2020
My Samsung Refrigerator NEW
by: Linda Cobb

October 18, 2020


To whom it may concern:

I am very much in need of your help. I own a Samsung French door refrigerator. It was purchased at Best Buy on April 14, 2019. That is one and ahalf years ago. As of this morning the freezer no longer works, the food drawer above the freezer is a balmy 65° although the temperature says it should be 37°. I have been talking with your repair center since October 1, 2020 to try and get Repair And service to my refrigerator.

I am appalled at the way I’ve been treated. I have detailed all of my conversations with your representatives and have found none of them to be reassuring and here I sit with no service.. I called your service department October 1 and try to get service from your representative here in my area which is Spartanburg, SC 29301 and was told that Metrotech could help me out. Your representative named YORBIS, at the one 800 number gave me their telephone number which was 864-631-1611. I called and talked to Metrotech and spoke with Michael they said that it would be two weeks before they could get out and help me. That made me very upset because I can’t go without a freezer for two weeks.

Time passed and I never did get an appointment with Metrotech. They claimed that because of COVID-19 they were behind. I am so tired of the Covid excuse because people just can’t get their act together and work. There are so many people without a job I would tell Metrotech to go hire some people if they’re shorthanded but of course they can’t do that. They are in no rush to assist me at all.

Everyone wanted to see my receipt for my refrigerator which I am enclosing a copy for you. I texted my receipt to your Samsung department it would not go through. I called them back and ask for an email so I could email it to them trying to do everything I could to expedite this situation to a solution. I never heard back from them I don’t know if they ever got it. But I am sending you a copy of it. My refrigerator is only a year and a half old. It is obvious based on the thermometers being placed in my refrigerator so we know what’s going on with the compressor has failed for the freezer. The drawer above it is now failing also. I can see the handwriting on the wall and it’s just a short amount of time my refrigerator section of my high dollar high-end refrigerator is not gonna be working at all.

On October 16 I called Samsung back and spoke with somebody named Christie I was on the phone for 45 minutes with her I was complaining she can’t get Metrotech to give me an appointment after two weeks. I asked for other service people qualified to work on my refrigerator. They gave me the name of national Platinum service. Their telephone number is 864-334-5534. After 45 minutes I still couldn’t get an appointment with anybody. I asked to speak to a supervisor because I feel I have done my part to try and resolve the situation. at this point I feel hopeless.

The supervisors name is Lourdes. After a 35 minute phone call, They disconnected me and I had to call back a second time. The second supervisor I got a hold of was Katherine. Her operator number is 75309 I waited and we decided that I needed to be transferred to case management department, which Katherine felt could help me better. She transferred me and all I got was silence. I called back a third time this time I spoke with a representative named Elizabeth. She said she was connecting me to case management and they would set me up with a call back from case management from 11 AM to 1 PM. I said thank you feeling I would never speak to anybody.

Finally I got a phone call from case management at 12:40. I spoke with somebody named Raul. I was on the phone with him for a total of 15 minutes. Out of those 15 minutes he had me on hold for about 12 minutes. I complained a lot to him because I just want some action. While he put me on hold he called national platinum service which is a very nice name for something that could care less about servicing my refrigerator.

I called national platinum service spoke with somebody named Aisha at 864-334-5534. I was on the phone with her and she informed me the case management told her that they would not pay for the compressor and what is wrong with my refrigerator. I don’t understand how they could say that when my on the front of my refrigerator it says 10 year warranty for the compressor I have owned my refrigerator for a year and a half and the whole refridgerator is failing.

I am outraged at the behavior of your personnel in your department of service. Additionally I am pretty outraged at the service companies that you’ve hired to represent you. The representative Aisha at national platinum service informed me that I would have to pay for all the repairs and she had to have me say yes or no before she sent somebody out. Of course I agreed because I want service. I have an appointment for October 21 between 5 PM and 8 PM at night.

At this point I am well aware that getting a compressor will take at least two weeks. So we are looking at my repairs taking until at least November 8. We are a family of people and we need a refrigerator. It is outrageous that I have been asked or rather forced to wait this long for service. I do not understand what Samsung is thinking.

At this point I am very disheartened and frankly disgusted with Samsung. I want a brand new refrigerator and I want it now. Your product has done nothing but fail at every turn. You people can’t even get service people out to my house to take care of my problem. I feel hopeless at this point and want you to know that I will be contacting some government agency for consumer protection with regard to this situation.

I will also be filing a claim for re-compensation for all the food I’ve lost from my freezer. And I will send that bill to Samsung. You have an opportunity here to step up and make this bad terrible situation correct. But I doubt very much you will do this.. At this point you have demonstrated that you’re in capable of correcting a problem with a failing refridgerator. I am tired of fighting you people and I’m gonna do my utmost to make sure everybody knows not to buy a Samsung refrigerator. I spent a lot of money on this product and loved every minute of it until it failed and I couldn’t get any service. It is a pure and simple disaster, with all of your personnel in the service department making it worse at every turn.

I will await your response. But in truth I realize that I know that I will never hear from you. You’re a disappointment to me and you should be embarrassed by the performance of your service center. I used to run a service department and I know exactly how the system works. And you have a serious problem and sadly, I still have a serious problem and I still have a refrigerator that doesn’t work.


Linda k. Cobb

Oct 06, 2020
by: KB

Very disappointed with Samsung’s service.
Terrible service. Technicians had little or no idea what they’re doing. Service technicians tried to fix this twice, with no success, all they did was swapping of parts with new parts in to see if they could fix the problem, they couldn’t do it. Finally,They told me the refrigerant is low but they want to charge me $450 to put the refrigerant in.On top of that they could not guarantee the fridge would work. I may have to spend Further $350, with no guarantee that Refridgerator would work.
Samsung is a joke, I would never buy this make again.

Aug 17, 2020
Don't buy any Samsung appliance as you will get zero customer support NEW
by: Anonymous

After 5yrs and a few months out RF32FMQDBSR3AA fridge section will not come down from about 50F/12C. Before tech was called watched and read about all the problems, freezing up coils, fans, etc, boy how i wish we had of done better research beforehand.

Anyway fan, cooling coils were not frosted up, so lamented and called tech to assess further, as the freezer section was still freezig foods though maybe not as good as before, so they came and said they thought it was fridge temp sensor, so i replaced that, then replaced the second temp sensor as luck. Now tech contacted Samsung who identified over phone that the sealed system-compressor is next step, though tech company doesnt do that work and Samsung now says to go forward they need tech to say it is compressor, though it was samsuck (yes that appears to be what they are) that identified the step so now caught in a loop between samsung and tech company (why would tech company say it when Samsung directed them to say it...).

In short expensive lesson and unsure if it will be corrected now going into 3rd week.

Samsung says, give us some time, wonder if they would sing that story if they had to have the faulty units in their home...

Customr service goes in circled as chat with 3 supervisors only to be handed back to the 1st agen so wonder if they even understand how to run a customer service support shop for appliances...just wish they were more reliable like most of their tvs and cells.

So JUST DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG APPLIANCES..end of story as they are not worth the money, any of them...

Jul 28, 2020
Freon leak after just 18 months!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Do not buy any Samsung refrigerator! Our Samsung refrigerator had a freon leak after just 18 months!!! It the the worse customer service experience I have ever had to deal with. Completely unprofessional. Samsung does not stand behind their products!

