Samsung White Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review (Model # RB197)

by Michelle
(Los Angeles)

Just bought our Samsung white counter depth bottom freezer fridge, have had it for less than a week but thought a refrigerator review was worth writing already.

We previously had a very, very old fridge that was noisy, ugly, cramped and frankly, embarrassing. We were limited on space and just squeaked in fitting the 32 1/4" width.

Couple of things that are a bit of a bother:

  1. The sliding cheese drawer and attached shelf only fits on the top section. I am under 5' but my husband is over 6', so he can see in the drawer way better than I. I thought it was movable when we were at the store.

  2. Also, even though organizing the large bottles on the door keeps the interior of the fridge clear, you cannot fit very many bottles of juice or milk - and you simply cannot put any of those larger items in the fridge at all, unless you eliminate one of the glass shelves.

    We are a family of 4, so needless to say, milk and juice are important and we need the interior shelves. I figured out that if I stock up on certain things, I can lay them down on the glass shelf until ready for use when they have to go upright in the door.

  3. The fridge has a very slight electrical sound that is barely perceptible. Every so often, there is a popping sound but I really don't care. We do not have the ice maker as I had read negative refrigerator reviews about the issues there.

So far, I love this fridge and here's a few of the reasons why:

  1. I can see everything perfectly (except in the cheese drawer) and have more room than before.

  2. Fingerprints wipe off easily.

  3. The top fridge design is beautiful.

  4. The LED lights are wonderful.

We are so glad to be rid of our ancient fridge and feel much more civilized now. It is prompting me to spruce up other areas of the kitchen, of course.

I truly hope our fridge will not break down the way I have read from others. So, far, the temperatures have remained totally constant on the read out.

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