Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review (model #RB193KASW )

by Carmen
(Vancouver Island, Canada)

Here's our Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator review (model RB193KASW) that we purchased new just 2 years ago.

To nicely sum our Samsung refrigerator experience up :

This is a nice looking fridge with a great design for space on the inside for both the fridge and the freezer portion but

  • Problems began as soon as the warranty was up.

  • Most technicians refuse to work on Samsung products.

  • Those that do have their hands tied as Samsung does not seem to support their unwarrantied products.

Here's the details of what happened with our fridge:

The freezer had stopped cooling below -5 sometime last year. This wasn't a major issue for us as we have a large Freezer in the basement and just used the refrigerator freezer for commonly used Frozen goods.

However, I just arrived back from a small holiday vacation and while we were gone the power went out. The >refrigerator did not start back up. So, we had to throw out everything that was left in there.

After opening the door the refrigerator started back up and I thought we would be fine. However, it is not.

This refrigerator is no longer under warranty and most of the technicians I called refuse to even work on a Samsung.

One technician agreed to come and take a look but he said that it could take weeks to get the parts if something needs replacing. He said that working with Samsung to get parts is a pain.

Overall I am very unimpressed that a 2 year old refrigerator needs this much attention.
I would not recommend Samsung at all. Go running in the other direction. I have an approximately 15 year old admiral in the basement and it's working better than the new Samsung. Don't waste your money on this product.

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Comments for Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review (model #RB193KASW )

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Sep 03, 2023
Not worth the money NEW
by: John G

I bought this refrigerator a in 2 years. Main control board went how to get a technician in parts are very hard to come by replaced it worked for another six years freezer does not freeze anymore. Door seals are all bad. Would not recommend Samsung products anymore. Better off going with a lower end model of a competitive refrigerator brand. can’t purchase parts for Samsung. They don’t sell them to you and me only two service technicians. Samsung has always been an over rated product every appliance.

Aug 17, 2023
Worst fridge I ever had. NEW

What do you say about a refrigerator that most technicians refused to repair and the ones that would say that it will fix it but don't guarantee that it will work for long.
Worst fridge I ever had.

Jan 11, 2021
I swear mine worked for long years with no problems NEW
by: Vlad

So good things end. C'est la vie. I bough my fridge I don't remember when. Absolutely between 2006 and 2009. I loved it. Some things I hated. Hard to roll out drawers. Over-cooling at the back wall, so I had to remember to turn my egg carton around as soon as I have used a couple of eggs. Very warm side wall which made the chocolate on the counter melt when too close. But overall if was a solid machine. Today (Jan 2021) was the first time ever I had to call a technician, got ripped off for a $300 for "resetting control board to factory settings" and naturally no fix and a quote of $1600 for a compressor. Too bad that on COVID budget I cannot afford something this good, so I'll have to resort to something basic. Samsung seems to have gone all the way for the silly french doors, which will not work in my case as I don't have room to fully swing the door open.

Nov 27, 2020
Samsung phone GOOD. Samsung Fridge CRAP
by: Anonymous

My mom and her other half bought a RB193KASW and it looked very impressive and was fine for a lil while. Then it started acting up shortly after the pathetic warranty was up.. freezer would quit working and she would have to unplug it for a min and plug it back in then it would go back to norm for a lil while. She did some research and found it was a common issue with this model and maybe some others and apparently the part was $$$$ sadly she didn't let me work on it and never told me the part info.. and there was some rumors about a class action suit etc but sadly nothing came of it that I know of.

Well they stopped using it as they had a spare and it ended up unplugged sitting gathering dust
and yrs later she has passed away.. and her other half now wants it fixed etc I cant find a service manual for it at all even my contacts in IT that know hundreds of other techs in various fields have got sfa.

Well I did a test recently and now it does not even kick in for the compressor. The minimalist schematic on the back of the fridge (amazing they even include that much anymore in the days of them fighting against right to repair)

Anyhow based on that and unfo online for generics it seems its most likely either the capacitor or relay or the main comp board.. and if its the latter the entire unit might be scra if i cant either diag the board from scratch or find a main board schematic.

Needless to say I like Samsung phones (until recently when they started serializing the screens like crapple does).. their phones have been very good for me. same with their SSDs for PC use (Mt field as a specialist for many yrs)

But for appliances no way in hell I would ever buy one from them..

and for service I had one issue with a phone yrs and yrs ago issue was solved and phone repaired and back in my hands in 4 days.. service however since then for anything has gone into the crapper..

So I skip LG phones as they are less reliable but for appliances they apparently are better

But our own fridge we got a 2 piece set from Sears (before they went kaput) and its still going just fine a base model whirpool thats now failing is the fzr seal which is an easy fix. Same for our oven (but dishwasher was an almost doa they didnt seal the main control board from steam properly so it flooded in the door and shorted the whole unit out.. and they refused warranty on the flaw since it died 3 days past the warranty end)

Anyhow.. anyone have exp with a RB193KASW samsung fridge or access to the schematics / service manual lmk pls., seems a shame to scrap a barely used pricy fridge if it can be repaired cheap enough

Sep 19, 2012
All the doors and shelves are breaking
by: Greg

We have had it for 5years now and the operation has been fine sofar but the freezer drawer fronts have all broken off and the middle shelve on the fridge door is broken and bottom is falling out.
Very poor quality won't get another one from them.
I have been happy with my other Samsung products but not this piece of crap.

Sep 07, 2011
Do not waste your money on Samsung
by: Anonymous

My 3 year old Samsung refrigerator has more problems than my electric water heater from Lowes --Whirpool.

The first year of use, the ice maker stop making ice.

3 months later ice started building up inside the ventilation blocking the cold air and temperature rising from 34 to 62 degree.

So, at least once a month l have to use a hair dryer to melt the ice.

Its a good looking refrigerator but, don`t buy one, don`t fall for the beauty of it.

Shame on you Samsung!

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