The French Door Refrigerator

French Door Refrigerators are Extremely Popular!

The French door refrigerator style has become very popular in the last few years. There are a lot of other names that refer to this fridge as well: Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Double Door, etc. But French Door has become the common nomenclature.

Aside from the sleek styling, there are a number of reasons why this particular refrigerator model is so appealing.

These refrigerators have the same storage advantages of a bottom freezer refrigerator meaning you can store WIDE items in the refrigerator or freezer portion. But because it ALSO has the split front door of a side by side refrigerator, you're able to add in features like an in-door icemaker or filtered water dispenser.

These models can vary greatly in quality and features depending on the brand you choose. Four brands that make a lot of these models are GE, Amana, Samsung, and LG.

Most manufacturers make a French Door Style Refrigerator. But they range widely in both price and features.

Though for a refrigerator with the space of a bottom freezer fridge, and the wide storage of a side by side and the features of a built in, then the French Door may be the choice for you.

French Door Reviews

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Top 5 French Door Refrigerators List
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French Door Refrigerator Reviews by Brand

We know this process can be overwhelming so we've done our best to narrow down the choices a bit. First, we've separated all of our French door reviews by brand. Then we've compiled a list of the top 3-4 french door fridge models in that brand. We try our best to make sure these lists are as updated as possible. To see any of these lists just click on the links below:

  1. Amana
  2.  Amana AFD2535DES

    Just the name Amana evokes the feeling of quality appliances which shows in there being one of best selling brands on the market.

    They are trying to seriously compete in this marketplace and the top models that we've found are definitely worth considering.

    Click here for Amana French Door Reviews

  3. GE

  4. The General Electric line of refrigerators is quite vast as they make several different lines within this brand. While the choices may seem endless, GE is known for its styling, performance and usability. Click on any of the links below to see more.

  5. Haier

  6. This brand of refrigerators began overseas in Asia and specialized in smaller refrigerators such as compact and apartment size refrigerators.

    Recently they've begun adding full size refrigerators to their line. While they do make French door models, there are only a few of them and they tend to be smaller. Though if this is what you are looking for, then Haier should be the perfect fit.

    Click here for Haier French Door Reviews

  7. LG
  8. LG has made quite a name for itself in the French door fridge marketplace. They are known for making beautiful, stainless steel, 3 and 4 door models that look very expensive. The best part of all is they tend to cost less than you would expect.

    LG is one of the prominent French Door Refrigerator makers, so we've managed to narrow down the choices to a few models we know you'll love.

    Click here for LG French Door Reviews

  9. Samsung
  10. Samsung has also recently become a very well known name in the refrigerator marketplace. Their specialty tends to also be in the stylish, stainless steel models that look expensive but aren't.

    As for their French door refrigerators, they too make both 3 and 4 door versions.Considering the amazing customer satisfaction ratings that Samsung has gotten in the recent past, this is one brand you should really look at.

    Click here for Samsung French Door Reviews

  11. Whirlpool
  12. Just like many other brands, Whirlpool has more than one line of refrigerators. The biggest difference here is most of their French door models can be found in their upscale line or Whirlpool Gold.

    We recommend you take a look at both lines to see which one works best for you.

    Click here for Whirlpool French Door Reviews

    Click here for Whirlpool Gold French Door Reviews

    Other Places to Find Your Perfect French Door

    French Door Reviews: We figure at this point you are probably looking for the fastest way to see as many french door reviews in one place possible. Just click here to see the list of all of our french door models - note that there are more brands covered on this page than listed below.

    Top 10 Refrigerators: More than a few French Door models ended up making our top 10 refrigerators list. Check out who made it.

    Things to Look For in a French Door Refrigerator

    CAPACITY - French Door fridges are one of the widest refrigerators on the market, because you have the full width of the refrigerator to store your items.

    And unlike a typical Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, you have narrow refrigerator doors and a pull out freezer drawer so you don't have to worry about accommodating for a wide door radius.

  13. FEATURES - One of the great things about this type of refrigerator is the wide variety of features that you can get.

  14. From in-door water and ice dispensers just like a Side by Side Refrigerator to an LCD TV built in to the door.

  15. Be aware however that if you get built in features like an automatic water and ice dispenser you may have to sacrifice a certain amount of storage space.
  16. Look for the In Door Ice and Water Dispensers from LG Refrigerators which save your storage space by keeping the entire unit built into the door.

  17. PRICE - As we mentioned above, the price of the French Door fridges can vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer.

  18. All in all, we found the best bargains to be found with LG Refrigerators and Samsung.

  19. If you have a bit more in your budget for a higher priced and better construction, you might want to consider two of our TOP RATED REFRIGERATORS of all time -- the Dacor EF36BNDFSS French Door Fridge or the Viking VCFFO36SS French Door Fridge

  21. Both of which made our Top 10 List.

  22. French Door Refrigerator Reviews

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