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An Avanti Refrigerator is the perfect way to go if you are looking for a compact or apartment size refrigerator. Avanti has chosen to focus much of their product line in this particular niche with Compact to Apartment-Sized Refrigerators, Upright and Chest Freezers, and Wine Coolers.

Chances are you’ve never heard of the name Avanti. These refrigerators aren’t as widely known as their full size counterparts though they pride themselves in offering more and different features than competing smaller fridges on the market.

Avanti is best known for their Compact Refrigerators for the home, office and dormitory. If you had a compact fridge in your college dorm, it might very well have been an Avanti refrigerator. (Avanti Compact Refrigerators are also quite popular with hotel chains nationwide where they are used as in-room refrigerators and “mini-bar” refreshment centers.)

Avanti products are sold in more than 7,000 stores throughout the United States. Additionally, any service needs can be addressed by their network of Warranty Service Stations.

Types of Avanti Refrigerator

Just by scrolling down you will see how well Avanti covers the gamut of smaller sized refrigerators ranging from larger to the smallest.

  • Apartment Refrigerators
    Avanti has apartment-sized Refrigerators in both single and two door models. They come with a contemporary Euro Design and have rounded doors that are reversible. (Avanti refrigerator also has 2-door Frost-free refrigerators with the same Euro Design.) The Avanti Apartment-sized refrigerators are all less than 24" wide which help to accommodate those with limited space.

    Their largest apartment size refrigerators have an approximately 7.5 cu. ft. storage space. And since many of these units have glass instead of wire shelves, they feel a bit higher end. These units come in a either a white or a black and platinum finish. (See frost free refrigerators below for more.)

  • Compact Refrigerators
    There are essentially three types of compact refrigerators that Avanti offers up: The compact cube, counter-high, and midsize styles. They have 21 Counter-High styles, 10 Compact Cube and 4 Mid-Size models. Check back for reviews of each of these models as they come available.

  • Frost Free Refrigerators
    There are seven (7) Frost Free Refrigerator models that Avanti refrigerator makes and they range in storage capacity from 4.4-10 cu. ft. Each of these units has a separate door for the freezer but what really stood out to us was the fact that they are actually two (2) models with bottom freezers that are Energy Star rated. Having both of these features in a refrigerator of this size is unique to Avanti.

  • Wine Coolers/Wine Refrigerators
    Avanti refrigerator also has several models of Wine Coolers. They cater to wine connoisseurs of all sizes with models that can hold as few as 8 bottles of wine and as many as 160!

    Avanti genuinely understands the uniqueness of wine preservation and as such they provide models that have either a single or a dual temperature zone in their wine refrigerators. There are nine (9) dual zone and eleven (11) single zone models – chances are they have just the size you need.

  • Beer Coolers/Keg refrigerator
    A newer trend in beverage refrigeration is a mini kegerator. These refrigerator units allow for a 5 liter keg (miniature keg) to stay ice cold and ready to pour a fresh beer at any time. These are perfect for home use for those who prefer beer from a tap (they work especially well for more stout beers like Guinness.) The Avanti MBD5L has an attached spout for easy distribution. It’s a counter top unit, so it’s a perfect addition to any at home bar or game room.

  • Freezers
    Should you need a separate freezer, you first need to determine whether you’ll need a Chest Freezer or a free-standing Vertical Freezer. Either way there is probably an Avanti Freezer model that will suit your needs. Their chest freezers range in size from 2.1-7.4 cu. ft of storage space. These units are perfect if you need to store large cuts of meat, whole turkeys and other awkwardly shaped frozen items.

    Their Vertical Stand Alone Freezers are more like a typical freezer and a bit smaller in size, ranging from just 2.9 cu. ft. all the way up to 5.8 cu. ft.

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