Samsung French Door Refrigerator Reviews (model #RF238AARS/XAA)

by Joel H.
(Horseshoe Bay, TX. USA)

Samsung French door refrigerator review for my dual ice maker top of the line refrigerator doesn't start off -- or end off -- pretty.

Started leaking from the water dispenser on the second day. A new Micro Valve was installed and it fixed the problem.

Four months later the lower ice maker quits working. They send a repairman who tells me the ice maker needs replacing.

A new ice maker arrives and the serviceman comes and installs the new icemaker. I am told to wait 48 hours for ice though 3 days later not a single ice cube.

Call SAMSUNG and they apologize say they will send the repairman out again. One month with one small ice maker and 4 days lost waiting for a repairman.

Four service calls in six months. This from a $2966 fridge?!?!

The fridge was recommended by the Lowes salesman as being the best and most trouble free.!!!!

Not impressed with the quality though the fridge part seems to be OK.

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