Jul 16, 2020
Samsung POS NEW
by: Mizzou Man

Do not buy any product of Samsuck. They are absolute crap, especially on the appliance side. They look nice and are expensive but they are built not to last. Terrible design flaws. Don't even get me started on there service. Horrendous.Sounds like a recording when you try to talk/chat with a Tech. They all say the same ole' thing. Sounds like a country and western song. DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG OF ANY KIND!! Cannot stres it enough.

Jun 19, 2020
Never Buy a Samsung Fridge NEW
by: Linda

My Samsung is approximately six and a half years old but has had four service calls over the past 6 1/2 years. I am waiting on a service man now. This is the fourth service call and I don't know when it will be fixed. It stopped working yesterday (Thursday) and it will be at least Monday before the service man can come out. It is the model with the French doors and the spring fell out on one of the fridge doors so now you have to be careful when you close it or it will not close at all. The handle came off the freezer drawer and had to be replaced. The quality is terrible. I would never buy another Samsung. Also, did I mention each time it goes out I lose a lot of food due to spoilage.

Apr 14, 2020
Dont Buy Any Fridge From Samsung NEW
by: Anonymous

My 4 door fridge isn't cooling only 56F. Food is spoiling. Call Samsung support they said that my warranty expired because of the 5 years for seal system. They will send a technician out but labor is $300 paid via credit card upfront before giving me quote on the seal system parts. Told them just me me the prices for the seal system because I know that's the problem with Samsung fridge. they sent me a text this morning saying that a technician has to look and then me a break down of the parts cost. $300 upfront and $75 an hour after that. It would probably cost me around $800 to fix it and the warranty is 6 months.

Apr 14, 2020
Craftsmanship in 2020 NEW
by: Frank B

The more affluent we get the less we want to work. Skilled workers are hard to find. Many don't want to do the hard work involved in training. This also affects product support.
That being said, a product warranty is to ensure that you get what you paid for and that means repaired to new condition. Replacing sealed system parts and recharging are nothing more than the same operations done in the factory. I wouldn't be concerned.

Mar 03, 2020
Samsung refrigerator - high cost but not reliable NEW
by: Frustrating!

I have the 3-zone, 4-door Sumsung Fridge. It's 5.5 years old. The fridge section is having cooling problem, stays at 50F. Called Samsung about 5 times. Different rep gave me different information. They gave me two different authorized repaired companies who won't repair seal system failure, yet seems like most people in this forum have seal system issues. Go figured.
Samsung can be sure that we won't purchase another Samsung appliance for TV again.

Feb 10, 2020
Smartfridge dead after 2 years NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought one of those fancy smart fridges with a built in screen. Two years later it broke. Had 4 Sears technicians come and they were unable to repair it. Called Samsung and they said it was a sealed system issue but the warranty was void because I bought it at an outlet store... I was never informed of this when we bought it. Now they are saying it will be over $1000 to repair a fridge that cost me $2500 just two years ago and they aren't even honoring the 5 year warranty that was supposed to cover the sealed system because I bought it from Sears outlet.

Samsung sucks!!!!!

Feb 08, 2020
Samsung Leaked coolant at 4 months old
by: Anonymous

I purchased the $3K 4 door Samsung Refrigerator from Best Buy in June 2019. The refrigerator stopped working and it was repaired multiple times. The inside is now falling apart and my Best Buy warranty purchase doesn’t cover me because they say Samsung should cover it since it’s still under a year old. Samsung appliances used to be a leading brand. Samsung appliances are expensive and don’t work.

Feb 01, 2020
samsung model RS261MDBP is poor
by: J.D.

I have a Samsung side by side refrigerator model RS261MDBP. Its about 6 or 7 years old. The design of the shelves is very robust. I like that. The main three problems I have are the computer every once in a while need to be reset. That is a minor inconvenience. The fridge starting leaking water from somewhere inside the freezer and every month i would need to break up the glacier that formed in the bottom of the freezer. But by far the biggest problem is the unit simply stopped getting cold just last week (1/24/2020) The technician informed me that the samsung quality when it come to sealing the refrigerant lone is poor. All of it leaked our and thus no more refrigerator. Seven years is extremely poor. Especially when I have a refrigerator that is about 20 to 25 years old and has survived several tenants using it. Still works fine. Samsung clearly does not know how to make a quality refrigerator.

Feb 01, 2020
Samsung’s Refrigerator Internal Leakage - Oh boy ,not me, not again !! NEW
by: R_Pal

Like many others I had been a Samsung India customer for many years and I still own many Samsung products at my home.

But their just ONE mess up changed my perception about them. Well I didn’t immediately changed my perception. I found many cases on internet where people have been cheated by Samsung India and elsewhere in the world by them.

Here’s my ordeal.. Like many of you I was also fascinated by the french doors refrigerator also known as side by side refrigerators and, I bought a Samsung’s side by side refrigerator in Nov 2015 from Reliance Digital Store and was happy with it, until it finally became dead in Dec 2019.

I called up Samsung support and got the service ticket# 4296297390,and engineer came and declared that my compressor is dead. He suggested that for compressors there is a separate team and they will visit me and replace the compressor. Since they were delaying the actions on replacement, I reached out to Samsung customer experience team by writing to the CEO on their webpage.

Here’s when the real Horror of support started. I got a call from Samsung Customer customer experience agent based in Noida that they will replace the compressor however they need to make one check before they actually send the replacement. And that was the Internal Leakage test.

In all belief and trust, I agreed however I asked their engineers to come after 6pm, so that they can do the test in front of me and I can watch what they were doing. They agreed.

However their engineers showed by in the house before the set time and my family gave them access to the refrigerator an they staged the test by filling up nitrogen in the appliance. They also cut the pipes from a few places, so as to prove the internal leak at the same time itself.

2 days after they came again in my house. This time also before the set and agreed time and told my family that there is a internal leakage in the fridge as all nitrogen has gone from the fridge.

After that I got a call from Samsung’s customer experience team that there is an internal leakage in the fridge and hence they cannot support me further.

I somehow doubted their diagnosis and requested them to get it checked again by another engineer, however they didn’t acknowledge that.

They told me that my refrigerator is not more than a piece of iron and that I should forget about it and discard the piece of metal.

I didn’t stop at that point and hired an independent engineer who tested my refrigerator and found no internal leakage in it.

I took my findings to Samsung and told them to get my refrigerator checked again, but Samsung Customer experience team pretends to be holier than thou. Somehow they believe that they are above GOD. As per them their verdict, diagnosis is FINAL and that they will not listen to ANYONE after that.

I came across many other people who were told the same INTERNAL LEAK issue before completely denying support to them.

My friends, please stay away from such customer unfriendly company, who finds excuses, just to refuse the warranty and support.

Buy from other appliance companies, and you will be better off.

Or in case you do own one, do not fall in the trap for their INTERNAL LEAKAGE TEST. When you hear the word INTERNAL LEAKAGE, you can rest be sure that they are not going to support you and are ready to call it quit from their liabilities thereafter.


Jan 29, 2020
do not buy NEW
by: Anonymous

Do not buy. French door refrigerator 3 years old. I didn't know if I should replace or repair since it was out of warranty. Figured for $130 to get a diagnosis and estimate total of $480 (over the phone) it was worth the $130 to at least see the cost. Freezer wasn't freezing, frozen ice in back of fridge. Technician said fridge part is nothing big. Freezer is big deal Freon leak. Lucky me Samsung will warranty the Freon leak so worth repairing the fridge part. Only to find out my tubing had many leaks and corrosion on compressor. Tells me it is environmental they won't warranty it. Samsung is junk. Bought our house new 30 years ago bought a Kenmore refrigerator which was replaced after 27years and only replaced because it was harvest gold and we were updating our kitchen. Not one repair on that.No corroded tubing or compressor. We have copper tubing for plumbing haven't had a leak in 30 years. Yet my 3 year old Samsung refrigerator has corroded tubing and corroded condenser. Guess I won't be replacing with Samsung. Warning don't buy.

