Samsung Stainless Side by Side Counter-Depth Refrigerator Review

by S. White
(Maryland, USA)

If you're looking for a stainless steel Samsung that's side by side and counter depth, here's my refrigerator review:

I've owned my Samsung fridge for over a year now. When our stove went, we replaced all our appliances to stainless. Got this fridge because it felt solid, looked gorgeous, and seemed like an innovative product. Well, it still looks gorgeous. Otherwise, a bit disappointing.


  1. Beautiful
  2. Fairly quiet
  3. Counter-depth


  1. Crisper drawers will NOT open fully so I fight to get a regular head of lettuce out

  2. Ice maker is beyond slow--it takes almost the entire supply to make one container of iced tea and then takes 24 hrs to replenish

  3. The main bottom shelf where most beverages would stand doesn't have enough clearance so you have to put them in the door, lay them down on the shelf, or slide the shelving back so that you only have half a shelf.

  4. Ice/water dispenser very slow to respond and difficult to see top of container to prevent overfilling.

  5. The shelving has limited adjustment capability

  6. Sides are painted gray rather than stainless or black so it looks odd with other appliances that usually have black accessories/trim

  7. Really does require constant cleaning outside

This isn't an INEXPENSIVE item and I thought that Samsung would be a good brand, but I'm disappointed.

Will have to live with it since I don't have $2000 to drop on various appliances. Replaced a 10 year old side-by-side smaller cubic foot fridge, but I liked it better and it seemed to have more space because it functioned better.

Wish I that it had it's functionality and this Samsung's style... Oh well.

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