Samsung 4 Door Refrigerator Reviews (Model #SRS752QDUS)

by Susana
(Sydney, Australia)

My 4 door Samsung refrigerator review sound more like a eulogy as it had a mere short life of 14 months.

I noticed a puddle of water on the floor, only to be surprised that the freezer had defrosted and the tempreture on the front panel was reading 19 degrees celcius.

I called Samsung customer service the next working day...this was the day when all the fun begun (NOT).

This whole experience has been terrible:

  • Customer service not responding in a timely manner

  • Sent out technicians out three different days (not convinced from the first visit that the fridge was not repairable with an INTERNAL GAS LEAK)

  • Two weeks later they finally decided that the fridge was not repairable,and the case manager was to decide what the next steps would be

  • After speaking to the store the fridge was purchased from (only because the receipt emailed to them was not sufficient) did they decide they would have to credit the fridge

  • Again, I was then surprised by being advised the credit was to be made at the original store where the fridge was purchased

  • I was forced by a Samsung policy to go to the store and look for a replacement fridge as apparently Samsung could not replace the fridge with the same model. (so they say)

The store did not have a fridge that appealed to me as it would not fit in my new kitchen's cabinets (the new kitchen was build around this-new great Samsung fridge).

I am now in day 14 from the first call to Samsung and am awaiting there next executive decision on how I will be credited.

Oh!!! They did mention that I will not get the full credit of the purchase price as it has depreciated in 14 months (even though the fridge is under a full warrenty)

I'm head hurts...I want my credit and I do NOT want to see a Samsung product ever again!!!!

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