Jan 08, 2020
Fridge lacks cooling NEW
by: Satheesh

My six year old two door fridge starts making problem now. Cooling become less in the down compartment. Staying in Baru Gajah, I called the service centre thru purchased shop. The service man came the next day just to clarify gas leakage and need to repair with RM80 service charge without touching the fridge. Waited for the next serviceman for almost one week and still waiting to repair. My fride comes with 10yrs digital inverter warranty type. But the serviceman said only the inverter has warranty, yet the other parts only comes with one year warranty. really regret. it's a RM1600 product. Still waiting for service. 😞

Jan 08, 2020
Fridge lacks cooling NEW
by: Satheesh

My six year old two door fridge starts making problem now. Cooling become less in the down compartment. Staying in Baru Gajah, I called the service centre thru purchased shop. The service man came the next day just to clarify gas leakage and need to repair with RM80 service charge without touching the fridge. Waited for the next serviceman for almost one week and still waiting to repair. My fride comes with 10yrs digital inverter warranty type. But the serviceman said only the inverter has warranty, yet the other parts only comes with one year warranty. really regret. it's a RM1600 product. Still waiting for service. 😞

Dec 31, 2019
Samsung Refrigerator & Washing machine SUCKS!
by: Anonymous

We had bought Samsung washing machine (wobble technology) & refrigerator (inverter technology that should last 10 years as advertised) 5 years ago and we are so disappointed that it did not even last long enough. The washing machine broke down beyond repair after 3 (motherboard issue) and now today 31st December the height of new year festivities our refrigerator stops working all of a sudden with no fuse tripping as I've checked. We are now a little bit of a panic what to do with all the expensive food/meats we have some guest & families that are coming for the night to celebrate the new year. PLEASE DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS AGAIN! THEY ARE NO WORSE THAN MADE IN CHINA PRODUCTS. THEY ARE ONLY GOOD IN MAKING CELL PHONES!

Nov 19, 2019
Beware of Samsung, Sealed System Failure after 2 years NEW
by: Anonymous

Samsung French Door Refrigerator Model RF23HTEDBSR/AA ice machine replaced after one year (under warranty). Sealed System Failure of fridge and freezer at year two, almost to the day. Once diagnosed as such by local Samsung repair company (who is not authorized to work on sealed system issues) ticket was assigned to the above, then two other local service outfits, neither of whom work on those issues either. All 3 declined the job. Three weeks with no fridge at this point, hours on the phone with Samsung...don't waste your time. Stay away from Samsung refrigerators. Will see what the outcome is, but not looking good as we head into week 4 with 100% dead fridge and no one who will service it.

Oct 25, 2019
Another refrigeration leaker NEW
by: Anonymous

My RF23HCEDBSR is about 4 1/2 years old and has had the same problem since almost new. The refrigerator evaporator suction line started freezing up about a year or two after it was purchased. They replaced the evaporator fan assembly and it was good for another year or two. Now every three weeks I have to pull the fan assembly out and take a hair dryer to it to melt the ice, if not it the ice grows into the fan and hits the blades.

Since I purchased it from Home Depot I’m going to call their repair number and start there. If it’s un-repairable then it will be up to HD to refund or replace it. Wish me luck.

Sep 23, 2019
17 years NEW
by: Spike

My Samsung fridge finally died this weekend after 18 years of excellent, trouble free performance.

Aug 16, 2019
Bad deal NEW
by: Anonymous

I am sitting home right now with a service man from Samsung, working on my tefridgerator, three door Samsung. He says there Is a freon leak. I am sure it's not covered, they just replaced the envertor board, the unit is a little over two years old. 1600.00 wasted. I will never buy any Samsung products again. Never Ever!!!! I am calling the News!!

Aug 08, 2019
Samsung Refrigerator Model RF22K9381SR/AA
by: Anonymous



Jul 29, 2019
My 6 years old Samsung regrigerator is dying NEW
by: Roy

It has coolant leakage! and it leaks water that flows to floor! Technician said it does not worth to repair it. It sucks, no Samsung again!

Jul 10, 2019
Samsung refrigerator is suck! NEW
by: Johnny

I purchased a Samsung refrigerator model is RF28K9380SG 4 doors open. I had it about a month and my top refrigerator isn't cold as before. 1st time plugged in power and you can feel cold air blow to you when door open and after month later, it just cold but not coldest as before so I called through Costco about warranty and all technican are rookie. They don't even know what they are doing and they said they call back as promised but no one called, 6-8 technican and 2 managers involved and finally they do something, Costco called Samsung representative due to under warranty. Finally, technician showed up and found out my top refrigerator needs to repair seal system. They said they have to weld the copper pipe behind triple cooling cover and it will stinks and takes about 3 hours to done this job. I was like man, forget it.. I will have an exchange through costco within 90 days return policy. All refrigerators are the same and doesn't matter any brands. If you are in luck, you're luck. If you are in bad luck, you're bad luck. Just like a gamble. 50/50.

Jul 02, 2019
Don't buy Samsung (any of their products) NEW
by: John

2012(July) side by side $3k refrigerator. Stopped holding temp on the freezer side. Then a few days later the fridge side went out. Tech said closed system failure. I did noticed as I was diagnosing the issue myself I noticed joint solder corrosion in catch pan (black/white flakes). Really not worth fixing bc expensive repair and other things likely could go wrong. Had bad luck with Samsung phones, washers (exploding under Loews 30day got it replaced with Whirlpool thank gawd), televisions I had good luck with. Anyway, suggestion: buy used appliances via Craigslist.

May 09, 2019
Samsung RF26HFENDSL hecho en Mexico. NEW
by: Manuel Herrera

Al año que compre este refrigerador presento la falla de gotear en el interior. De acuerdo a los técnicos dijeron que era un fallo común y que un cambio de pieza no solucionaria el problema, por lo que la reparación termino en un parche, es decir ademas de comprar la tapa nueva del evaporador del refrigerador metieron u pedazo de plástico al mismo para que selle y deje de gotear.
Ahora los 4 años ha dejado de enfriar. Me diagnostican una fuga de refrigerante y me indican que no tiene reparacion. Las tuberias que usa Samsung son de muy mala calidad por ese se pican. Un equipo de 4 años que se ira a la basura.
No volvere a comprar Samsung.

Mar 20, 2019
Samsung Refrigerator Terrible
by: Sam Irmak

I have a problem with my Samsung refrigerator. I called a technician and I was told it is a sealed refrigerator system issue that covered under 5 year labor and parts but Samsung customer service department keeps sending same repair facility that they do not repair sealed refrigerator system or compressor issues. I have called them already 5 times and keep getting the same run around. I am going to file complaint with anywhere I can. DO NOT BUY ANY SAMSUNG APPLIANCES

Jan 06, 2019
2010 Samsung Side by Side NEW
by: Anonymous

Like many other comments written here, my Samsung refrigerator freezer stopped freezing last year. The first repairman diagnosed a freon leak. I'm skilled enough to add freon, but the quotes I'm getting for repair are outrageous!
Approximately $400 just to find the leak. The repair would be additional cost.
Also, when I called Samsung to find out the specs for the refrigerator compressor, they couldn't or wouldn't give me the information.
So, I have an 8 year old refrigerator (average life is 14 years) that would cost me a lot of money to fix, not guaranteeing that something else will go wrong.
Someone mentioned planned obsolescence. They design these appliances to fail and then do not support their repair.
One more side story. A friend of mine had a side by side refrigerator and the ice maker broke down. They called a repairman who told them it would be cheaper to buy another refrigerator. I purchased a new ice maker for around $85 and installed the new one in less than 30 minutes.

