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Chest Freezer, Upright Freezer, Freezer Alarm - What's the Difference?

To get the most out of any Freezer Reviews, there are a few things you need to ask yourself before getting started. After all, how you use a freezer is different than how you use a refrigerator.

Shopping for a freezer is quite different as refrigerators typically differ in style, feature set and price range. But with freezers, there is a wide variety of freezer types/styles to consider. Which one is right for you will depend on how much space you have and how much frozen storage you will need.

Freezers are perfect if you tend to buy or cook/freeze in bulk. Since they come in many different styles and sizes, this allows for varying amounts storage and energy usage. The good news is that once you figure out the style and the size that fits your needs, it's a pretty good bet there is something out there to fit.

We write our freezer reviews based on a wide variety of criteria. Since typically the exteriors are a lot alike (boring white), we've focused most of our attention on the interior features because, as they say, it's really what's on the inside that counts. But before we go onto the individual reviews it's important to first determine which style you need.

Freezer Reviews: Which Style Works Best For You?

The different styles on the market provide a lot of variety to choose from. Here's the basic breakdown of the major types of stand alone freezers. To get more information on a particular style, just click on the link.

  • Tip: We can't stress enough the importance of a frost free freezer better known as the "maintenance free freezer". Most moderately and upper priced units have this feature built in but double check your freezer has this before buying.

Take a look at the different options of freezers you have below. Below is more the broad strokes to help you figure out which one is best for you. Once you know which style is right for you, take a look at a few freezer reviews to get even more information on that type.

  1. Chest Freezer

    The name comes from the shape of this freezer, which is truly shaped like an "ice chest". It sits flush against a wall and looks like a refrigerator lying down. For easier access and storage the door in this unit is located on top.

    This type of freezer is great if you need huge amounts of freezer space -- but keep in mind, it's a large open freezer space that’s typically not so easy to keep organized.

    • Tip: If you need this kind of storage space, then make sure you keep a pair of gloves handy when going into get something. That way you'll never end up with frost bite when you have to search for something.

    Click here for more on Chest Freezers

  2. Upright Freezers

    An Upright of freezer looks a great deal like a refrigerator as is has similar dimensions. One benefit to this style is that it need less actual floor space than a chest freezer.

    The other really great feature is easy organization. Our freezer reviews have found this style is so much easier to find and store food than a chest freezer. Though the one down side is it doesn't typically have as much space as a chest freezer. While you could store a large turkey, it would take up a great deal more room than in a chest freezer.

    Click here for more on Upright Freezers

  3. Deep Freezer

    A deep freezer is more of a freezer feature than it is a style but many companies do market them differently. The real difference here is that it allows you to keep things colder and in turn they are good for a longer period of time in frozen storage.

    The "deep freeze" refers to the ability of the freezer to maintain a constant temperature of 0 degrees (most freezers hover more around 5-15 degrees).

    These units are often utilized in professional capacities such as medical, laboratory and drug storage where fluctuations in temperature can be damaging to delicate materials (e.g., enzymes, tissue samples, etc.).

    If you are looking for an every day freezer for your house, this may still be a feature to consider. In comparing our freezer reviews we've found that these freezer models are great at quickly freezing things like meat or veggies. The reason why is this is important is the faster you freeze something and the colder it is frozen, it lasts longer and tastes better when defrosted.

  4. Commercial Freezer

    The uses for a commercial freezer are quite obvious: restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, etc. The thing that really makes a freezer a commercial freezer is the AMOUNT of storage space. They can come rather small for storing items like ice cream or large enough to park a Ford truck (some are even larger but less common). Due to the amount of food needed on hand at all time, commercial users need a great deal more frozen storage space.

    As you can see there are different sizes of commercial freezers which means there are multiple types of Commercial Freezers. Here's a few of the most commonly used types:

    • Walk-In Freezers
    • Display Case Freezers
    • Upright Double Door Freezers

  5. Ice Cream Freezers

    An Ice Cream Freezer usually refers to one of two things.

    1. The first is the kind of "ice cream making" freezer you might use at home to make your own ice cream, like a White Mountain ice cream freezer or a Rival ice cream freezer.

    2. The second is more for commercial use such as Ice Cream Case Freezer you would see at your local 31 Flavors, and the Ice Cream Freezer Dispensers at most yogurt shops. These are usually for commercial purposes only, but because they are so specific, they have their own classification.

      Knowing the differences between ice cream freezers is important but we don't think you'll end up buying the wrong one considering the HUGE difference in price.

    Freezer Must-Have: In doing so many freezer reviews we've found that a Freezer Alarm is almost essential when buying a freezer.

    This nifty little gadget has an alarm that sounds to let you know if you’ve left your freezer open for too long or if for some reason it's stopped working.

    It can save you hundreds of dollars in lost groceries as well as the possibility of food poisoning. Really a no-brainer but surprisingly not every freezer comes with one.

    Click here to learn more about Freezer Alarms

    Save Money & Time With Freezer Cooking

    One great way to use your freezer is by freezer cooking. If you've never heard of this, no it doesn't mean your freezer will cook the food for you, instead this is when you buy and cook in bulk and FREEZE the food in individual portion sizes.

    It perfect to pull out, defrost or even just heat up because you know what's in it and it's quick and easy. Just a few freezer cooking recipes and freezer cooking bags and you will be surprised at how easy (and inexpensive!) eating at home becomes.

    Here's a book that has lots of easy, great freezer cooking recipes.

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