Samsung French Door Refrigerator Reviews (model # RF267ABRS)

by Sue
(Harrisonburg, VA)

Samsung Refrigerator Problems: Ice on Refrigerator Floor

Samsung Refrigerator Problems: Ice on Refrigerator Floor

Here's my Samsung french door refrigerator review:

I do like the looks of this Samsung refrigerator, as well as the amount of space in both the refrigerator and freezer. However, after having owned it only a few years, when I pulled out the Cool Select Pantry (large deli drawer on the bottom of the fridge) the other day, water poured out of the refrigerator onto the floor--huge amounts of water.

Today, I noticed that the floor beside the refrigerator was wet. Then when I removed the Cool Select Pantry, there was a thick layer of ice completely covering the floor of the refrigerator. The setting was on "deli" instead of a cooler choice.

PLEASE HELP! Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to fix this myself?

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Aug 06, 2020
Water under crisp tray NEW
by: Anonymous

We bought RF267 in 2010 and started having this issue after the warranty expired, the water builds put under the crisp tray and freezes, we have had Samsung tech come out twice, 1st time a small wire and 2nd the entire back panel,.., decided to not pay any more to them, since it’s a defective products they keep on selling without fixing the problem. I will never buy Any tSamsung product in my life, and the only way to hurt this company is tell your friends and family and continue to keep doing so...

Aug 10, 2018
Samsung Refrigerator leaking NEW
by: Anonymous

Our fridge is probs 2 years old and has been leaking under the large crisper drawer. It’s gotten so bad that I took the large drawer out and out 2 beach towels in there to sop up the mess. Repair man unclogged the drain but it’s still leaking.

Mar 15, 2018
online help to fix this (water in and under drawers) NEW
by: Anonymous
For a small sum.
DIY step by step.

Mar 14, 2018
online help to fix this (water in and under drawers) NEW
by: Anonymous
For a small sum.
DIY step by step.

Oct 09, 2017
by: Anonymous

not only do i have ice under the pantry tray I HAVE MOLD GROWING UNDER THERE!!!! COMPLETELY GROSS!!! i had no idea water was building up under there until the tray froze shut and i had to DEFROST MY REFRIG
i can't seem to paste the NASTY photo of the mold growing in my refrig

Aug 29, 2017
by: Anonymous

Seriously, we need a class action lawsuit to force this awful company to recall these lemons. If there is a lemon law for cars, then there should be one for important (dare I say life-sustaining) appliances like refrigerators. My family cannot effectively keep food at healthy temperatures because the refrigerator breaks down over and over again! We need to write our congressmen about this. I believe that Samsung is actively engaging in deceptive advertising. I personally find it more than a bit circumstantial that these refrigerators seem to always break shortly after the one-year warranty expiration date! I think that the US Government needs to hold Samsung accountable for these defective refrigerators. I have read what I believe amount to thousands of negative consumer reviews all about Samsung refrigerators constantly breaking down. This needs to be investigated by the appropriate US federal agency! If Samsung refuses to comply, then I believe that the US Government should fine them or prohibit them from selling their products in the United States.

Nov 19, 2016
The worst crap on earth comes from Samsung
by: Anonymous

Samsung makes the worst crap I have ever had the incredible displeasure to own. The fridge is impossible to clean and now I CANNOT get the cool pantry drawer to go back in. It had to come out because of the frozen water that was growing mold on the bottom of the fridge. Gross. Also the glass plate above the cool pantry door gets moldy where the glass and the plastic meet, and I cannot get the glass out.

The veg drawers have a chamber and an hole at either end that collects debris which then molds. No way to clean it since the opening of the hole still has one of the four sides pushed in at a 45º.... so you can't use a brush because nothing will fit through because of the slanted piece of plastic, you can use high speed water because that diagonal piece reflects it right back at you and Samsung will not replace the drawers.

I asked for a replacement so I could tape over the offending 1/4" holes since mine had mold and I have no way to clean it. Of course they said NO!

THIS IS A MAJOR DESIGN FLAW! JUST LIKE ALL THEIR OTHER CRAP AND IT'S A KOREAN COMPANY TO BOOT. No more products from a country that lights dogs on fire and skins them alive... so they stuff dog flesh into those hideous gaping maws.


Oh, and everything you put on the bottom shelf near the back will freeze. Yep, freeze even though it's not supposed to.

They couldn't care less, they put all their money into advertising, not their products. This is a replacement fridge because the first one was even worse. It had to be a replacement because I couldn't upgrade, this was the top of their miserable line of fridges.