Oct 28, 2018
Don't buy samsung NEW
by: Anonymous

RF32FMQDBSR/AA worked less than 2 years. samsung Canada does not care. fridge has a closed system leak that authorized Samsung repairman cannot fix.

Sep 19, 2018
Samsung double door fridge NEW
by: Anonymous

The Samsung fridge I bought was only 1vyear old.i had a problem with freezer system.then i repaired it by booking complaint with some amount.after 6 months again there is a problem in gas leak.continously two times repair has been done.i am also instructed to keep temperature fixed.never does the fridge produce any ice cubes.atleasy it should work properly.

Sep 16, 2018
by: Denise

Nothing but problems with my Samsung RF32FMQDBSR/AA. I will never buy a Samsung Frig again. Stay away from them!!!

Aug 16, 2018
by: Anonymous


Aug 15, 2018
Samsung frig problems NEW
by: J Crow

Samsung frig is crap, never will I buy the name Samsung again, never, suff said.

Jul 31, 2018
Samsung paper weight NEW
by: Anonymous

I purchased a Samsung french door refrigerator 5 years ago and it is officially a paper weight. Called the hometown appliance repair man and he said it has a Freon leak and the system is sealed which has no service ports. He also went on to say the brand is junk and not worth fixing. Another words, the Freon should last the life of the fridge. $2700 for 5 years! Done with Samsung

Jul 05, 2018
by: Carrissa

On the day of my daughter's baby shower, my Samsung refrigerator stopped cooling. We bought it Aug, 2012 and it stopped working in June, 2018. Called Sears where we bought it and they weren't able to come for about 6 days (they suck too). Called a local guy who came same day. Paid him $85 for him to tell me it was either the compressor or a freon leak somewhere. Either way, it might still be under warranty through Samsung and to call them. Samsung told me I needed to call this 3rd party service center to come and repair it. Quick Service (what a joke) came out and diagnosed it for $100 that it was a bad compressor. Didn't have the part in stock. Several days later came back and paid $468 for a new compressor. This was on a Friday. He said it would be cool in 24 hours. By Sat., it was not cool, but Quick Service not open on the weekend. Call back on Monday. Told they could send someone on Wed. Comes on Wed. to tell me that the fridge is not repairable, BUT Samsung would exchange my fridge for a new one. I ask why they would do that as it's out of warranty, and the guy said that's always what they do. I get a new ticket and am advised to call Samsung back. At this point, they tell me that I need to email my receipt and someone will call me back in 24 hours. I finally get my receipt through Sears and email it to Samsung. No one calls me back. I call Samsung again and am told they never received my receipt. The guy further looks into the situation and says he has found the receipt. I am on the phone with him for an hour. He finally tells me someone from the exchange dept. will be calling me in 5-10 days. I ask him how I get my money back for the compressor that never worked. He tells me that this is their way of making this right by exchanging the fridge for a new one. He asks me if I accept the exchange and I ask him what I am getting in return as we paid $3k for this fridge and I'm not accepting a $100 POS. He finally on a recorded line tells me they will exchange it for a fridge in the same tier. I wait the 10 days and call back on the 11th day. New story is that as of July 2, the exchange has been declined because my fridge is out of warranty. After talking to 2 customer service reps and a supervisor, they apologized for the miscommunication, but they will not help me. I called Quick Service back and was told they don't issue refunds. I told the woman on the phone that this was fraud as the compressor they installed never worked. She said she would have a supervisor call me back today. It's 9:41 pm and I'm still waiting for a call back. SAMSUNG SUCKS AND WE WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT. In the meantime, it's been 3 1/2 weeks now with no refrigerator with 3 little kids at home in the summer all day. After all the runaround, they still offered me zero compensation.

Jun 13, 2018
samsung refrigerator-sealed system failed NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem with my Samsung refrigerator after 1.5 years of use. Luckily, I have extended warranty coverage, will get reimbursement to replace it. I will never get another Samsung brand appliance again.

Jun 04, 2018
Definitely not buying another one NEW
by: Brigitte

Piece of junk would not cool after 1 month the store warranty expired. Called Samsung and they said nothing they could do because the Fridge was over 5 years old, going by the date they have on record when they manufactured the fridge, not necessarily the length of time we owned it. They said they would send a repair man out and since it was out of warranty it was going to be out of pocket. I called the technician they recommended said they wanted $ 90.00 for house call and $ 70 for labor (pretty much diagnostics only) then depending on what they had to fix of course the price would increase. I entertained that thought for 2 min, called them and cancelled the service. Got a private contractor who diagnosed sealed system leak, added refrigerant as a temporary fix, long story short, my freezer worked for about 2 weeks after that and it was done. To think that we got rid of our very old unit for esthetics, in hind sight, I would have kept the old one. I'm surprised some lawyer has not figured out how to do a class action suit on Samsung with all these complaints. I find it a waste of money to buy a fridge for $3000 for it to work for less that 5 years! Who has money like that?!

Apr 22, 2018
one more step NEW
by: Anonymous

OK below you will see my how to get your money back. I forgot one crazy hoop Samsung makes you jump through.

7a. You will receive an email telling you that you need to take a photo of the cord to the refrigerator cut. This must be shown from the rear of the refrigerator. Just to make it even more bizarre you must take a photo of the serial number sticker removed from the refrigerator. Carefully pull this off and place it on a flat surface. You will need to email these to your self from your phone and then upload them to Samsung, except sometimes your phone photo quality is a bit to good so you may need to downgrade the quality. SMH yes a company that makes phones cant accept photos taken on their phones.

Apr 22, 2018
How to get your money back step by step NEW
by: Anonymous

Samsung 4 door refrigerator sealed system leak at 4 years. After many calls to get Samsung to stand by their warranty we finally got our refund check.

If you have this issue here is what you need to know.
1) Call the call center and start the process a Samsung will refer your case to a certified repair firm. After this happens call the firm and see if they will conduct "flamibile refigerant sealed system repair" or if they report the system as not repairable. If you get a firm that will conduct the repair call Samsung back and have them change the firm. Just tell them you were not happy with them and you want a different firm.

2) The repair company will come out and diagnose the refrigerator as a sealed system failure. Tell them you want this reported now to Samsung. Many will want to go back to the office then hand it to an admin. The your status will sit in limbo until the admin calls Samsung to report a stack of these failures in one call. No you want it NOW!
3) Call again to confirm they have received the report from the repair provider that it is a sealed system failure and needs to be replaced.

4) Have the bill of sale not the receipt this shows the total ring up amount you paid with any credits.

5) after a while, grrrrr, you will get an email telling you to upload the documents or emailing. I suggest emailing as they screw up the upload system. Make sure you email the bill of sale that shows the price you paid and not the credit card receipt you get from HomeDepot. This will cause them to reject the claim. Do not upload both again they will see this and stop reading and reject the claim as they dont bother to scroll down or look at two attached documents.
6) call to verify they have the documents, get the persons name and the call center. FYI the call center in the Dominican Republic is worthless just hang up and call back at a different time of the day when you get the EU based or Asia center.

