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Frigidaire Appliances: An Affordable, Luxurious Choice

The Frigidaire Refrigerator Company was originally founded as the Guardian Frigerator Company in 1916 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. It was Frigidaire that developed the first self-contained refrigerator in 1916. It wasn't until 1918 when a founder of General Motors personally invested in the company when it adopted the name Frigidaire.

After close to 60 years, Frigidaire was acquired by White Consolidated Industries which also owned Westinghouse appliances. Then in 1986 it was acquired by Electrolux.

The Frigidaire name has become synonymous with quality made appliances that stand the test of time. They are truly one of the innovators in home refrigeration.

In fact a number of the "antique" refrigerators are Frigidaires. Some people have called the frigidaire the "57 Chevy of the Refrigerator World" because of it's classic styling and unquestionable durability.

Frigidaire comes in Side by Side Refrigerators and Top Freezer models (Freezer is mounted on top of the refrigerator). They range in price from about $700 all the way up to just over $2,000.00.

We think that Frigidaire does a remarkable job of catering their Side by Side refrigerators toward the consumer who wishes to have that "built in look". Be sure that if you are considering this option that you look for a Counter Depth Refrigerator (and NOT one that is Standard Depth). Most Counter Depth Refrigerators come ready to have separate panels attached to their face which will allow you to match the look to your particular decor.

Our 5 Favorite Frigidaire Features

As one of the first in the refrigeration business, Frigidaire truly understands the importance of quality features. Some of our favorite features unique to the Frigidaire brand and available on many of their refrigerator models include:

  1. The EasyCare Genuine Stainless Steel: Along with the color coordinated stainless trim handles, the models that have the EasyCare Genuine Stainless Steel have been coated to help minimize fingerprints and other smudges which can be a common cosmetic issue with other brands.

  2. Sliding SmartFit SpillSafe Shelves: With front mounted cranks, you can adjust the raise or lower the SpillSafe Glass Shelves with ease allowing you to make room as necessary.

  3. PureAir Air Filtration: You no longer have to deal with the box of baking soda when you have the PureAir Air Filtration unit in your fridge. It helps keep your Frigidaire Refrigerator smelling fresh and clean with a replaceable charcoal and baking soda air filter.

  4. Transition Lighting: The Transition Lighting reads the exterior ambient light and allows your eyes to adjust to the interior light rather than it blinding you while gathering that midnight snack.

  5. Tile-Out Wire Door Shelves: These shelves will help keep that box of frozen spinach from flying out the door whenever you open your freezer. They have a wire face that flips down allowing you to safely store a number of taller and wider items in the door.

Frigidaire Means Energy Efficient

With the emphasis on global warming, you'll be pleased to know that many of the Frigidaire models are Energy Star Certified. Which means that they run on 15% less energy than allowed by Federal Standards.

In this time of environmental concern, we always recommend you consider the Energy Star models over those models that might consume more energy. The money you save in energy savings and potential utility rebates might even help you pay for the fridge in the first place!

Reviews of Frigidaire Refrigerators

Frigidaires come in both Side by Side models and Top Freezer Mount models. We've reviewed a number of these units and have provided our recommendations at the bottom of this page. If you've recently purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator, be sure to e-mail us your thoughts!

Frigidaire Stainless Steel Refrigerators: These beautiful models are worth taking a look at if you are either in the market for true stainless steel or a stainless steel-like finish.

Frigidaire Side By Side Refrigerators: There were definitely a few standouts in this category from Frigidaire. If you're considering a Frigidaire Refrigerator, see which Side by Side models passed our tests.

Frigidaire Top Freezer Refrigerators: Affordable, Durable and attractive are the three adjectives that can be used to describe the models we've selected. See our favorites!.

Other Refrigerator Reviews: Frigidaire not the brand for you? Well, be sure to click here to go to our list of Refrigerator Reviews of other popular refrigerator brands like Kenmore, Whirlpool, SubZero and many more and find a brand and model that works better for you!

A Few Models Worth Taking a Look At

If a Frigidaire is what you want, then here are a few models worth taking a look at:

What Do You Think About Your Frigidaire Refrigerator?

We need YOUR opinions and experiences, too! Your review might be just the perfect help for someone else looking to buy the same one. (If you want to see Frigidaire Refrigerator Reviews then scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

To help us better understand your story please add:

  1. What's the model number and style (e.g. french door, side by side, etc.) of your refrigerator?
  2. How long have you had it?
  3. Do you love or hate it and why?
  4. Was it reliable? Would you recommend it?
  5. Anything else YOU THINK we should know!

Tell us your whole story! We hear from people every day who want to know what you have to say. Your review could very well help someone else make the right decision!!

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What Other Visitors Have Said About Their Frigidaire Refrigerators...

Click on the links below to see real reviews from Frigidaire refrigerator owners.

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Our brand new Frigidaire fridge was bought to be used as a basement, spare fridge. To describe it we would need only ONE WORD = NOISY!! Seriously …

Click here to write your own.

PHSC39EGSSO - Frigidaire Stainless Steel Side By Side Commercial Refrigerator 
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Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerator Review (model PLHS269ZDB5) 
My Frigidaire side by side refrigerator is only 6 years old is now dead and nobody wants to repair it. It leaks freon gas and after having had …

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How come I never found a Frigidaire refrigerator review that told me that their ice maker's are junk and quit making ice after about two weeks before …

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Bought my Fridgidaire side by side refrigerator 09/04/02. Had to have new compressor and relay switch put in on 07/25/05 (less than three years after …

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