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When You're Looking for Style and Features, You'll Find it With a JennAir Refrigerator

When most people start shopping for a top of the refrigerator, they often turn to a Jenn Air Refrigerator. The Jenn Air line has some of the most attractive models that are loaded with some of the most innovative features.

Jenn Air Appliances are currently made by the Whirlpool corporation. Considering that Whirlpool is the parent company of Jenn Air, that's no big shock.

Five Reasons to Consider Jenn Air

  1. Overall, Jenn-Air® appliances have offered high performance with enduring style since the late 1950's. With their long list of exclusive features, their reputation as a pioneer and leader in appliance technology continues on today.

  2. One interesting note is that Jenn-Air since 1989 has retained the consumer No. 1 preferred cooking product rating.

  3. The craftsmanship of a Jenn-Air® refrigerator offers up new capabilities to the consumer. Such as the built-in refrigerators which offer personalized storage capabilities for creating the right environment.

  4. The goal of Jenn Air appliances are to reach an inspirational quality that enhances the entire cooking experience.

  5. As one of the Whirlpool family of brands Jenn-Air offers a complete line of built-in kitchen appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers, wall ovens, ranges, cooktops, microwave ovens, and Entertaining Essentials.

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Unique Features of a Jenn Air Refrigerator

The Jenn Air Refrigerators are of a higher quality than most American made brands. Many of the the Jenn Air models have innovative features such as:

  • Integrated cubed/crushed ice and water dispenser: Combines a recessed design with performance-enhancing features.

  • Precision Temperature Management: This system that has a quiet, variable-speed compressor which helps extend the freshness of food

  • Storage Bins with Advanced Climate Control technology: It provides you with precise temperature control for specialized ingredients

  • Removable Base-Grille Water Filter: Filtered by PUR - it purifies water without sacrificing usable refrigerator space.

  • Pro-Style® Stainless Design: Features bold styling, stainless steel wrapped doors and handles with diamond-etched grips.

There's a Style of Jenn Air Refrigerators that's Right for you

There are four types of Jennair appliance styles many of which are exclusive to Jenn Air. Which one is right for you will depend on the existing decor in your kitchen. But, we will say, that no matter which style you choose, you can't go wrong.

  • ProStyle Stainless: This sleek design takes advantage of the best parts of a stainless refrigerator. With heavy duty diamond etched handles, these refrigerators are extremely classy.

  • EuroStyle Stainless: Mixing in with both new and old world decor, the refined European inspired design of the JennAir EuroStyle stainless refrigerators effortlessly blend in.

  • Floating Glass: The Jenn Air floating glass blend hi gloss glass surfaces with stainless steel knobs. These refrigerators give your kitchen a gorgeous new look.

  • Oiled Bronze: This styling conveys the look of burnished bronze along with stainless steel handles. It's exlusive to Jennair, and absolutely stunning.

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