Samsung RM255 LASH 4 Door Refrigerator

by Nik D.
(Narragansett, RI, USA)

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Refrigerator Review of Product: Samsung 4-door refrigerator (model RM 255 LASH)

We moved into a new upscale home in 2006, and the general recommendation from friends was: "You have moved into a luxury home; make sure you buy high-end appliances." Samsung came highly recommended.

We bought a Samsung front-loading washer and dryer plus this fancy 4-door fridge, with an impressive brushed platinum finish and sophisticated electronic control panel. less than 5 years, most of the 4 compartments in this fridge have:

  1. Stopped the cooling or freezing function
  2. Have only partial and degraded functioning
  3. Samsung no longer makes the water filter
  4. The ice-maker stopped working

We emailed and phoned Samsung service center, and they were no help. Eventually, the Samsung service center handed us off to a local service center that told us: "Well, we started working with Samsung refrigerators only a month ago..."

The local service center discussed our problems with this model, and gave us a $500 repair estimate. We contacted Samsung again, asking them to pick up the tab for repairs, or at least a good portion of it. Samsung refused to help, flat out.

Moral of the story:
Avoid Samsung appliances... go with American labels (even if they are made in China), and buy an extended service plan. That is what we ended up doing... and our fancy, brushed platinum Samsung fridge sits in our basement as a very expensive storage cupboard, essentially a piece of furniture...!!

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(Wondering if your Samsung is part of a recall?
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Comments for Samsung RM255 LASH 4 Door Refrigerator

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Oct 21, 2019
samsung temp higher than 40 degrees. NEW
by: Anonymous

cnet and my own test show the door shelves will not go bellow 40 degrees.

Food goes bad above 40 degrees.

Technician came out and did not even put a thermometer in the fridge.

Samsung wants nothing to do with the problem.

Check cnet reviews on their Samsung side by side show case metal cooling fridge.

In my opinion this fridge should be recalled.

Oct 13, 2017
Freezer Temp not lowering.
by: Leray

Totally disgusted!! I have had this refrigerator worked on 5 times in the course of a little over a year. Each time the freezer will work for a few months and then the same problem happens.

The freezer temp does not stay down at the lower numbers. The temp stays at 70 degrees. A total waste of money!!!


Feb 07, 2017
Make a Refrigerator Great Again!
by: Diana Monaco

Yes they are beautiful - but I have already had my Samsung French Door refrigerator serviced twice. 21 days without a refrigerator- not fun, not cool!

Jul 26, 2016
by: Anonymous

I have the same fridge, I obtained it for free with a retail price of almost 3,000$. Reason was teck said it was a leak and no good (junk). My thought was to scrap it, but decided to investigate. This model indeed had a leak from the factory in fridge section. Determined by injecting dye into system. Found compressor to be faulty as a result had to replace that. I have never seen a refrigerator of lesser quality than this one. Since I paid nothing it for it it was worth the repair, as I am able to to do these types of repairs. I try to get fridges and repair them to provide the less fortunate with one that works. Anyway this fridge is just a PITA, currently have a bad fan and motherboard to replace. Maybe not their fault but had a bad thunder storm with lightning. All total DIY was 300.00, Repairman wouldn't touch it.

Sep 22, 2015
Condenser replaced 3 times
by: Anonymous

I own this fridge and it leaks all over .I have replacement condenser 2times and am waiting to hear back from them. It's been 1 month ,so I have to call l o Wes again . I have this since my kitchen remodel in 2008. No one lets me know why this is happening
.anyone else have this issue ?

Jun 08, 2015
Design v reliability
by: Anonymous

Samsung has done a good job of design but has not built in reliability. I have several 1930-1960 refrigerators which continue to cool without failure. My gigantic Samsung Refrigerator/Freezer has a tiny compressor no bigger than my old units which have NOT FAILED and are difficult to repair because the products are designed NOT to be repaired. Sadly, Sam sang his last song for me!

Jun 08, 2015
by: Anonymous

The huge 4 compartment Refrigerator freezer was represented to have 2 compressors but only has one tiny unit which became noisy after 5 years and died.

I have purchased several Samsung products which are, comparatively, expensive. The first was a microwave which was Dead out of the Box! I returned it and the replacement lasted 2 years.... What is wrong with the US Justice Department in allowing Asian JUNK to be dumped in America....

May 25, 2014
by: Jean Munroe

I think these spaces only draw complainers. I am getting ready to sell mine and so was looking up details for the ad. The only reason I am selling mine is to buy a counter depth refrigerator, another Samsung. I have loved the one I had. It's just too big. The icemaker has always worked like a dream. Nothing to complain about. We trust Samsung enough to buy a new Samsung.

