Lowe's Won't Stand by The Samsung Four Door Refrigerator They Sold Me!

by Dwight M.
(Christiansburg, VA)

Lowe's won't stand by the four door Samsung refrigerator I bought from them only two years ago. Up until now it has worked perfectly for the past two years with the only complaint of quickly melting ice cubes.

Two weeks ago a breaker that covered my refrigerator was tripped, I set it and went to work. When I returned home everything had gone bad.

Lowe's sent out a repairman that diagnosed the compressor had gone bad. This is a major component and is costly to fix. I bought the extended warranty from Lowe's so I was confident that it would be fixed pretty much hassle free. Boy was I wrong!

Lowe's tells me one thing and the warranty center tells me something else and the repairman has yet a third story.

I loved the refrigerator but now it has turned into a bad dream. I am told it takes four to six weeks just to get the parts. Who can go without a refrigerator that long?

Lowe's did give me a loaner refrigerator to use while all of this madness is supposedly being straightened out.

While I would not recommend this refrigerator, I also would strongly advise against purchasing anything from Lowe's.

Samsung needs to stick to electronics as far as I am concerned because the refrigerator I own (costs around $3,000 to replace) is worthless and is just taking up space in my kitchen.

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Jan 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

Lowe's is doing everything they are capable of to help you out, including LETTING you use another fridge. Which is a loss for them because now nothing can be done with that fridge because you've used it.

Why would you not want to shop at a place that not only does everything they can to help, but goes beyond that and lets you use a loaner fridge? I can't think of a SINGLE other place that would do that.

If you can find a place that will completely replace something you've owned for 2 YEARS, and that broke because of your own electrical problems, you let me know so I can pull any stocks I have in it. Because no place can last long returning everything they've ever sold.

Dec 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

You are whining because your electrical system caused the compressor to fail and because Lowes is letting you use a free loaner frig.????

Wow, I bet they wont miss your business one bit!!

Sep 12, 2010
Why blame Lowe's?
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with the Samsung refrigerator.

Wow, what a bummer!

However, it sounds like Lowe's is doing as much as they can to help you.

If the parts are not available there is little they can do about it.

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