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The Maytag Refrigerator line is definitely one to consider when looking to purchase a new refrigerator. Maytag has just celebrated its 100th year having started in 1907 by Frederick Louis Maytag.

The Maytag brand is usually associated with making great washing machines. But their refrigerator line is no exception. They are some of the most reliable, best quality refrigerators on the market.

The Whirlpool Corporation recently acquired the Maytag brand. This adds Maytag to an impressive family of refrigerator manufacturers like Amana, KitchenAid, and JennAir.

Like many of the Whirlpool Refrigerators, most Maytags have the Energy Star certification.

The Different Styles of Maytag Refrigerators

Before we go deeper into the Maytag brand we always like to give you a run down on the products that brand offers. Here's Maytag's selection:

  1. Maytag French Door Refrigerators

  2. There is quite a nice selection in this style of Maytag refrigerator with just over a dozen models.

    The options cover 3 and 4 door french door refrigerators that typically cost anywhere from $1500 to $3100 (MSRP).

    Show Me A Great Maytag French Door Fridge

  3. Maytag Side by Side Refrigerators
  4. If a side by side refrigerator is what you need then Maytag should be able to help you. With close to 3 dozen Maytag refrigerator models in the side by side category just about everything is covered here:

    • Ice & Water Dispenser
    • Medium to very large internal storage
    • Measured Fill (dispenser that measures for you)
    • Energy Star and Eco Conserve

    Those are just a few to start. The MSRP price range goes from $1499 to $2499 but remember that this is only what the manufacturer suggests and usually you can find it cheaper.

    See Maytag Side by Side Refrigerator Reviews

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  5. Maytag Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
  6. If you weren't already aware, a bottom freezer refrigerator is different than a French door refrigerator. As you can see by the pictures to the right, a bottom freezer only has one door while the other model has two.

    Due to the fact that you need a great deal more flexibility and space for a bottom freezer, there are a smaller number of models at just over a half a dozen.

    • One other thing to note, none of these Maytag refrigerator models come with an exterior ice/water dispenser. Though you can get an internal ice maker.

  7. Maytag Top Freezer Refrigerators

  8. Top freezer refrigerators of all models are perfect for not needing a great deal of storage space at a great price. Those made by Maytag fall into the same category.

    With just under one dozen models you won't go wrong with any of these as they start at $849 and go up to $1149. The perfect starter fridge for any home.

    Just remember that when you buy your first fridge you need to take into account how many people will potentially end up using this fridge every day even 5 years from now.

  9. Maytag Beverage Center

  10. Again this is a one of a kind model within the Maytag line. It comes with dual temperature zones so you can keep all of your canned soda on the upper shelves at one temperature and a dozen (12) bottles of wine on the lower half wine shelves.

    You can also use the different temperature zones for different types of wine (red vs. white). Regardless of where you put your wine it will be protected by the UV protected thermal glass door.

    This beverage cooler runs around $1100 for the MSRP.

  11. Maytag Ice Maker
  12. Here's one last item from the Maytag Specialty line of refrigerators. This ice maker is stainless steel and can make up to 50 lbs of ice fresh every 24 hours.

    This option will keep you and your entire crew in ice for a long time.

Our Favorite Maytag Refrigerator Features!

While Maytags may not have as many bells and whistles as some of the other major brands, but the Maytag Refrigrator line certainly has its own set of features it can be proud of.

  • Maytag was one of the first to offer a French Door Refrigerator with a filtered/external ice/water dispenser. They've only managed to improve on it ever since. Their PuriClean II Water Filtration systems are long lasting and deliver high quality water and ice.

  • The unique Adjustable Spill-Catcher and EasyGlide Shelves make organization and clean up a snap

  • Many of their units are equipped with the Quiet Series 200 Sound Package which makes these refrigerators as quiet as a church mouse.

  • One thing we loved at was the BrightSeries Lighting Package that we found in a few of their higher end models. This allowed us to see deep within the fridge from almost any vantage point. This comes in very handy more often than you might realize.

  • Just like you'd expect from Maytag, they have great service plans. Even though more than likely you'll never run into a problem, getting the Maytag extended warranty (available at is something we highly recommend. Maytag's service response we found to be professional, efficient, affordable and most importantly, easy.

Maytag Refrigerator Reviews

Maytag Stainless Steel Refrigerators: Should you find yourself in the market to update your kitchen, then seriously consider a stainless steel Maytag model. Take a look at the different refrigerators that have been reviewed.

Maytag Side By Side Refrigerators: The perfect size refrigerators for most families, here are our favorite models in this group and why we recommend them.

Maytag Top Freezer Refrigerators: The most affordable part of the Maytag Refrigerator line, there are a handful of these models to choose from. See which models get our approval!

Maytag French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerators: The first company to introduce the water/ice dispenser into the French Door refrigerator. See a couple of models that are affordable and of great quality.

Maytag Bottom Freezer Refrigerators: There are a number of bottom freezer Maytag fridges the difference with these versus the those listed above is they can have one or two doors for the refrigerator on top. See why we like these...!

What Do You Think About Your Maytag Refrigerator?

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To help us better understand your story please add:

  1. What's the model number and style (e.g. french door, side by side, etc.) of your refrigerator?
  2. How long have you had it?
  3. Do you love or hate it and why?
  4. Was it reliable? Would you recommend it?
  5. Anything else YOU THINK we should know!

Tell us your whole story! We hear from people every day who want to know what you have to say. Your review could very well help someone else make the right decision!!

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