7) you will get an email stating that they have "preliminary" accepted your claim. You are not home free yet call again and stay on their rear about this or your claim will expire.

8) Your claim must now be reviewed in Korea to be certified. more waiting Again call back and verify the status.

5) In a week or two will receive an email with a link to verify that you want the check mailed. This will verify the address you want to receive the check. Make sure this is a secure mailbox that does not have theft occurring. We had ours sent to a UPS store Box we have. Note changing this address caused an additional delay.

This process is totally absurd, but if you want your money back this is the only way it is going to happen.

Apr 06, 2018
Samsung french door....broke after 2.5 years NEW
by: Anonymous

Same issue as the original post except our freezer still worked but the frudge was completely warm. We were no longer under warantee and tge tech we had look at it said it was the sealed system and would likely cost as much to fix as getting a new one. Apparently this is super common with Samsungs.....he said they are worst!

Feb 14, 2018
Home Owner NEW
by: Costco Customer

My Samsung 4 door turns a year old on the 28 of February. It has died and was told by the tech that it left the factory with not enough freon!!!
Definitely a QC problem. My last refer had to have the sealed system opened and was told they couldn't warranty it past 30 days due to it would most likely leak again. It was 20 years old at the time and it went 5 years before it died. I purchased this junk and its not a year old and samsung wants to violate the sealed system. It is a factory defect since it left the factory without enough freon. I am going back to Kitchen Aid which is still rated number 1.

Feb 13, 2018
by: Anonymous

2 year old Samsung refrigerator suddenly smelled like solvent in the frig. I thought it was a Freon leak, but it still is maintaining temp (over 3 weeks now). Found this post and thought it might help others with this problem.

Feb 11, 2018
by: Anonymous

See me last post. Samsung sent out a service rep.
He said to me "it does smell bad, but I'm not sure if it is Freon". He told me he can't do anything with my frig till it stops working properly. Said it could take a year for the Freon to cause it to stop cooling......?
3 weeks now with everything smelling like solvent.
It is still maintaining temp, so I have to live with this?????????

PS: I had to pay for the service call. :(

Feb 10, 2018
by: Anonymous

My Samsung fridge purchased in June 2017 just stopped cooling. The place that I purchased it from told me Samsung has turned their head to the known quality control issues because people love the aesthetic looks of Samsung fridges and will buy them in a heartbeat. Samsung came out and diagnosed it and said it was a freon leak, most likely a manufacturers defect according to the Samsung tech. I called Samsung daily and complained and after a week I got transferred to "specialty claims". They were great! I got a direct deposit refund of what I paid for the fridge plus tax. Just be persistent and just ask for specialty claims and be FIRM when explaining your case. NEVER BUY A SAMSUNG FRIDGE. TVs are fine and other gadgets but home applicances are a NO!!

Jan 30, 2018
2 Year Old French Door Smells Like Solvent NEW
by: Maureen

OH NO!!!!! My refrigerator suddenly smelled like solvent last week. I cleaned everything out of it and cleaned the entire interior. Still smelled, so now I am doing further research; I thought it could be a leak. I found this post and I am very worried.

Can anyone give me advice as the next step? I guess I will contact Samsung, but I don't have much hope after reading all these posts.

Please any help would be appreciated.

Jan 11, 2018
Horrible experience NEW
by: San Luis Obispo consumer

top of the line fridge purchased at just over $3000 and less than two years old. Stopped cooling just before Thanksgiving. 3 Samsung authorized service visits all saying un-repairable before they would deem under warranty refund.Complete run around and customer service designed to frustrate the customer. Nothing progressed without calling which typically lasted an hour each time. We persisted and eventually received our money back nearly mid January less tax and delivery which amounted to about $2700. We were also left with the broken fridge to dispose of. Never again will we consider Samsung ANYTHING. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE experience.

Nov 30, 2017
Sealed System Needs Replaced NEW
by: Anonymous

Samsung RF22K9381SR/AA. Failed in less than 18 months. Refrigerant leaked out. Sealed system needs replaced. Samsung certified tech coming next week to do work - first tech says 2.5 to 3 hours labor to rebuild. Sealed system warranty = 5 years. Compressor Warranty = 10 years.

Nov 20, 2017
Samsung Chef Collection- piece of crap NEW
by: Anonymous

Sad to say that I had to scroll through all your complaints to add my own. In short, I spent thousands on a new fridge and it’s sealed system has a leak and no one is qualified to work on it OR THEY DO NOT CONTRACT WITH SAMSUNG TO DO WARRANTY REPAIR. Sad, just really sad, it’s 5 months old.😩

Oct 14, 2017
Sealed refrigerant
by: Anonymous

Wont ever buy Samsung product again!

My 4 door refrigerator was bought October 2016 and it broke Sept 2017.

They tell me they won't fix it under the warranty because there were some mouse droppings in the bottom. (Mice had nothing to do with problem.)

The technician that they originally sent out said that they would have it fixed in a few days, but then they never came back.

Then I complained and the office of the president said I would get a refund.

Now they are saying no.

I am now stuck with a broken 11 MO old fridge. Seriously?!?! How is this not covered?

Thanks Samsung.

Sep 08, 2017
No Samsung again
by: Mike

I also had a refrigerator 3 months old that had a refrigerant leak,Samsung sent a lousy repair co. Out 3 times before the finally added freon but never fixed the leak. Know 3 months later same problem and Samsung refuses to replace. They say they will send the repair co. Out. Never again will I purchase samsung

Aug 29, 2017
by: sam

Will never buy a Samsun appliance again.
I had a 5yrs old fridge (samsun Frenchdoor with ice maker)
It leaked Freon and will cost few hundreds to fix. And I am sure I am going to have endless problems going forward
I am scrapping it and buying a new one, it cost me more than $2000

Had also tons of issues with my dishwasher too
Not a good appliance brand

Aug 26, 2017
14 months and Samsung dies
by: Anonymous

Bought a $2k Samsung double door frig in 6/16 and it died (8/17) while we were on vacation. The stench was horrific. Will never buy another Samsung. Are their any USA made refrigerators left??

Aug 19, 2017
A good one?
by: Patrick

By Samsung standards my RS2530B lasted almost 8 years before refrigerant loss. And I have a 25 year old Whirlpool in the garage that still makes more ice than I use. My mother's 1960 Amana is still going. Planned obsolescence seems to be the norm these days.

Jul 21, 2017
Samsung fridge
by: Nelly

I will never purchase another Samsung fridge, I have a sealed system leak, the technician who came said to me that it will cost other a thousand dollars to fix it and it would not even worth fixing

Jul 12, 2017
Samsung refrigerator in RV
by: Anonymous

A lot of RV manufacturers are putting residential refrigerators in RV's now. I was "lucky" and received one in my 2017 fifth wheel. We used it for one month in January and took another trip the beginning of June. On the third day of our trip the refrigerator quit cooling. We were in Estes Park Colorado. I contacted Samsung and they told me that someone would contact me in two business days. I contacted the repair company and they informed me that they would not work on it in the RV but I could take it out and bring it to them and they would service it. Well we were on our way to Yellowstone so we decided to purchase a small refrigerator and freezer and delay the repair until we returned home.
After returning home I have been told by Samsung five times that they have a repair company that will come to our home and do the repairs. Every time the repair companies tell me that they will not work on the refrigerator if it is in the RV.
I am now waiting on the Samsung "Executive Team" to set up a repair appointment for the second time. I have full faith that this will be another failed attempt.