Jan 09, 2014
by: Joseph

I bought this 4 doors Samsung RM255BARB refrigerator in Future shop. But after 1.5 years later left side(Freezer side) temperature is not working then ICE maker also not working because of this temperature. I call Samsung technician, but he just tried to melt ices inside refrigerator using hair dryer. Then he mentioned the refrigerator will work normally after a couple of hours later. Then he left. but the refrigerator is not working properly since then. I called a technician a couple of times,
this is still not working. I'm sick and tired of this refrigerator.

Jan 07, 2014
All samsung products
by: Jerry

1899.0046' LCD line through screen just after warranty runs out, 399.00 BR DVD player doesn't play right from the start fixed not really still doesn't work. 699.00 dish washer stinks so bad u wouldn't eat off the plates return to store thank god store took care of me because Samsung doesn't , now I have my 2699.00 refrigerator thank doesn't keep temp. Samsung is putting out junk and is impossible to work with. They straight out have the worst customer service and products. This is all within a few years or just after a year of owning there products.

May 30, 2013
same problem
by: Jerri

Well this helps. I bought this at Best Buy, it has lasted 5 1/2 years,
I have called service technician after calling Samsung because last tech could not fix this refrigerator. After reading all these reviews
I guess I will start looking for a new refrigerator before wasting
more money to never get this one fixed. Its a shame I really liked this model. I was luckier than most and got 5 1/2 years out of this on, but I will never buy another Samsung, I can't afford a new refrigerator every few years. Does anyone build one to last?
Side by side 4 doors, Model RM25.
Getting hot, lost food, technician at a loss, he even called help line to trouble shoot, lucky for me after two house calls he never charged me because ge couldn't fix it.

Apr 08, 2013
by: Smith

Lol, this fridge is not well built, the compressor keeps shutting off, to get it to come back on, I have to hit the circuit panel cover. This is a bad refrigerator, period. We have the Lash RM225. It needs to go away. Samsung may be good at a lot of things but fridge's are NOT ONE OF THEM.

Sep 09, 2012
Problems with 4 door LASH model
by: Anonymous

Same story, we bought this fridge in 2007. Interior temps do not match the door setting, but were usually "close enough". Past 2 years we have been struggling with erratic freezer temps. Top is -20, bottom +20 even though setting should have been 0 (which is the door reading). Several service calls with Samsung approved techs, noone knows what to do. The circuit board has been replaced twice with only temporary results. Interestingly, there is a legal firm attempting a class action suit against Samsung for defects in several models. Not this one, but they added my info to the file.

Aug 24, 2012
sansung rm255lars
by: Anonymous

I purchased this freg and the icemaker would not work, they replace the door two weeks later. Six months later, it stopped working and I lost all the food. I had the extended warranty that I normally would have never bought. The replace a part and said it was fixed after a few days. I put food back into freg and 1 month later same problem, lost food again. Diffenent repairman came out and changed another part, I bought food and 5 weeks later, it broke again, lost all the food again. Finally they said this model of freg had defects and they could not figure it out. They gave me my money back on the freg but WOULD NOT GIVE ME THE MONEY I PAID FOR A FIVE YRS EXTENDED WARRANTY OR THE COST OF THE FOOD.I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT, THEY ARE JUNK

Mar 31, 2012
DO NOT SHOP AT BEST BUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I bought a Samsung Refrigerator in October 2010 and before I had it a year it stopped cooling and freezing one night. The technician came out the next day and told me that someone must of leaned up against it and turned it off. He pushed a couple of buttons and reset it showing me how in case it happened again. Six months later the same thing happened again and I tried what the technician did the first time and it did not work.They could not get a technician out until 2 days later and he told me that no one can turn it off by leaning up against it and he has seen this problem before with th Samsung. I threw out over $300.00 worth of food and was without a refrigerator for 10 days because they could not get the parts in a timely manner an decided to switch it out with a new one. Even though I had an extended warranty which covered for $200.00 of lost food I was wooried not to get an extended warranty on the new one and had to put out over $150.00 for the warranty. I am so done with Best Buy and the way their stores are run. The have proven to me thy do not care about their customers at all.

Feb 07, 2012
Reply to comment below...
by: Anonymous

I have been using Samsung products for a very very long time and I love them.

Nik D's comment is very unrealistic and it seems that he is looking something for free.

It is ridiculous.

Jul 29, 2011
Very unsatisfactory response from Samsung
by: Nik Dholakia

We FINALLY got a response from Samsung. It does NOT redress our problem... to us, it represents just "sugar-coated callousness"..

Dear Nik Dholakia,

Thank you for contacting Samsung Electronics.

We understand that you are not satisfied with the refrigerator.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

It's quite unfortunate that one of our customers to facing such a difficult situation.

We would like to inform you that we have designed the product after extensive technical research and feedback from customers about the product by our design team.

We certainly take a note of your suggestions as Samsung strives to help its customers the best. These suggestions would help us in redesigning the product and help us serve you better in future. We will forward your valuable feedback to our Samsung product development team.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

Samsung Online Support.

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