Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review (model #RB193KASW )

by Carmen
(Vancouver Island, Canada)

Here's our Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator review (model RB193KASW) that we purchased new just 2 years ago.

To nicely sum our Samsung refrigerator experience up :

This is a nice looking fridge with a great design for space on the inside for both the fridge and the freezer portion but

  • Problems began as soon as the warranty was up.

  • Most technicians refuse to work on Samsung products.

  • Those that do have their hands tied as Samsung does not seem to support their unwarrantied products.

Here's the details of what happened with our fridge:

The freezer had stopped cooling below -5 sometime last year. This wasn't a major issue for us as we have a large Freezer in the basement and just used the refrigerator freezer for commonly used Frozen goods.

However, I just arrived back from a small holiday vacation and while we were gone the power went out. The >refrigerator did not start back up. So, we had to throw out everything that was left in there.

After opening the door the refrigerator started back up and I thought we would be fine. However, it is not.

This refrigerator is no longer under warranty and most of the technicians I called refuse to even work on a Samsung.

One technician agreed to come and take a look but he said that it could take weeks to get the parts if something needs replacing. He said that working with Samsung to get parts is a pain.

Overall I am very unimpressed that a 2 year old refrigerator needs this much attention.
I would not recommend Samsung at all. Go running in the other direction. I have an approximately 15 year old admiral in the basement and it's working better than the new Samsung. Don't waste your money on this product.

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Sep 19, 2012
All the doors and shelves are breaking
by: Greg

We have had it for 5years now and the operation has been fine sofar but the freezer drawer fronts have all broken off and the middle shelve on the fridge door is broken and bottom is falling out.
Very poor quality won't get another one from them.
I have been happy with my other Samsung products but not this piece of crap.

Sep 07, 2011
Do not waste your money on Samsung
by: Anonymous

My 3 year old Samsung refrigerator has more problems than my electric water heater from Lowes --Whirpool.

The first year of use, the ice maker stop making ice.

3 months later ice started building up inside the ventilation blocking the cold air and temperature rising from 34 to 62 degree.

So, at least once a month l have to use a hair dryer to melt the ice.

Its a good looking refrigerator but, don`t buy one, don`t fall for the beauty of it.

Shame on you Samsung!

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