Samsung RSG257AARS Refrigerator Review

24.1 cu. ft. Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator with External Ice & Water Dispenser – Stainless Steel Finish

Overall: The Samsung RSG257AARS refrigerator is the top of the line side by side counter depth refrigerator made by Samsung.

The sleek, modern styling of this refrigerator makes it seamlessly blend into any cabinetry, giving it a built in look. Best of all it has the most internal storage for a refrigerator that is less than 70” tall.

All of the extras added into this fridge make you feel like you're splurging on your kitchen -- and yourself.

Capacity: 24.1 cu. ft.

Notable Features:

    Samsung RSG257AARS Side by Side Refrigerator
    Samsung RSG257AARS Side by Side Refrigerator - Open

  1. Counter Depth: With a depth of 27.5” the Samsung RSG257AARS refrigerator will look built into any cabinetry you put it around adding a very updated and expensive look to any kitchen.

  2. Great, Easy Water & Ice: Not all Samsung refrigerators have water filters built in so that you never have to buy/carry water bottles home again. Happily we can say that this one filters the water before you get it whether in liquid or frozen form. Best of all the extra big external water/ice dispenser makes filling water bottles or pitchers even easier.

  3. Great Lighting: While LED lights are quickly becoming the standard, they typically are only in one to three spots in a refrigerator, allowing for darker areas. The Samsung RSG257AARS comes with tower LED lighting with lights the entire fridge up top to bottom with it’s 20 (yep, we did say 20) LED lights.

  4. Great Temperature Control:Between the Multi Air Flow having many different vents all over the refrigerator keeping the temperature even, the separate cooling of the fridge and freezer (called Twin Cooling Plus) and the External Display Panel you will always know what the temperature is throughout the entire fridge. Best of all, changing the temperature is easy and exact instead of an ambiguous dial setting.

  5. Extras: There are also lots of little extras that make this feel luxurious: Gallon door bins, 2 Minute Door Alarm, Egg Container, Tilting door bins in freezer and a Wine Rack

Colors: Stainless Steel (this model also comes in Black, White and Stainless Platinum)

Efficiency: The Samsung RSG257AARS is Energy Star rated

MSRP: $2199.00 is the price for the stainless model. In case you love this model but want to spend a bit less, then take a look at the black, white or stainless platinum versions as they tend to run $200-$400 less.

Similar Models to Samsung RSG257AARS Refrigerator

We know that this model is the top of the line Samsung side by side refrigerator and we thought you’d want to know the differences between this one and the less expensive models they make. Here’s three others to look at:

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