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Living Up to Their "Life's Good" Slogan

The line of LG Refrigerators has quite a history. Like GE, LG is a huge conglomerate corporation. Founded in 1947 in South Korea, it was originally called Lucky-Goldstar. You might remember a long list of home electronics with the Goldstar name such as clock radios and appliances.

The LG Refrigerator is actually made by the LG Electronics division of the LG Group as are all of the major appliances. The Goldstar appliances were originally seen as a discounted alternative to some of the major American brands like Whirlpool, Kenmore and Maytag. LG is still considered a "discount" brand in some people's eyes. But LG products have become more attractive and reliable, while remaining relatively affordable.

The Life's Good slogan is reminiscent of GE's old Bringing Good Things to Life (which they dropped a few years back in favor of "GE: Imagination at Work"). LG has gone a long way toward making a great name for the South Korean made product lines.

Different Styles of LG Refrigerators

Before getting started, there are 4 main styles of LG refrigerators. We have listed all of them below and have included links to the top 3-4 refrigerator reviews for each style. Click on any of the links below:

LG French Door Refrigerators (3 or 4 doors)

Click here for reviews

LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
Click here for reviews

LG Side by Side Refrigerators
Click here for reviews

LG Top Freezer Refrigerators
Click here for reviews

There were many that we liked due to the numerous features and excess capacity not usually seen in refrigerators in this price range. LG has only recently chosen to make a LG Top Freezer refrigerators refrigerator model here in the U.S. They currently only have only few models with an interior capacity of 22 cubic feet. The biggest difference seemed to be a white or stainless steel finish.

Additionally, we liked LG's commitment to customer satisfaction and long term brand loyalty. Because LG has made numerous innovations in a number of other areas, they are able to apply that knowledge to the appliance realm.

The LG Refrigerator: Unique Features

LG has a number of unique features that they bring to each of their product lines and their major appliances are no different. Here are just a few of the features you may want to make sure is on your LG Refrigerator:

  • The Multi-Air Flow System: You think this would be an obvious feature for most manufacturers, but it's truly not. LG has vents on every refrigerator shelf which prevents their refrigerators from having "hot spots" as it evenly disperses the cool air throughout all parts of the fridge. Constant temperature means longer lasting food and better freshness.

  • Glide N’ Serve™ Drawer: This is a full size fruit and vegetable drawer allows for easily accessible ways to get to your fruits and vegetables.

  • SpacePlus™ Ice System in-door: Finally a way to have an ice maker in a freezer that doesn't take up the valuable storage space we all need. The only thing to note is that it doesn't hold a huge amount of ice. The dispenser can come in regular or extra tall for filling large glasses or pitchers.

  • Ice Plus™ Accelerated Freezing Function : This allows you to make ice at a much faster rate and in turn should make the less amount of ice in your freezer at any one time not an issue.

  • LoDecibel™ Operation: If you are looking for a quiet refrigerator make sure you purchase one with this as an added option as not all LG fridges come with this.

  • Door Alarm: While a door alarm may not seem like a big deal, if you have children (or a forgetful spouse) you know just how much money it can save you in spoiled food. (If this is really a problem for you, some also come with a child lock.)

  • LED Interior Lights: If you haven't seen what these look like in person then it's really worth a trip to your local appliance store. The light is very crisp and clean, adding a brightness that a typical bulb doesn't. Not to mention the fact that they need to be changed much less frequently.

  • 10 Year Warranty on the Linear Compressors: This type of compressor is not in all models but if you've ever had to replace a compressor you know that it can be quite costly.

(If you are looking for LG customer reviews then scroll down to the bottom of this page for reviews written by actual LG customers. Just remember someone who loves their refrigerator tends not to be looking for a new one and in turn isn't writing a review about it.)

Energy Efficient

A vast majority of these refrigerators are Energy Star Certified. Which means that they run on 15% less energy than allowed by Federal Standards. In this time of environmental concern, we always recommend you consider the Energy Star models over those models that might consume more energy.

The money you save in energy savings and potential utility rebates might even help you pay for the fridge in the first place!

The LG Refrigerator line has some of the most affordable refrigerators yet they are typically loaded with innovative features that are less common in more well known brands such as GE, Amana and Whirlpool.

We've reviewed a number of these refrigerators and have provided our recommendations at the bottom of this page. If you've recently purchased a LG refrigerator, scroll down and give us your thoughts on your LG fridge!

Reviews of LG Refrigerators

LG Side by Side Refrigerators: LG truly has dozens of Side by Side refrigerator models, but there were a handful that truly stood out among the crowd. See which models we liked.

LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerators: Bottom Freezer: Gaining in popularity, the LG Bottom mounted Freezer Refrigerators are tough competitors. We have a few favorites, too!

LG French Door Refrigerators: The LG French Door Refrigerators are a favorite and growing in popularity. See which LG French Door Refrigerators we rate a best buy!

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LG Reviews: Want to see a much larger list of reviews than the top 3 or 4, then take a look here to see everything you might need.

LG Studio Series Refrigerators: If you are looking for an upscale counter depth LG refrigerator then the Studio Series line is the one for you.

LG Fridge Reviews: Looking for customer reviews on LG refrigerators? Then this is the page for you.

LG Stainless Steel Refrigerators: If you are looking for a well priced stainless steel refrigerator, then these are a must see -- not to mention the interesting variations of shades of stainless steel they make.

LG's BEST Refrigerators: Here's a short list of LG's Top Rated Refrigerators. These models were tops with both consumers and manufacturer reviews.

LG Water Filters: Picking out the right water filter for your needs as well as one that fits your refrigerator can be confusing we created a resource to help you find the right one.

What Do You Think About Your LG Refrigerator?

We need YOUR opinions and experiences, too! Your review might be just the perfect help for someone else looking to buy the same one. (If you want to see LG Refrigerator Reviews from others then scroll down to the bottom of the page)

To help us better understand your story please add:

  1. What's the model number and style (e.g. french door, side by side, etc.) of your refrigerator?
  2. How long have you had it?
  3. Do you love or hate it and why?
  4. Was it reliable? Would you recommend it?
  5. Anything else YOU THINK we should know!

Tell us your whole story! We hear from people every day who want to know what you have to say. Your review could very well help someone else make the right decision!!

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