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The history of the Kenmore brand and Kenmore Refrigerators started back in 1927 as a Sears laundry appliance and before too long, they had sold over 1 million laundry items. Even today, Sears states that 1 in 3 American households has one or more appliances by Kenmore. Though the production of refrigerators however didn't come into being until 1977 some 50 years after the start of the company.

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, Sears decided to simply license out the Kenmore brand to refrigerator manufacturers that were looking to expand their lines. One of these companies was Whirlpool.

To this day, many of the Kenmore appliances are made by outside manufacturers. But, the good news is that Sears has a very good handle on the quality these manufacturers must provide.

The Refrigerator line is quite varied with over 400+ models and styles to choose from. The Kenmore brand is broken down into three (3) segments:

  1. Kenmore
  2. Kenmore Elite
  3. Kenmore PRO

They range in price from about $400 all the way up to just over $3,000.00.

Kenmore is exclusively sold out of the Sears stores but now that list of retailers has grown to include Sears Essentials, The Great Indoors (also owned by Sears) and K-Mart.

The Kenmore Refrigerator: Unique Features

After years of so-so sales, the Kenmore brand has come into its own as of late with innovative features, many of which are exclusive to the Kenmore brand. Some of our favorite features available on many of their Refrigerator models include:

  • The PUR Ultimate II Advance Water Filtration System: PUR is known for producing bottle quality water, and their system is a perfect match for Kenmore line.

  • Suprafresh System: We found that veggies stayed quite fresh for longer periods in the humidity controlled environment of their Refrigerator crispers.

  • UltraFresh Cooling System: Unlike some of the other brands we've tested over the years, we have found that the UltraFresh Cooling System found in Kenmore brands does a fantastic job of storing meats and vegetables as well as frozen foods. It does this by not only managing the temperature, but just as importantly it manages the humidity levels.

  • FreshCool System: The FreshCool ion-coated filter does a great job of reducing mold and bacteria buildup in the interior of the fridge. No more boxes of baking soda!

  • SmartSense: This is a feature we've seen in only a few other brands, but everyone should have it. It detects when there is a rise in temperature (e.g., like when a plate of warm leftovers is placed in the refrigerator) and adjusts as needed to maintain a constant temperature.

Kenmore Refrigerators: Energy Efficient

A vast majority of these refrigerators are Energy Star Certified. Which means that they run on 15% less energy than allowed by Federal Standards. We always recommend you consider the Energy Star models for both energy savings as well as money.

In addition to the numerous Side by Side, French Door, Top Freezer and Bottom Freezer Refrigerator models, Kenmore has a number of Compact Refrigerator models and Wine Storage Refrigerator models to choose from that are in an extremely affordable price range.

We've reviewed a number of these units and have provided our recommendations at the bottom of this page. If you've recently purchased a Kenmore refrigerator, be sure to e-mail us your thoughts!

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