Samsung French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (Model RF266ABRS) - Defroster/Evaporator Failed Twice

by Roger
(Indiana, USA)

We purchased our Samsung French door bottom freezer refrigerator only 2 yrs ago and the sealed Evaporator/Defroster unit has failed twice.

This fridge cost us $1,700 on sale from Sears and has been a huge disappointment to our family. Our warranty expired after 12 months and each repair has cost approximately $250.00 not to mention the downtime hassle caused by not having a working fridge on two separate occasions.

So instead of this being a comfortably priced refrigerator, it has now cost us the amount we would have liked to have spent on a nicer one. It very well may have been the better choice.

Few repair shops work on Samsung due to Samsung parts restrictions and our local Sears Appliance Repair has less than favorable reviews on Angie's List - who would have thunk Sears appliance repair not doing a good job.

We would recommend against buying a Samsung Fridge not only because of the break downs but also from the difficulty we've had with getting parts quickly if at all.

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