Marvel Refrigerators

Luxury Undercounter Refrigerators

If you are looking for luxury undercounter refrigerators, then Marvel refrigerators are where you need to start. The Marvel Company has been committed to creating products for discriminating home owners for over 70 years.

The simple ice box that started this company close to a century ago has sparked into a brand of luxury performance with many different design choices and an unwavering demand of high quality.

The 5 Different Kinds of Marvel Refrigerators…

You may be just as surprised as we were to find out the number of different types of Marvel refrigerators. It seems like they wanted to cover every need any of their customers might have and it looks like they have. Here’s a basic breakdown of each of the types they make:

    Marvel Compact Refrigerator/Freezers

    The 9 models that make up the compact refrigerator and compact freezer lines of Marvel range anywhere from 15” to 30” in width. Most of of this refrigerators are able to have custom panels attached to them to blend into the existing cabinetry.

    One thing we also were surprised about was that one of these models was actually created for the ADA for those with disabilities to be able to access.

  1. Marvel Wine Cellars & Beverage Refrigerators

  2. You’ll find that these wine refrigerators will not only keep your wines in perfect drinkable condition, they will also add elegance to any room in your home. If that isn’t enough to get you to take a look, Marvel added some amazing technology to these wine cellars:

    • Dual Zone – This allows you to keep reds and whites in the same refrigerator and have both of them perfectly preserved and ready to drink
    • Sentry System ™ - For those that have valuable wines that they would like to keep, this will help them keep tabs on the temperatures by alerting if the door has been left open or if there is a power failure.
    • Humidrawer™ - Should you also be a connoisseur of cigars this feature is one you will want to have in your wine cellar. Incorporated into 6 of these models is a drawer humidor that keeps the contents at a recommended 70% humidity while keeping at a cool temperature, extending the life of the cigar.

  3. Marvel Refrigerated Drawers

  4. These small refrigerators come in 24” and 30” and both have two drawers in their models.

    While you might not readily think of a refrigerated drawer, we’ve been told time and time again that they are incredibly handy for cooking and are amazingly easy to use in any kitchen. Those made by Marvel Refrigerators are some of the best.

  5. Marvel Ice Machines

  6. If entertaining is your forte you know how important it is to have enough ice at all times. These 8 models not only take care of this problem, they can be camouflaged to match the existing cabinets in any kitchen or bar area.

    If you've never had an ice machine specifically for entertaining, you have no idea what you are missing out on. Really fantastic especially for hotter climates.

  7. Marvel Outdoor Refrigerators

  8. This group of refrigeration will add convenience to any outdoor dining/cooking space. All of these are made with high performance stainless steel and contain front venting to keep them from over heating.

    Having a fridge outside makes it so much easier to just relax and even entertain outdoors.

  9. Marvel Beer Dispensers/Kegerators

  10. If you are going to add a true bar to your home, the idea of fresh cold, draft beer on tap at all times is something you may want to consider.

    Even more so if you are looking at the Marvel Refrigeator line. The great news is that these models can either be free standing or built in and can hold either a half or quarter keg. Making it ready anytime you want to have friends over or just have a beer while watching the game.

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