Samsung RS265TDRS Refrigerator Reviews

26 cu. ft. Side by Side Samsung Refrigerator with External Ice/Water Dispenser – Stainless Steel Finish

Overall: When reviewing the Samsung RS265TDRS refrigerator, one of the main differences is this one has increased shelf life of your fresh produce and the lack of odors/tastes making their way into your frozen foods. Not to mention tons of storage space.

There's tons of storage capabilities for larger families, though don't forget that it is a side by side refrigerator and large platters or frozen pizzas can be difficult to store.

Capacity: 26 cu. ft.

Notable Features:

    Samsung RS265TDRS Side by Side Refrigerator

  1. Easy to Organize: Samsung took a lot of care making sure that the Samsung RS265TDRS refrigerator would easily hold all of the groceries for a family of 4 or more. Between the 2 Gallon Door Bins, the humidity controlled bins, the crispers and the dairy compartment everything will have its place. Best of all, you’ll know where everything is.

  2. Child Friendly: While this Samsung refrigerator does not come with a Child Lock, it does have a two minute door alarm that beeps when the door has been left open for too long.

  3. Separate Cooling Zones: As we mentioned above, the fridge and freezer are cooled separately with multiple air outlets. This keeps the proper humidity for fresh produce and dryer air for the freezer. Best of all, the automatic defroster in the freezer will keep any frost away should damp air come in. (Great for humid climates.)

  4. Great Lighting Configuration: While doing this Samsung refrigerator review, we were really impressed with the use of the LED lighting in it. The refrigerator has a short lighting column on the top shelf and at the bottom. The freezer also has a lighting column that appears to be twice as long as the one in the fridge. There shouldn’t be any dark corners in this fridge.

Colors: This refrigerator review covers the Stainless Steel version but this model also comes in Black Pearl, White Pearl and Stainless Platinum (all the look of stainless without the hassle).

Efficiency: Is Energy Star rated and is expected to use only 502 kWh per year.

MSRP: $1599.00 for this model in stainless but the other colors tend to be a few hundred dollars cheaper.

If $1600 is a bit more than you want to spend, don't pass it up just yet. First take a look at what it is currently selling for. You never know, a good sale might make this Samsung fridge affordable.

Similar Models to Samsung RS265TDRS Refrigerator

This Samsung is just one of many, many side by side refrigerator reviews. Does it work for you? If so, take a look at the best prices above. If not, take a look a the three other Samsung side by side refrigerators below:

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