Hotpoint Refrigerator

Hotpoint Appliances are Perfect for Lots of Storage in Small Spaces

If you are looking at a Hotpoint refrigerator then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that there are many different types of Hotpoint appliances besides smaller refrigerators.

The styles of refrigerators made by Hotpoint are:

  • Hotpoint Side by Side Refrigerators
  • Hotpoint Top Freezer Refrigerators
  • Hotpoint Compact Refrigerators
  • Hotpoint Chest Freezers

Just scroll down to learn more about each style.

The Hotpoint brand is one of the many brands made by GE (General Electric). Hotpoint makes more than just GE Hotpoint refrigerators and freezers; they also make Hotpoint ranges, hoods, microwaves, Hotpoint dishwashers, Hotpoint washers, Hotpoint dryers, disposals, and compactors.

Hotpoint Side by Side Refrigerators

If a side by side refrigerator is what you are looking for the good and the bad news is that there are still two models being sold on the market (both have 25 cu. ft. storage capacity). These two refrigerators are the same model except that one comes all white or black and the other is a faux stainless steel. Though it appears that once they are sold out of these models there will no longer be Hotpoint refrigerators made in this style.

Some of the features you’ll find on this model are:

  • Textured door finish
  • Glass Shelves – 3 of which slide out
  • 4 Adjustable Door Bins
  • Gallon Storage in the door
  • An external ice and water dispenser
  • *Can come with a child lock
  • Digital temperature control

    • Note:This refrigerator is not Energy Star rated.

Hotpoint Top Freezer Refrigerators

While there are more top freezer choices from Hotpoint, the storage capacity only ranges from 15.5 to 18 cu ft. Most of these models are perfect for an inexpensive and quiet refrigerator.

Some of the features offered in these top freezer models are:

  • Glass shelves (though most come with wire shelves)
  • Ice Maker (most come with them but a few don’t)
  • Energy Star Rated – only about one third of them are energy star rated so make sure you check on this before purchasing.

Hotpoint Compact Refrigerator

The great news here is that Hotpoint has really tried to cover all of your possible needs in this category. They start with a very small compact cube refrigerator at 1.7 cu. ft and work up to a 4.3 cu ft version that comes in black white or silver.

A few features you can choose between are:

  • Counter depth versions
  • Reversible doors
  • Black, White or Silver Metallic Finishes

All of these refrigerators seem comfortably priced and perfect for any dorm room or office. The only odd thing you'll find is that when you do your research on it these refrigerators come up as GE compact refrigerators. We suspect that it has more to do with them all being owned by the same company.

Hotpoint Chest Freezer

If you need a chest freezer then Hotpoint is a great brand to consider. They know that everyone’s needs in this sector are different so they created 6 different sizes that range from a large compact refrigerator size (6 cu ft) all the way up to a large standard refrigerator/freezer at 24.9 cu. feet. The best part is having it as a chest freezer you can stack things on top of each other which allows for a great deal more storage space.

  • Tip: If you do go with a large chest freezer make sure you’re very organized because having to search through your freezer for something without gloves can end up being quite painful.

We recommend looking for a model that comes with a lock on it to guarantee that it doesn’t get opened or left open when it shouldn’t.

**Again please be aware that at this time all Hotpoint chest freezers are being made by GE. It appears to be the same situation as their compact refrigerators.

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