Samsung Refrigerator Review: Horrible Bottom Freezer Refrigerator and Horrible Customer Service - ( Don't buy a Best Buy Refrigerator )

by Susan
(North Carolina)

We bought a Samsung bottom freezer refrigerator RF266 model several months ago.

We liked the features until one night we started hearing a very loud screeching sound inside the upper fridge.

I called Samsung that very day and they had to dispatch the only technician in central NC to service it. It took forever for the tech to even call us and he only finally called us after I called Samsung back several times.

The tech ordered parts over the phone based on the problem I described and then never told us when he was coming to fix it.

In the meantime the fridge stopped working completely and we lost the food inside. The parts didn't work and it took me 1 month to get Samsung to agree to replace it under its 1-year warranty!!

Samsung then approved the replacement by issuing us credit at Best Buy where we bought it. Now I am being hassled by Best Buy and they don't want to give us full credit for the price we paid.

I had to argue with the Best Buy people over it even when I showed them the receipt for how much we paid.

Never, ever buy a Samsung fridge!! Consumer Reports rated it very high, but it has been an AWFUL EXPERIENCE and we still don't have a fridge yet.

Like some others stated, we can't get it to cool below 52 degrees.

Also, a BEST BUY refrigerator might not just be your "best buy".

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