Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Adding Both Beauty and Functionality to Any Kitchen

Nothing says an updated kitchen like a Stainless Steel Refrigerator. Not too long ago, these fridges were only for those who could afford nothing but the best.

But Stainless has come WAY DOWN in price, while still maintaining quality. There are dozens of brands that offer stainless steel fridges in a wide variety of price ranges.

Before spending a large amount of money on a new fridge, we recommend you figure out if Stainless Steel really is the finish you want. From Sateen Finish, to stainless coverings, you will be surprised to find out the many different choices out there.

We cover a wide variety of popular refrigerator brands and identify the stainless steel models that are worth the stainless steel price.

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Why Not Choose the Real Thing?

For most of us, a stainless steel refrigerator sound like the refrigerator of our dreams. It's stainless so it must be great! But all stainless isn't made equal. Take a look at the list below before you buy to make sure you get the one that is right for you.

  1. Stainless vs. Fingerprintless

    True stainless appliances tend to fingerprint very easily which is one of the largest complaints we get about stainless steel refrigerators. Check to see if the refrigerator comes in a look alike stainless finish or even fingerprintless one

  2. Ease of Cleaning
    A true stainless steel refrigerator can have issues with rust and corrosion. Cleaning means wash with warm water and a mild detergent, then fully rinse and dry.

    For fingerprints you can use an ammonia based window cleaner though again you will have to rinse and dry thoroughly.

    • Tip: If you don't like cleaning your refrigerator door, then consider one of the finishes made to look like stainless.

    (Cleaning stainless steel can be time consuming. We tried a regular surface cleaner, which made things soo much worse. Then used soap and water and it worked great, though it took 30 minutes.

    Try using a stainless steel cleaner/polish as it tends to take less time.)

  3. Not Magnetic
    Certain types of stainless steel are not magnetic. If putting things on your fridge is important to you, then check into this before buying.

    We've heard over an over how disappointing this can be for families with kids due to the fact that most of the ABC and number toys no longer stick to the fridge.

  4. Higher Shipping Costs
    If you are looking to purchase something that is being shipped from far away it might cost more. The actual weight of a stainless steel refrigerator will increase your shipping costs by a few percent due to the extra weight.

  5. Doesn't Always Look Real
    Many of the new finishes on the market are a wonderful less expensive option that offers a great deal less besides costing less.

    Before buying get a good look at it to make sure you like the "look" of it. We've found that there are at least a few finishes out there that don't look like stainless at all.

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The Different Looks of Stainless

Many brands out there today make varying lines that take care of all of the issues of stainless steel without losing the beauty. Here’s a few of them:

  • Bosch Refrigerators
    These come in either an actual stainless steel or a stainless steel look.

  • Dacor Refrigerators
    They have created a unique stainless steel finish that allows for the look of stainless with a lot less of the problems that come with it.

  • Frigidaire Refrigerators
    They decided to allow you the option of either stainless steel or something else they call Silver Mist. Upon doing our research, the silver mist is typically much less expensive but it looks more like a finish than the real thing.

  • GE Refrigerators
    The GE CleanSteel™ Appliances look like a stainless steel, with easy clean up (no special cleaners needed), and it’s magnetic.

  • Kenmore Refrigerators
    This is a stainless finish so it should allow for the appearance of stainless but is actually a finish to look like stainless.

  • KitchenAid Refrigerators
    They make a few different types depending on the refrigerator you purchase. The stainless steel finish we’ve heard from a few users can peel off after a great deal of use.

  • LG Refrigerators
    To mix things up a bit, LG makes two different types: Stainless and Titanium. The titanium has a bit of a deeper color that allows for a richer look.

  • Maytag Refrigerators
    Here is seems you have 3 choices: Stainless steel, Satina and Silver Satin.

  • Samsung Refrigerators
    Their two finishes are stainless steel and stainless platinum. The platinum looks a bit brighter silver than the stainless steel which could be really neat as long as you can find all of your other appliances in platinum.

  • Viking Refrigerators
    Even though you probably didn’t have any doubt about it, their refrigerators are true stainless steel.

  • Whirlpool Refrigerators
    Again you have the choice of two different finishes, stainless and satina.

The Stainless Look Without the Cost of a New Fridge

Knowing all of the issues above as well as the fact that changing your fridge over to stainless will probably cause you to want a new stainless dishwasher, we do have a less costly option for you.

If the only problem with your fridge right now is that wish it looked like stainless steel then you might not need a new fridge. There is a stainless steel film made to cover appliances to give them the appearance of stainless steel.

We personally have used it on many dishwashers and a few fridges and have found while it is rather time consuming to apply, the result can be well worth it though you have to be very painstaking with every inch of it's application.

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