Jul 12, 2017
by: Anonymous


Jul 04, 2017
Whom can you trust?
by: Anonymous

Samsung and their dual system refrigerator technology? A Sears refrigerator salesman? Or the the people who've actually owned and dealt with a Samsung refrigerator? We've owned a Samsung refrigerator/freezer, and we can assure you, the people on this forum know what they're talking about! Excuse me for shouting but--never again!!! Never, ever, ever, ever! There, that felt good. In short, our Samsung=Somesh*t.

Jun 14, 2017
ADD Samsung Waterwall to this commentary
by: Anonymous

Lovely people who do nothing (and lie - different dialogue to achieve outcome every time I call and I've spent hours on the phone and waited in for 18 Service hours (3x 6 hour call window) . The words "impossible to fix" for an ongoing (since 6 weeks of operation) fault from Samsung's engineers not enough to warrant alternative resolution. Ditto re: new dishwasher - now completely rebuilt but still not working. PLEASE DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG. You might get a working product but if you don't, you are totally screwed!

Jun 14, 2017
Piece of Junk
by: Vijay, Bangalore, India

Never again will buy any samsung product. I have struggling to get my 600 ltr refrigerator repaired for the past 15 days and all get is the part will come in 2 days. It never comes. I am planning to take them to consumer court tomorrow.

Never ever think of buying a samsung product.

Jun 11, 2017
Freon Gas Leak
by: Anonymous

Had nothing but problems from the word go with my Samsung fridge freezer. Frequently I would go in the freezer and find things thoring out even though the display shows -20 deg. Turn it off and on again and the display would show 4 deg! Would freeze again after resetting but now it does not freeze at all. A repair man came and charged me £100 for a sensor only to return the next week (because it still wasn't working) to tell me that it has a gas leak which will be very expensive to repair. Load of rubbish.

Jun 04, 2017
Finally had to replace it!
by: Anonymous

I can't believe it's been 7 yrs since I wrote the original post, 'Don't Even Think About Buying a Samsung Refrigerator!!!!', for this thread. Our 'lovely' Samsung finally had to be replaced. The freezer died, & no way were we going to have it repaired. I actually can't believe it lasted this long. Many times over the yrs, & for the last year itself, we've had to remove the accumulated ice sheet from under the large drawer every 2 wks. Oh, we bought a Kenmore this time.

Jun 03, 2017
Same issue
by: Reg Davis

My sister-in-law bought a nice new Samsung fridge 3 years ago. Pretty quickly she started getting the iced-up drain problem that leads to water in the bottom of the fridge. She tried to get Samsung to fix it, but couldn't get hold of anyone in customer service who knew anything about it. Then the cooling started to fail. Again no support from Samsung. Other fridge repair shops told her they wouldn't touch Samsung and advised her to toss it as junk. Finally it quit cooling completely. All diagnostics fine, just no cooling at all. Eventually she got Samsung to send someone out to look at it. That Samsung repair tech told her that there must be a coolant leak and probably all the coolant was gone, but everything else was fine, so try someplace else and that will be $100 for the out-of-warranty service call. Finally she got a fridge repair shop to replace the compressor and change the crappy under-fridge condenser coil to a new conventional condenser radiator bolted to the back of the fridge, then recharge the coolant. Cost $300. That worked. The coolant leak was found to be in the rusty Samsung condenser.

May 25, 2017
Samsung Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

Like so many of you I just got the news. Coolant failure -leak 3 years old 1 month out of warranty. All of the in door shelves broke. and now we have a coolant leak. I have the Samsung stove too. absolute crap. No temperature control. all burners have high temp only no medium no low. Just burn every thing.

Apr 29, 2017
Samsung Frigerator freon leak
by: Jason Wong

After 2 years my Samsung refrigerator has stopped working. I called service and the rep. asked a bunch of irrelevant questions and when called back the same dialogue without any help to send a technician to find out what is wrong.
I found an independent contractor to do an onsite check and found out the Freon leak in the system. Very high cost of fixing the leak.


Mar 21, 2017
by: Timbo

We bought our RF267ABRS in 2010 Within the first year it had major icing problems (failure of the defrost system) A month out of warranty it developed the Samsung signature of trash "gas Leak" and quit cooling. I am a retired HVAC contractor and did appliance repair. I repaired the defrost problem with 30 cents worth of copper wire. The defrost heat element could not reach the drain and it was freezing shut, thus the leaks freezing up and cooling stops. The wire extends the element heat down into the drain. Problem solved. Very I mean very poor designing. The gas leak is the same as all of yours. Sealed system failure means (they have no ideal why or where it is leaking) I did a trace on mine and found it in the condensing assembly. Not worth the trouble to fix I just charge it from time to time. These are the most poorly designed and quality tested products I have ever seen. We got dooped by it's looks (just as they planned). I have a 23 year old white Maytag in the basement that has never quit once thank goodness, it saves all our food everytime our new fancy Samsung quits. We are looking at an LG replacement as well.

Jan 05, 2017
4 door flex/sealed system non repairable
by: Anonymous

I just want to give some hope to anyone with the same beautiful but dead Samsung paper weight that I have. Purchased 8/15. It stopped cooling Christmas weekend, well probably before that because we had been noticing milk going bad really fast lately. Temp won't go below 50 degrees. When we bought it, I researched, all I found was great reviews, so angry at this mess. After 10 days of nagging and MANY calls, they approved a full refund and I should have it in direct deposit in a few days. Advice: Be persistent. When they say their certified repair people will call in 2 days, call the repair company yourself the next day. Make sure the repair company understands the history of all the defective fridges with your same problem so they diagnose it right the FIRST time! Write down every ticket number Samsung gives you and document dates and the conversation details. Whenever Samsung or their authorized repair people say they'll call in 2-3 days, wait only a reasonable amount of time and then call them, be REALLY nice but extremely persistent. (even if their english stinks) They refunded me EVERYTHING, even delivery and tax. Just don't wait too long or they may be bankrupt! :)

Jan 04, 2017
Trashing $2000 Samsung after 4 years
by: Norman

Our RSG double door will be on the skip just as soon as the replacement LG arrives. The display failed after 4 months (replaced). The "stainless steel" round the water/ice dispenser started rusting after 16 months (outside warrenty - it's not stainless steel but a paint finish!). 4 months ago started tripping the circuit breaker eventually tech agreed it was the fridge, the common defrost elament failure, replaced for $250, and shortly after poor cooling due to low gas, i.e. A gas leak. Refilled twice as a temporary measure whilst we decided if spending $800 to repair and then only with a 3 month guarantee was worth it. Given the poor quality and unreliability of the service and reliability to date, decided it was not and have now bought an equivalent LG (best similar replacement) but also tech advised that LG had a far better reliability record, and better customer service. So early next week the new LG will be delivered and the currently working SAMSUNG will be scrapped.

Dec 30, 2016
Samsung Seriously need to do something about this!
by: Anonymous

Same problem! Sealed System Problem. It's been a battle to get Samsung to take responsibility. Purchased a 4 door Refrigetrator 2 years ago. Already paid 2 separate service repair (one personal call and the second an authorized Samsung repair man). It's been 3 weeks now and there is no resolution yet.
Was advised the system is highly flammable and cannot be repaired. Still waiting on Samsung.
Will update this post when there is a resolution.

