Samsung Refrigerator RF267AERS/XAA leaking water and freezing up!

by J VanHoy
(Fort Worth, TX. USA)

How is it that water can leak inside my fridge and freeze up without my even knowing it?!?!?

How is it that water can leak inside my fridge and freeze up without my even knowing it?!?!?

Bought my Samsung RF267AERS/XAA refrigerator about 16 months ago it started leaking without my knowledge (as the leak was actually inside internal compartments of the fridge!!).

I wasn't aware of it except for a small pooling of water I saw inside the fridge from time to time. Besides that I would've had no idea what was going on.

Over a period of 6 months it completely filled up with water. If that wasn't bad enough the water in there then froze!!

My first sign of something being really wrong was when the ice inside the machine froze up in such a way that it then made it impossible to open the crisper drawer.

The first repair guy I had come and take a look at it couldn't find the source of the issue. So he went with the simplest answer which was to defrost all the ice out of the bottom.That cost me $70!! I could've done all that for free!!

I then called the Samsung 'help line' which was ZERO HELP! Their first question was to ask WHEN it started happening and not how it had happened. Hearing this made me think that this must have been an issue that was common for them as the person on the line didn't seems surprised at all.

Thinking this I started reading online and found several other similar complaints along with potential reasons/causes plus a few remedies. Everyone kept mentioning something about the drain freezing up in the back which was causing the overflow and eventual freezing up.

I tried the suggestions I found online and while most of the time they would work for a little while but usually it would start up again.

So I then ended up calling a second repair guy 6 months later when it again completely locked up on me. He added some hook shaped device to the drain at the back of the frig that was supposed to help the water run off appropriately.

Here we are now another 4 months later it's frozen up again. What's worse is that now it's running into the freezer drawer because I haven't unloaded all the food to defrost the bottom lately.

This fridge has been a nightmare. I wish I had bought a different one but in all honestly I'm going nuts trying to find a fridge brand that does NOT have some kind of complaint...impossible to do!

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