DO NOT EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS REPREHENSIBLE AND DANGEROUS COMPANY. Especially now that the holiday shopping is upon us. Don't be tempted.



Oct 25, 2015
Reset temperature
by: Anonymous

it took everything out of freezer and reset temperature higher to basically defrost as it was not set correctly and then I rest the temperature to what manual recommended and now it works great.

Jul 02, 2015
Samsung piece of crap
by: Anonymous

Our Samsung model RF267ABRS is 4 years old. The repair guy came out 5 times (until the warranty expired)attempting to fix the water leaks that freeze into a giant sheet of ice under the deli drawer. The ice maker died a year ago. $2,300 was a lot to pay for an incontinent fridge that won't make ice. Every time I'm in Lowe's or Home Depot, I stroll through the appliances and inform anyone looking at any type of Samsung appliance. I figure I've cost Samsung about $50,000 in lost sales so far. Take that-piece of shit appliance makers!!

Oct 26, 2014
samsung french door water in crisper drawers
by: Anonymous

I believe I have finally fixed the issue and someone has already mentioned it. Copper wire around heating coil. Fist time I did it, was not good enough had to put more copper along the heating coilsto that it hit the tray itself and put two down the drain this time so far so good and it has been a couple months. I used 2 different gauges , thick for the drainhole and thin for along the length of heating element but make sure cooper is touching the drain tray.

Jul 09, 2014
had the same problem
by: Anonymous

My Samsung fridge did the same thing! Water on the floor, sheet of ice in bottom of fridge!
I finally got mine fixed correctly by a repairman from Sears.
The fridge was set level by Lowe's delivery, when the correct installation is the front should be 1/2" higher than the back!!
Replaced the whole back panel because it was soaked with water, raised the front 1/2" more fridge pee on the floor, or sheets of ice! Very simple fix, if you just have the right information from day one! Or if it is installed correctly!

Apr 25, 2014
Same Problem & Have Fix
by: Anonymous

We have had the same problem and it increasingly gets worse. These things are a P.O.S. We finally had to disconnect the water line completely and it quick leaking water all over the bottom of inside of refrigerator. Now the fan motor is going out and we haven't even had this thing for 4 years. The leaking started within months of it being brand new. Will NEVER buy Samsung appliances again...only cell phones.

Mar 17, 2014
Same problem, reoccurs every six months
by: Anonymous

Piss poor design. You can find instruction on how to get to the coils by googling the model number. After defrosting something that helps is to wrap a bare small solid copper wire around the heating coil and thread it down the drain line. My previous two refers (not samsung they have gotten all the money they ever will from me)had the water supply and drains exposed on the back where warm are kept them open. What a concept!

May 18, 2013
Ice in the floor of the pantry shelf
by: James H

Seems like this is a common problem with the RF267ABRS Samsung refrigerator. Mine is out of extended warranty. I called Samsung to see if they would help. NO! unless I wanted to have a serviceman come out. Removing the bottom vented cover on the back (4 screws) I found that there are two drain lines going to the drain pan. The one on the right is plugged. I tried both suction and blowing with a shop vac with no success. Am now trying manual defrost. My last refrigerator cost $400 and lasted 25 years without a single repair and was still working fine when I donated it.
It was NOT a Samsung!

Jul 08, 2011
My Samsung French Door Refrigerator is Icing Up
by: Bonnie from Florida

I also have the same problem with my Samsung refrigerator icing up. Best Buy did replace the sensor 90 days ago and lo and behold the same thing happened. 88 88 shows up in the screen.

A tech is suppose to arrive at our home to decide whether we should have the refrigerator replaced. We also spent $2300.00. We have the extended warranty.

Any one else have this problem? We purchased the model 6/2008.

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May 23, 2011
Concern Citizen
by: Oscar Chatman

Hi and hello, I too purchased a Samsung Refrigerator Model #RF267ABRS, for $2300 back in Noverber of 2009.

Last month which was May 2011 it too iced over in the back of the cabinet area. I called Lowes, and the first question I was asked "did I purchase the extended warranty"? I stated "I did not", and then I was told there was nothing they could do to help.

I called Samsung and to this day I I still have an inoperable ice box because it's only cooling in the freezer area.

We have five children in our household, and we do not have another $2300 to spend, not to mention all the food we had to replace.

Samsung this is not cool of you to sell bad product. No pun intended!

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Dec 09, 2010
I have the same problem with my Samsung Refrigerator - Water in the Pantry Area
by: Robert H.

I have the same problem on my Samsung RF267ABRS with water in the pantry area.

I've read so many reviews on this same problems, can someone please give me some kind of direction on how to fix it?

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