Samsung French Door Refrigerator (Model number RFG297)

by Geneva
(Masaryktown, Florida, USA)

January 15, 2011

The following is a copy of an email sent to the Warranty Department for my Samsung French Door Refrigerator Model RFG297 purchased at Lowe’s on Broad Street, in Brooksville, Florida and the difficulties I have had with the unit and the repair service I have received.

    I am writing to check on the status of my claim. I purchased a Samsung Refrigerator on 03/09/09. Since that time I have had nothing but trouble with it.

    Within less than a month after purchase it broke down and had to be repaired. Since that time it has continued to break down. We have had to have a repairman come out three more times.

    The second breakdown occurred on Sept 7, 2010 which left us without the use of the refrigerator for almost three weeks. A & E Factory Service came out on 09/08/10, they examined and diagnosed the problem and set an appointment to return to complete the repair on Saturday 09/12/10.

    We were not told that the parts for the repair were to be shipped to us. When the repairman phoned to let us know he was on the way, he inquired about the parts. I asked him what parts and told him that I was under the impression that he was to bring the parts with him. He told me to phone the company when the parts arrived and they would schedule a return date to complete the repair.

    I made follow up phone calls to the company nearly every day after that and was continually lied to by the representatives. Every time I called I was told that the parts were on the way and I should have them any day, I asked for a tracking number for the shipment and no one could give me one because in reality the parts had not been shipped.

    When the parts did finally arrive on Tuesday 09/21/2010, I called to request a repairman come out to complete the repair I was told that no one would be available to do so until Friday 09/25/2010.

    On 11/01/2010, I again started to have the same problem as before, the unit was not cooling. I called to report the problem and I insisted that A&E Factory Service not be sent to my residence. They sent out Combs Service Inc. Mr. Combs
    Sr. came out on 11/02/10 and was able to get the unit to start cooling again but was not sure how long that would last.

    On 11/07/10 the unit again was not cooling, I called and was told that Combs would be sent out again. I also contacted Combs myself and was told that they would order the parts and return to do the repair when they received the parts. Which they did on 11/12/10.

    On 12/13/10 again the unit failed to cool. I called and spoke with Carol at the same number I had called all the times before. She said she would contact Combs and have them come out again.

    She also told me that based on the number of times this unit has been repaired that if the technician determined that this was the same problem as before and if he notified them that the unit was unrepairable, they could start the process to return my money on a Lowes gift card so I could purchase another unit.

    On 12/15/10, Combs came out for the third time and examined and diagnosed the problem. I told them what I was instructed to do. The technician phoned and told them that this is the same problem I keep having and he (Mr. Combs, Jr.) was told to send an email to the above email address and they would start the process.

    It is now 01/15/2011, to date I have not had any communication from anyone as to the status of my case. I have contacted Combs and they told me that they had sent the requested email and that now it is up to me to contact you for any additional information.

    My unit still is not cooling properly. The indicator on the panel shows that the interior of the refrigerator should be at 36 degrees. However, when a thermometer is placed in a cup of liquid and placed in the unit it indicates that the temperature is only between 48 and 52 degrees.

    I want to know what is going to be done and when. I have been more than patient with this entire situation but my patience is at an end. We have lost money on food that has spoiled and no one seems to care. Please contact me immediately with your decision.


    Very Disgruntled Customer

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