Samsung French Door Refrigerator Review model #RF267AERS

by Allan
(Palm Harbor, FL)

The main problem in my Samsung refrigerator review has really been noise.

I bought my Samsung fridge as well as a Samsung stove & microwave around Thanksgiving 2009 (2 years ago). First, let me say that the fridge looks great, is well designed and has great features.

It worked flawlessly for about 4 months or so, then it developed an intermittent noise when the compressor would turn on.

One morning I was in the kitchen and the fridge started to make the relatively loud noise as it cycled on. The noise ramped up after a few seconds, then slowly quieted down after about 30 seconds. It sounded as if the bearings were shot.

I had NEVER heard that noise before and it was weeks till I heard it again. Since it only happened once in a blue moon, so I lived with it. Then it became more frequent.

I called Samsung and they sent a local service company. The tech said that since he wasn't able to duplicate the sound while he was there, so he couldn't do much to help.

The noise increased in frequency so I decided to record the noise every time it occurred. I called again, they sent the same company and they replaced the compressor. Hooray!

4 days later the sound was back. I called again, they came and replaced the fan. 3 days later it happened again. I called Samsung and the service company said there was nothing else they could do. Samsung saw I've had the problem for months so they agreed to replace the unit.

Personally, I think the new fridge makes a similar sound although not anywhere as loud as the other one and I think it runs slightly louder than the previous one.

Both units worked perfectly, I just wish this "noise" issue could be rectified and the fridge would run as quietly as it did during the first 4 months.

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