Dec 16, 2016
Gas leak in close condensing system
by: Ashok Bhargava


Every time I write or call samsung, get this sms on my mobile. Nobody is visiting, nobody is calling but status update takes place all the time. Worst experience. Fighting with samsung since 20th August 2016 & will not stop fighting with SAMSUNG. Beware of SAMSUNG product quality & services. They are the worst.
Samsung Double door Refrigerator RT24CDLB1/XTL Fridge Gas leak and condemnation. I bought a Samsung Double door Refrigerator RT24CDLB1/XTL on 03/07/2011 from their dealer Kay Dee Electronics Noida wide Invoice No. 2602, in my house in Delhi. On 20/08/2016 the fridge totally broke down without any cooling. After registering a complaint wide complaint No.4219970289, two technicians have visited and informed there is internal leakage and vanished without charging service fee and without giving any service slip or suggesting next course of action. I contacted SAMSUNG customer care on 1800 266 8282 several times and got assurance of senior service engineers call & visit in next 24 hours. Since then no senior service engineer has bothered to call or visit. I have called up several times to customer care centre wide reference nos. 1132229676 spoke to Mr. Gaurav , Reference No. 1132251467, spoke to Mr. Gopal, reference No. 1132262752, spoke to Mr. Hasan, and so on. Even I had a chat on web with Mr. Ankit Gupta & Ms. Akrati several times and got assurance for senior service engineer’s visit with a caption we will convert your bitter experience with a better experience. Even on suggestions provided by Ms. Akrati, I spoke to Mr. Jatin Kalra, Service centre head at Patparganj, But no one has visited till now on 24/08/2016 at 1pm. Today on 24/08/2016, again called up to customer care centre and got to surprised that the service has mentioned in the case that it is beyond repair and as per Samsung policy we can take responsibility to repair it. The lady argued on the policy guidelines. On 24/08/2016, through the day I was chasing customer care executives, Ms. Tinky, she provided me a new reference no.1132285303 & promised me that she has escalated the case to senior management and assigning complaint to service centre. Nothing took place. I again called up to customer care, some senior person picked us the phone and promised to take this complaint with service centre head. After an hour’s time I received a call from Mr. Narender Choudhary from 9210155863, he refused to send engineer. I do not know how service engineer / service centre is updating feedback without attending the complaint. Also, I am surprised, why the service centre head is not asking for a service report signed by customer. Getting a service report is customers right. Today, at 6pm, I spoke to Mr. Ali at customer care, he promised me that before 8pm somebody will attend the complaint. But nobody has turned up. Again at 8:30 pm spoke to Mr. Ali, and reminded him, he again told me that he is escalating the issue. I took a leave today and waited whole day based on previously made promises. After 25/08/2016, Every day somebody from Samsung was assuring me for a solution but not ready to arrange engineers visit and provide a service report. Today on 27/08/2016, the same person called up and offered me a 10% compensation of the invoice value which is 1,800 INR. More than this amount I can get as discount if I will exchange my refrigerator with any other brand. I would request you to please send your engineers and take this unit to your Samsung scrape yard; I will pay the transport cost from my pocket as a goodwill gesture and with a promise not to advise people not to purchase Samsung products in future.
I would like to know the following- 1. Is the refrigerator is manufactured only to perform till the warranty/ Guarantee ends? 2. Who will take the responsibility to get it repaired after warrantee/Guarantee? 3. Why they have manufactured a refrigerator which cannot be repaired? 4. How the other refrigerators of same type are working fine even after 10 years? 5. Should I register my grievance with Consumer forum? 6. Should I stop recommending samsung products to other people? 7. Should I publish my grievance on social media? 8. Is Samsung works on the policy of cheating people, They know that even during warranty period also if any unit stop functioning they will offer customer a depreciated value and get rid of the situation easily. 9. They do not send engineer in such cases and escape from providing service report. That is customers right to get a report. After many request customer care centre is not ready to provide me any email id of any superior authority to look into the issue. I am not able to understand the way of handling customer issues by Samsung. Please look into the issue at the earliest, Ashok Bhargava 257, Paryatan Vihar, B-4, Vasundhara Enclave Delhi – 110096 Mob:- +91 9871 374506

Nov 30, 2016
Samsung 3000$ 4 door refrigerator
by: Constantine

Wife loved the way it looks so we bought it, worst purchase ever. Sealed system broke after 2 years, a week into talking to Samsung support (just people who are trained to get rid of you) and we still don't have a fridge in the house, they are searching for someone to fix the sealed system in our area.

Sep 08, 2016
Worst fridge ever I agree don't buy
by: Meredith

Same problems less then 2. Years old ice makers terrible and fridgerator doesn't work bought warranty threw Home Depot and there trying to not replace repair people said its un fix able

Sep 06, 2016
Re: Samsung fridge
by: Anonymous

Yes I agree do not buy Samsung fridges nothing but garbage my completely broke down just like your, cost me more then $1000 to fix,unfortunately mine has no warranty

Aug 04, 2016
Samsung RF32fmqdbsr sucks
by: Anonymous

On August 25,2014 Purchased rf32fmqdbsr on advice of consumer reports as their top pick and in personal recommendation from my father in law whom bought his a year earlier. His broke June of 2015 (same exact problem as I have, sealed refrigerant problem.) Today is August 4, 2016 and the second Samsung repairman is here as I write this, changing out the line dryer and recharging the refrigerant in my fridge. He arrived at 7pm and informed me that the report should take 2-3 hours. It is currently 8:16pm as I write this and he is still cutting and soldering pieces on my fridge. We have been without a working fridge for two weeks now and he informs me that I need to wait an entire day after the repair to see if the fridge will indeed cool below 50 degrees. Please buy more Samsung products so I don't feel so alone as the only fool to think I was buying quality when in reality I was just buying junk. Samsung just do the right thing....

Aug 04, 2016
Samsung RF32fmqdbsr sucks
by: Anonymous

On August 25,2014 Purchased rf32fmqdbsr on advice of consumer reports as their top pick and in personal recommendation from my father in law whom bought his year earlier. His broke June of 2015 (same exact problem as I have, sealed refrigerant problem.) Today is August 4, 2016 and the second Samsung repairman is here as I write this, changing out the line dryer and recharging the refrigerant in my fridge. He arrived at 7pm and informed me that the report should take 2-3 hours. It is currently 8:16pm as I write this and he is still cutting and soldering pets on my fridge. We have been without a working fridge for two weeks now and he informs me that I need to wait an entire day after the repair to see if the fridge will indeed cool below 50 degrees. Please buy more Samsung products so I don't feel so alone as the only fool to think I was buying quality when in reality I was just buying junk. Samsung just do the right thing....

Jul 26, 2016
Samsung refrigerator rf32fmqdbsr recall
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone, I bought my refrigerator in November of 2014. It just stopped cooling so I called Home Depot warranty and they scheduled a tech to come fix it this week. They just called me and said the tech is still coming be I will be getting a full reimbursement from Samsung because the refrigerator can NOT be fixed safely. They said it may burst if the sealed system is opened up. Call Samsung or your extended warranty to get your money back. Hope this helps! Good luck!

