Lowes Review and Samsung Refrigerator Reviews: Door Handle Problems!!!

Now that I've been looking at Samsung refrigerator reviews I see that I'm not the only one with door handle problems.

We bought our Samsung refrigerator model RGS257 from Lowes. After the installers left (they seemed to be in a hurry), I opened the doors and both handles fell off.

After calling Samsung, I learned that this was a known defect, and was promised new handles in "5-10 working days".

Three weeks later, I called and was informed that I would have to talk to the "executive" customer support, and that they would call back within 24 hours. Didn't happen. I called again and was informed that'n'this would have to go to the parts department.

Also informed that once the part was shipped, I would get it in "7 to 14 days" By the way, the "executive" customer support appears to be the same as the (essentially useless) regular support.

Apparently there is also no option to speak to an LG supervisor because there are no supervisors.

I have contacted Lowes and they readily agreed to switch out the unit in a day or two.

Last time I'll buy from Samsung, but I'm quite happy with the way Lowes has stepped up.

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