Samsung French Door Refrigerator Reviews

Here's the 4 Best Samsung Refrigerators in a French Door Style

Samsung French door refrigerator reviews are the first step in looking for a French door refrigerator made by Samsung. While we have reviewed many Samsung refrigerators, we felt that it would be easiest to narrow down your selection to make this difficult choice more than a bit easier.

As you read below you’ll find a few Samsung French door refrigerator reviews that we felt were really worth taking a look at.

If one of these fridges seems like it might be a real fit, then either click on the picture to see more or the link to read the full reviews.

The Best 4 Samsung French Door Refrigerator Reviews

Considering how many French door refrigerators there are in the Samsung line, we tried to narrow down your search by picking Samsung French door refrigerator reviews that we felt were the best 4 refrigerators french door, and covered all possible needs. Make sure you read all four as each one is truly different.

1. Samsung RFG297AARS French Door Refrigerator
Samsung RFG297AARS French Door Refrigerator
OVERVIEW: Looking for style with a great deal of storage and many extras, this fridge has it all. It has 29 cubic feet of storage (that’s a huge amount), an ice/water dispenser, door alarm, external digital display and many more features. Definitely one of our top choices. Read the full review.

2. Samsung RF197ACRS Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator (smaller)
Samsung RF197ACRS French Door Refrigerator
OVERVIEW: This refrigerator is not only beautiful and adds a great deal to any kitchen, it is also one of the least expensive counter depth refrigerators we’ve seen on the market in stainless steel. While it only holds just under 18 cubic feet of storage, it is a perfect fridge for someone who doesn’t need a ton of space. Read the full review.

3. Samsung RFG237AARS Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator (larger)
Samsung RFG237AARS French Door Refrigerator
OVERVIEW: This 3 door Samsung French door counter depth refrigerator comes with many bells and whistles (ice/water dispenser, door alarm, Energy Star rated, etc.) as well as being one of the largest counter depth refrigerators on the market at 23 cubic feet. Read the full review.

4. Samsung RF4287HARS (Four Door) French Door Refrigerator
Samsung RF4287HARS Four Door French Door Refrigerator
OVERVIEW: This is one of the best selling Samsung refrigerators on the market and is the only 4 door refrigerator currently being made by Samsung. The extra drawer adds a great bonus for anyone for ease of access to every day foods without having to open your entire fridge. Best of all, the 29 cubic feet of storage makes it hard to run out of storage space. Read the full review.

Samsung French Door Refrigerators
Interesting Facts

In taking a look at the various Samsung French Door models you might be surprised by the different bells and whistles they've added in to their fridges.

  • Smart Freezer Fridge with Wi-Fi Enabled Features: The Smart part of this fridge allows you to converse with your refrigerator about what it's doing and do it where ever you are with the help of Wi-Fi.

  • More Internal Space: Samsung has done it's best to try to maximize the amount of space inside their refrigerators so that the fridge you add to your kitchen gives you more storage but doesn't look huge.

  • Modernizing Your Kitchen: For years we've explained that appliances are kind of like adding accessories to a kitchen. This is why when you repaint cabinets if you don't change your appliances to look newer or more modern the kitchen doesn't look right. Samsung has gone out of it's way to create models that will keep your kitchen from looking outdated.

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In case the four models above didn't take care of what you were looking for, here's a few other Samsung French door refrigerators:

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