Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator RF266AB Stopped Working

by PJ
(New Hartford, NY)

I've owned my Samsung refrigerator RF266AB (it's a three door bottom freezer refrigerator) for 16 months and the refrigerator unit would not cool below 52 degrees.

After 2 days I am still trying to get someone who will even look at it as Lowes disowned us for not buying the extended warranty.

Parts are the other problem as nobody stocks Samsung locally, so the repairman has to come back twice.

My recommendation is to BUY THE WARRANTY and make sure they have adequately trained and available techs to service this machine as most appliance repair shops say they won't service Samsung.

Samsung was no help, and Lowes...suffice it to say we are now EX-Customers!!!

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Dec 18, 2011
Samsung - The Worst Refrigerator I Have Ever Owned
by: Dale

Samsung is the worst refrigerator I've ever owned!

I've received no good support from SEARS either.

I would never purchase any SAMSUNG product at any price ever!

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Sep 05, 2011
Water dispenser unusable but just OK beyond that
by: philg

I have had this unit for two years. From Day 1 we had issues with the inside of the door dispenser.

Basically it sticks if you use it. We had the a person in twice under warranty and he was clueless and a little shifty. He admitted the second time that he did not know what to do and assured us they would call back with someone else.

They never did but since we did not want an in door dispenser in the first place we just decided not to use it. Great in theory. My 10 year old flooded the kitchen (water connection behind the fridge) when he attempted to use it. Months later after a power spike it just started running on its own filling the box with water.

Jun 27, 2010
Long Island, NY
by: Abbie

I've had a similar problem with my Samsung refrigerator but don't be fooled by the warranty issue.

I bought one and Samsung has still taken FOREVER to fix my refrigerator. All I can say is don't expect my in regards to customer service or quick response to your problems and you won't be disappointed.

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