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Where to Find the Best Priced Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridges

A good refrigerator water filter can make the difference between so-so tasting water and ice and restaurant quality, best ever tasting water and ice.

If you have a refrigerator with an ice maker or water dispenser, chances are you have a water filter. If your refrigerator is ten years old or older, you may have a water supply hose that has no refrigerator water filter cartridge.

Either way, to get the best quality water and ice and maintain it over time, you want to be sure you have the highest quality replacement water filters.

Refrigerator Water Filters Have Health Benefits

Filtered water is simply healthier for you. Considering most municipal tap water systems deliver water that has all kinds of sediment, chlorine and other chemicals in it, you want the ability to remove most of these imperfections before drinking.

Fridge water filters also help to extend the life of your refrigerator. It helps to flush out any sediment and/or rust that might otherwise accumulate.

A water filter in your refrigerator is a convenient way to get an unlimited supply of great tasting, healthy water at your fingertips.

If you love drinking cold water, but are worried about your city water supply, then consider refrigerator water filters. They purify the water on demand, and some models even make ice cubes for you, too!

How a Refrigerator Water Filter Works

By using carbon filters, refrigerator water filters remove several contaminants from your municipal tap water. Many higher quality water filters use a fiber filter which help to catch the sediment that might otherwise damage the innerworkings of your refrigerator.

(The fiber filter is made up of rayon, or spun cellulose. They are excellent at inhibiting build ups of rust or lead.)

Water Filters for Popular Refrigerator Brands

Most major refrigerator brands like Amana, Kenmore, GE and LG provide a line of water filter cartridges that fit their specific models of refrigerators.

These are usually a bit more expensive than generic water filters which seem to work just as well as the popular refrigerator brands.

Most of these refrigerators have a built-in water filter cartridges where replacing it is simply a matter of unsnapping the old cartridge and replacing it with a new one.

Let's face it -- water filters is a good business for them, so they make replacing them quite easy. And at an average price of about $35.00, they make it affordable, too.

In fact, in over 500+ refrigerators we've reviewed, replacing a water filter was the least difficult and least expensive task you can do to extend the life of your refrigerator.

When to Change a Water Filter Cartridge

Refrigerator water filter cartridges have a normal life span of about six months and normally runs anywhere from $25-$100 to replace, depending on the brand.

Six months is the norm, however, keep in mind that if you use a lot of water or if the water develops a funny taste or smell, you may be due for a change even if it has been less than six months.

Many people can't remember to do this and simply wait until the water is unbearable before they change out the cartridge. This not only can cause undue stress on your refrigerator, but you'll have to deal with cloudy ice until you make the filter change.

So, to remember to do this every six months, pick a date like a birthday or holiday that will remind you to change out the water filter. A lot of people tend to change the filters on their AC/haating units with the clocks changing, why not also change out your water filter then too.

If you use a lot of water from your refrigerator, you may need to replace it every three months. Use the taste test... if your water starts to taste or smell funny or if you see particles or any discoloration, change the filter, no matter how much time has elapsed since your last change.

Online Refrigerator Water Filter Resources

It used to be a difficult task trying to find a replacement water filter cartridge for your particular refrigerator. But now, it's much easier.

There are a lot of high quality, top rated water filter vendors that will not only have your item in stock when you order it, but they'll be able to ship it to you quickly. Here are some of the vendors we recommend most:

  1. Sears Parts Direct

    : Sears has always been a very reliable company and when it comes to water filters they are just as reliable. Not only do they have just about every filter ever made they also offer a 10% discount on all water filters! Definitely worth checking out.

  2. AJ Madison: We happen to love this site because they take care of all appliance parts you could possibly need which also includes water filters. They carry pretty much everything at a really great price.

  3. FiltersFast: Their selection was not as complete as others but they had the best prices we could find. Here you search by brand rather than by model number. They also have the fastest turnaround time of any of the vendors listed here.

  4. Refrigerator Water Filter Reviews and Related Articles

    are some of the highest quality available on the market today. The water filter replacement cartridges for the GE Profile, GE Monogram and General Electric Refrigerators remove over 95% of known pollutants. Let us help you find the right GE filter.

  5. Amana Refrigerator Filter Cartridges: Amana refrigerators are some of the most reliable and affordable units around.
  6. follow that same trend. Here's our buying guide to help you find the Amana water filter for you.

  7. LG Water Filters: LG has quickly become one of the premiere refrigerator brands as of late.
  8. are no exception. Here are a few that we recommend.

  9. Whirlpool Fridge Filters: As parent company of Maytag, Amana and Jenn-Air, you know that Whirlpool is going to lead rather than follow.
  10. are designed to remove specific impurities from the water depending on the specific issues with your tap water. The color-coded tubing makes the Whirlpool filters extremely easy to install as well.

  11. Kenmore Water Filters: Kenmore was recently voted one of our top refrigerator brands. Their filters are also some of the most effective on the market. let us show you how to find out which filter is right for you.

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