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Dacor Appliances Are A Lifestyle of Excellence

Dacor refrigerators were first thought up by Stan and Florence Joseph when they founded Dacor, Inc. in 1965. Though their first creation were to take care of a complete ventilation system for kitchens as well as an indoor electric barbecue which had never been done before.

As the company grew, the couples’ two sons, Michael and Anthony, joined their parent's efforts to create a product made to take care of a family’s needs which included Dacor Refrigerators. They did this through their commitment to making exceptional appliances and have been doing so ever since.

Innovation is Their Middle Name...

Over the years, Dacor has become known for the numerous patented features on all of their appliances. Here are just a few of their impressive industry firsts:

  1. 1. An electric oven with an infrared gas broiler inside

  2. Pure Convection ™ which distributes heat evenly

  3. Butterfly Bake Element ™ allowing for perfection in traditional baking

  4. Dacor Greats ™ that come in extra large sizes to allow for cooking in larger quantites with larger pans and pots

The Dacor appliance product line covers everything you would need to create the kitchen of your dreams. They make everything from wall ovens to cooktops and ranges as well as dishwashers, warming drawers and microwaves just to mention a few. But when it comes to Dacor refrigerators, that’s when we get really excited.

Which Dacor Refrigerator is Right for You?

In order to help make your choice of which refrigerator is right for you Dacor decided to simplify the process in creating only a few types, styles and installations. (This concept holds true for all of their appliances.)

4 Different Styles

Take a look at the very different types of styling that Dacor uses in each of these:

  1. Epicure – The perfect stainless steel set using bold elegance along with brass, copper and chrome

  2. Millennia- This set uses black glass panels set into stainless steel creating a sleek elegant look.

  3. Preference – This line offers colors that we’ve never seen anywhere else (Slate Green and Blue Water to mention only two). These appliances add a touch of whimsy and style all at the same time.

  4. Integrated – This line allows for complete privacy due to the flush mount design and custom panels. Though this line is so beautiful you may want to give up the secret.

Types of Dacor Refrigerators

The designers over at Dacor chose to only make 3 types of refrigerators not only simplify your refrigerator purchase but to also guarantee all of the choices would properly fulfill your needs.

  • Dacor Side-by-Side Refrigerators

  • Dacor Bottom Freezer Refrigerators (which includes French Door refrigerators)

  • Dacor Undercounter Refrigerators which is more often than not a wine refrigerator which they prefer to call a Wine Steward ™
In order to customize these products to fit your needs, these each of the above types and styles can be installed as a Built-in, Freestanding or Undercounter refrigerator.

Excellence is in the Details

Upon looking over their refrigerators we found that they offer more than a few special details:

  • For Optimum Freshness there is a slide-out deli drawer as well as two crisp drawers which offer specific temperature/humidity controls that adjust to maintain the perfect environment to keep everything tasting fresh.

  • Easy-to-use Electronic Controls that are front-mounted making it easy to see exact temperatures within the refrigerator.

  • Specialized Sensors placed inside the refrigerator that sound if:
    • the internal temperature increase
    • a water filter needs to be replaced
    • the door is left open for several minutes

  • They installed an Internal Water Dispenser to provide a continuous supply of cold filtered water.

  • For those interested in the bottom freezer line, Dacor had include drawer glides for the freezer that open effortlessly. These freezers also have a larger capacity than most, and in using the full wire baskets food is kept organized and easily accessible.

  • For those that are energy conscious, their 36" cabinet-depth units are ENERGY STAR®-qualified and have an added feature called Adaptive Defrost. This feature keeps track of how often your refrigerator door is used and then adjusts it’s defrost patterns to fit your needs.

Dacor Appliances Related Articles

Dacor Side by Side Refrigerators: These side by side models allow you to buy the food you need but still be able to see everything inside!

Dacor Bottom Freezer/French Door Refrigerators: Not only are these models beautiful, they are great for functionality. No more constant bending down to reach everyday items, with this configuration everything is finally at an easy reach.

Dacor Stainless Steel Refrigerators: A clean stainless steel look adds a sense of beauty and simplicity that when coupled with the Dacor brand ends up in pure perfection.

Dacor Under Counter/Wine refrigerators: These refrigerators are made for all beverages or specifically for wine storage. Either way they are the perfect fit to take care of your needs.

Built In Refrigerators: If you would like to have more options on having a built in look but aren't finding exactly what you want, take a look at our built in section to help you figure out which refrigerator will best suit your needs.

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