Samsung 3 Door Fridge That Turned into a Kenmnore

by V Kluever
(Palmer, Alaska)

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I purchased a Samsung 3-door fridge through Sears (french style doors with freezer drawer in the bottom). I loved it. But, 2 weeks before the warranty expiration, it died. Simply stopped working.

Because it was still under warranty (I'm glad I had my purchase receipt), I called Samsung, and they started a work order. 10 days later, a service technician came out, said the computer board had failed, and ordered a new one.

The computer board arrived after about 10 days, then the service tech came out to install it, only to realize it was the wrong one. Turns out Samsung installed 2 different computer boards on these refrigerators, but the service tech's online service manual only had 1 showing in his service computer...and consequently, he had ordered the wrong computer board.

Another 10 days later, the 2nd computer board arrived, but it was broken on arrival (yes, true story).

I was then at the 30-day mark and demanded a new refrigerator. Samsung said I had to send them the cord from the dead refrigerator, and they would order me another, or I could return it to Sears, where I originally purchased it. I opted to go to Sears.

The new refrigerator was ordered through Sears and arrived 2 weeks later (we're now 45 days into this
process). I was charged for the new unit and was told I had to wait for the warranty paperwork to be processed for a refund on the old unit.

The new refrigerator (a Samsung) refrigerated, but the freezer unit didn't work. (no joke!) So I returned to Sears, ordered a Kenmore, and waited another 2 weeks for delivery.

Finally, on the 60th day after the 1st refrigerator died, I received a Kenmore refrigerator that works. While I liked the Samsung unit more (better features), the Kenmore unit is working. Sears provided a 2-year extended warranty at no charge to help alleviate my frustration over this ordeal.

I never did get any reimbursement for food loss from Samsung-they told me I needed to provide them with a list and receipts for the food I had to replace!!!

My experience with Samsung and their warranty service people was horrible, and I now go out of my way to avoid purchasing Samsung products.

Here are the important lessons I learned from this experience:

  1. Save all purchase receipts!
  2. Purchase appliances through Sears--they will match any price
  3. Call Sears if you need service. No matter the brand, Sears can do the service work--you don't have to deal with the manufacturer's warranty service company.

I hope this information helps someone from having a crazy experience like ours.

(Wondering if your Samsung is part of a recall?
Click here to find out!

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Aug 27, 2013
very sorry 2000 dollors lost
by: larry adams

i wish we had known about this woderful good looking product before we had it delivered first time i had a samson and it will be the last second brake down and wes told it may not be reparable 3 years old and 2000 dollors gone to hell before before lowes sears homedepo and other stores sell this product they should know what quality they are selling NEVER AGAIN

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