Jul 26, 2016
Samsung refrigerator rf32fmqdbsr recalled
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone, my refrigerator stopped cooling and I called Home Depot warranty and they scheduled a tech to came out. They just called me to say that the tech is still coming out but I am getting a reimbursement from Samsung because the refrigerator can not be fixed safely. It may burst if the tech opens it. I bought this in November 2014. Everyone call Samsung or your extended warranty at ask about this recall.
Good luck

Jul 10, 2016
Samsung JUNK
by: Vince Moreau

Our French door Samsung frig was not yet two years old. We had many problems from day one. This was the noisiest frig I have ever had, the compressors were noisy and the ice maker could be heard anywhere in our home. The ice maker froze up about once a week and water collected under the deli storage area. The water dispenser leaked water all the time. I would never purchase any Samsung appliances again.

Mar 31, 2016
Update from Aug. 14, 2015
by: Anonymous

Seven months into our own "fix" of our Samsung by replacing the refrigerant with another type, the fridge is still cooling like a new one. Can't believe that Samsung didn't try this!

Mar 31, 2016
Issues Samsung Model RF32FMQDBSR
by: Donohue

We purchased a Samsung RF32FMQDBSR Refrigerator from Conn's June 2014. Less than 2 years old and paid $2,799.00 for the unit. In the last 6 months have had issues with ice maker freezing up, Water valve just trickling out water of the dispenser and now is seems the compressor is having issues will not get any cooler than 53 degrees. Called Samsung and just referred me to authorized service dealer to take care of this. Is this a recalled unit or what need help.

Jan 21, 2016
a fix for refrigerant leak any brand fridge
by: J Rasmussen

Our piece of junk 2 year old Whirlpool French door model WRF989SDAH00 stopped cooling. Did not purchased an extended warranty. Wish we had. Whirlpool did replace the evaporator and dryer as that was under a 5 year warranty. Two days later it stopped cooling.Called repairman, coolant was added and again in two days it stopped cooling.The AE qualified repairman could not get to the leak/leaks, after conferring with Whirlpool, the refrigerator was deemed not"repairable". Whirlpool offered no resolution ,just throw it away. I discovered a wonderful product while researching the problem.
A/c Leak Freeze was made especially for refrigeration systems.I bought it on Amazon. Called the AE repairman had him recharge the system and add a partial amount of the Leak Freeze. The refrigerator has been working great for 6 days now. Even runs cooler and quieter now.
We contacted Leak Freeze support for more detail instructions and they were extremely helpful answering each of the emails I sent within a couple of hours. Only partial amount of Leak Freeze was used. If you use to much you can create a problem. So email Leak Freeze support for advice on the amount to use. I wasn't sure if Leak Freeze would work, but figured what did we have to lose. And it worked fantastically.
It appears the new models of French door refrigerators have problems, even though I hate extended warranties, I suggest buying one!

Dec 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

You can't blast someone for spelling or grammar and then have your own post poorly written.

Aug 14, 2015
We fixed it ourselves!
by: Anonymous

I too have a Samsung RF32FMQDBSR Fridge. It stopped cooling in the top on July l, less than two years after I bought it. Long story short, after two repairmen looked at it and it being down for an entire month, they decided it was "unfixable" and refunded my money. This was thru Home Depot-one repairman was theirs, the other was certified by Samsung. I happen to have a relative who has been reparing appliances for more than 40 years. He made a trip from another state to check it out, as he said he could not believe they couldn't find the problem. First of all, the coils were clogged with cat hair. ( I had been cleaning the back of the fridge, but I didn't realize the coils were not easily found.) After testing it, he found a very minute leak in the system. Although the fridge calls for R600, he recharged it with R134A. That was two weeks ago, and the fridge is working like new. There doesnt' seem to be a problem with mixing the two refrigerants. He said I may need to have it recharged if it ever starts warming up again, but that it could take a couple of years for that to happen. Since the fridge was going to be disposed of anyway, it was worth a try. So far, it's been great. Doubt that Samsung would recommend this fix, but since R600 is not available in the US, this was the only alternative to try. I wouldn't recommend that anyone run out and buy one of these fridges, as he also has heard that Samsung has started recalling them for some reason.

Jul 06, 2015
Don't buy Samsucks anything!!!!
by: Anonymous

Five years ago I bought a Samsung RGS 257 a and at the five-year mark a completely stopped freezing and cooling. Samsung is not even open on the weekend so I had to wait till Monday and then they informed me that my unit was four years old and 11 months old. I said great because the sealed section is under warranty for five years and she said do you have your receipt. I said no well she said we cant help you without the receipT. I said you told me when I bought it you had it down to the day so why I still need the receipt anyway even though they had all of the information exactly when I had purchased it. Their stupid authorized service center was another joke took me four days to get an appointment. I ultimately found the receipt then they try to tell me it wasn't the Freon and all the other costs are out of warranty after one year. A $2500 machine that only has a one-year warranty give me a break. Customer service was horrible authorized personnel service horrible never again will I buy anything Samsung even their phones!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 24, 2014
Samsung Junk
by: Pete

We purchased all new appliances 5 years 9 months ago. The Samsung 3 door RF267a refrigerator has leaked water into the refrigerator section and pooled up to 5/8 of a gallon of water from the ice maker for the last 2 years. Then 2 weeks ago it quit cooling. We called Samsung and they told us "oh so sorry" it is 8 months out of warranty. This was a 2000$ refrigerator. I cannot believe that this is happening. We replaced an 18 year old working refrigerator with this junk when we remodeled. I have a round top refrigerator that was made in 1956 in the garage sitting in an environment with temp swings from 0 deg to 100 deg over a wide range of humidity. This one will not quit. What kind of junk is being foisted on the us the consumers by this company. I will never buy another Samsung anything and strongly recommend you run away from this brand. Would an American Company please start manufacturing a quality refrigerator? We have already switched to Speed Queen for our laundry appliances.

Sep 19, 2014
Samsung complaint
by: Cathy Heise

Purchased Samsung Refrigerator Model #RF32FMQDBSR less than year ago. Ice maker broad replaced due to factory defect. Stopped cooling. Freon leaked out. Two types of freon used in this refrigerator. In cooling system, freon not even made here in us. Butane based, highly flammable, only old in Europe. Finally got refund from Samsung but , it was a fight. They would not give us back the tax. Had to buy another refrigerator. NOT SAMSUNG!!! Customer service was terrible.

Sep 04, 2014
Samsung support and appliances are horrible
by: Fridgeless Guy

Our 2 year old $1200 fridge stopped cooling our food. We lost $200-300 worth of food. Called support on a Monday, they cannot find a service center who can diagnose the problem until Friday. This is insane! A week without a fridge? Escalated to their Executive Support dept who were almost as useless as the front line support team. If you are reading this and thinking of buying a Samsung appliance, do yourself a favor and DONT DO IT. If you search on Samsung refrigerator and class action lawsuit you will see they have had the same problem with defrost/icing up for years now and have not fixed it.

Aug 19, 2014
by: jim

Mine is 8 months out of warrantee out of freon leak.. 2 grand for a refrig to last 5 years 8 months SAMSUNG SUCKS!!!!!

Jul 20, 2014
buy a samesung
by: Anonymous

I have had my Refrigerator for 5 years now with no problems. I love it.

Jun 29, 2011
Samsung Class Action Law Suit
by: Anonymous

There currently is a Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit Complaint Filed Over The Alleged Frozen Coil Defect.

Click here to learn more about the Samsung Class Action Lawsuit

Aug 03, 2010
Probably The Best Choice
by: Jill

I had a Samsung and went the way of having someone fix it for me because it was still under warranty and thought that it would end up good as new but it took months to get the parts and to get it done. And I mean around 6 months.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to live without a refrigerator for 6 months?!?!?!

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