Samsung RFG297AARS Refrigerator Reviews

29 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator with Exterior Water/Ice /Dispenser – Stainless Finish

Overall: The Samsung RFG297AARS refrigerator is an amazing French door refrigerator that is perfect for someone who needs a great deal of storage for a family of four or more that likes extra added features because this one has it all!

The bells and whistles on this fridge should cover everyone's needs, especially for larger families.

Capacity: 29 cu. ft.

Samsung RFG297AARS French Door Refrigerator

Notable Features:

  1. Twin Cooling Plus System®:
    Sure that’s sounds great but what does that slick marketing really mean. The best way to describe this is that here are actually two different systems that keep the Samsung RFG297AARS refrigerator and freezer cool. The reason why that makes a big difference has to do with transferring odors as well as moisture back and forth.

    If you make fish the night before and put leftovers in the fridge, with this system you shouldn’t be able to smell the fish smell in your freezer (nor taste it in your ice) the next day. It also aids in keeping your produce longer because the amount of moisture they need is very different than that for your freezer.

  2. External Digital Display:
    You may or may not remember when you would have to stick your head into the back of your refrigerator to see what the temperature setting was on but that’s where the dials used to be. Best of all, there wasn’t an actual temperature reading instead you would see numbers 1-10.

    With the advent of a digital display you can now read Samsung RFG297AARS refrigerator's temperature from the outside of your refrigerator and know what the temperature is and change it by a specific number of degrees. Though this display will also tell give you information on your ice and water dispenser such as when your water filter needs to be changed. Much easier.

  3. CoolSelect Pantry™ drawer:
    Ok, more marketing speak to unravel here. The thing that makes an ordinary drawer a bit more unique is that it can be used for more than to just hold cold cuts.

    The temperature within can be set differently to do different things. Such as to chill a bottle of wine extra fast before company comes over or to thaw frozen chicken in it while you're at work - allowing it to be completely thawed when you get home and no fears of your family getting salmonella.

  4. Rapid Freezing or Cooling:
    This is very similar to the feature above but it works within the freezer. Think of it this way, it’s summer time and you bought ice cream at the store that melted on the way home. Now you place it in the freezer, use your power freeze ability and before you know it, your soft, mushy ice cream is solid and ready to eat.

A few other features we really liked on the Samsung RFG297AARS refrigerator:

  • Door Alarm
  • Easy open freezer
  • Pizza Pocket for frozen pizzas
  • Egg Holders
  • Wine Rack

Colors: You really have your pick of colors here. The model number above is for the Stainless Steel fridge (the most costly – see MSRP below) but it also comes in Platinum (lots of great refrigerator reviews on this finish as it is a wonderful alternative to stainless as it doesn’t smudge and is magnetic), Black or White

Efficiency: This refrigerator is Energy Star Rated. The label on it states that it should only cost around $59/year to run using around 550 kWh annually. Click here for more Energy Star Refrigerator Reviews

MSRP: $2,699.00 for the stainless. If you are looking for black or white the MSRP is $2399.00 and platinum is $2599.00.

Similar Models to Samsung RFG297AARS French Door Refrigerator

Samsung makes great French door refrigerators but so do many other brands. Take a look at the following fridges to see if any of them interest you.

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