Samsung RB195ACPN Refrigerator Review

18 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Automatic Ice Maker – Platinum Stainless Finish

Overall: The Samsung RB195ACPN refrigerator is a great inexpensive bottom freezer that would be a great addition to any home.

While it is a bit smaller than some the other Samsung bottom freezer refrigerators (by 2 cubic feet), it still has a nice amount of interior storage space.

Capacity: 18 cu. ft.

Notable Features:

    Samsung RB195ACPN Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

  1. Twin Cooling System®: While that sounds great and all, what does it really mean? Basically this fridge has two separate systems, one cooling the fridge and the other cooling the freezer.

  2. LED Lighting in Fridge: If you’ve never seen this type of lighting in a refrigerator before then it will take a bit of getting used to. We know that it did for us. In the end it really makes it so much easier to see everything in your fridge and never heats up.

      FYI: The light in the freezer is not LED but instead a 60w light bulb.

  3. Power Freeze & Power Cool: Both of these functions enable you to use a sped up version of either the fridge or freezer in special compartments in case you need to cool or freeze something very quickly. Such as freezing meats you bought at Costco in bulk will taste fresher when they are defrosted if frozen faster. Or some company are coming over in 20 minutes for drinks and appetizers and you forgot to chill the wine ahead of time.

  4. Reversible Doors: You don’t have to worry which way the door opens as you can change it from one side to the other. Though what makes this door even more amazing is the two minute Door Alarm on it will sound if you or someone else forgets to close it.

  5. Energy Star Compliant: It’s actually a nice change to see a refrigerator that comes with an automatic ice maker to also be Energy Star rated. Best of all the decrease energy usage will also help you to decrease your power bill.

  6. Efficient Small Ice Maker: You’ll be really surprises when you see the size of the icemaker in the Samsung RB195ACPN because it is so compact. Though what makes it so amazing is that this small ice maker can keep up with the regular size ones cube for cube.

Colors: Black, White and Stainless Platinum

  • Tip: An easy way to save money is to choose black or white finish.

Efficiency: The Samsung RB195ACPN refrigerator Is Energy Star rated and is expected to only cost $47 dollars per year using 445kWh.

MSRP: $999.00 though the black and white models tend to sell for less.

Similar Models to Samsung RP195ACPN

While the Samsung RB195ACPN refrigerator really is a great bottom freezer refrrigerator, there are many other bottom freezer fridges worth checking out at well. To see more, take a look at any of the three models below:

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