Samsung French Door Refrigerators

Samsung Refrigerators are Sleek Styling Blended with Technology

Samsung French door refrigerators are some of the most innovative yet affordable models on the market today.

Combining its technological know-how with sleek design elements and then adding in one of the most reliable refrigeration units in the industry, Samsung's line of French Door Refrigerators are unparalleled.

Samsung has always managed to impress when it comes to technology. Like LG, Samsung is a huge Korean conglomerate. When expanding in new arenas, they make it their goal to dominate in both quality and affordability.

There are currently 15 Samsung French door refrigerator models (that come in up to 4 different finishes) available ranging in price (MSRP) from $1,300.00 to just about $3,000.00 retail. No matter what your budget, you should be able to find a Samsung Refrigerator that fits your needs.

Samsung French Door Refrigerator Reviews

While we love every detail about refrigerators, we've heard from many of you that you just want to get right into the reviews. If this is the case you are more than welcome to click on the link below to seethe top 4 Samsung refrigerators in the French door style. Otherwise you can continue down the page and come back here when you are ready.

Samsung French Door Refrigerator Reviews

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Samsung French Door Refrigerator Unique Features

Not all of these features listed below are in every model so if one of these really speaks to your needs, check to make sure it's in the model you choose. Also, while all but one of the current Samsung French door models are 3-door French door refrigerators, though the one Samsung French door refrigerator that does have a 4th door is quite spectacular. (Read about the 4th feature below as it is 4-door specific.)

These were our favorite features and certainly could be considered the more innovative and memorable features of all of the different Samsung Refrigerators French door:

  1. Customizable Storage: We loved that you can easily maneuver the storage dividers in the drawer to adjust to whatever food items you need. Need room for a huge frozen turkey? No problem, simply slide the lever left or right, up or down and the size automatically adjusts to suit your needs. (We'll be adding a video of this feature soon).

  2. Counter Height Drawers: In the Samsung four door French Door models, the top drawer is counter level allowing easy access to snack foods or common use items. This is especially handy if you have young children as you can provide them easily accessible snacks throughout the day. This also helps with managing your energy costs as it limits the amount of time you need to open the entire fridge.

  3. Integrated LED Control Panels: One of the biggest benefits that a major computer manufacturer has when it starts making refrigerators is that it figures out ways to combine two things you might never have imagined possible. Samsung's latest and greatest is the addition of integrated LCD/LED control panels that have Internet Accessibility.

    • Now why on Earth would anyone need to check my Facebook status while getting milk out of my fridge, right? I had a similar thought -- until I started recognizing the practical applications of having internet access right there. Here's a few ideas we came up with

      1. Check the morning weather (which would help me know how to dress my kids in the morning),

      2. Have access recipe sites (allowing my family to eat healthier meals because I might actually be more inclined to shop!)

      3. Tune in to to hear some of my favorite music while preparing dinner.

      So, all in all -- we love this feature.

  4. Multi-Temperature Zones: Available only in the four door french door models, this neat little feature allows you to set different temperatures in the top freezer drawer. You can either use it as a freezer or as a refrigerator (see kids/snack accessibility above). Not something you'll probably brag about at work, but let me tell you this feature comes in h-a-n-d-y.

Frankly, there's a lot to like about Samsung appliances in general. But their french door refrigerators are definitely worth considering across the board.

Click here for French Door Samsung Refrigerator Reviews

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